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Skyfall (2012)
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What a dismal disappointment for this Bond fan, 2 December 2012

The opening credits are a luscious feast. As an artist, I was transfixed...totally blown away. It's always a treat to watch the opening to Bond movies because they foretell plot, location, and general mood.

The opening scene was spectacular...a fantastic chase scene masterfully choreographed.

Now get up and leave. Seriously. It's all downhill from here. That's pretty much it. No more chases. No great Bond gadgets...and they actually revel in such paucity. No cheeky humor. No engaging Bond girl. Both female "interests" are ancillary and undeveloped.

The aging Bond is so pathetic that I found myself sighing, tapping my foot, and looking at my watch...when it was light enough to do so. How dark, and not in an engaging or mysterious way. Just dark.

Now, I'm every bit as willing as the next fan to engage in willful suspension of disbelief, but one of the action scenes was enough to have me saying, "Really? REALLY?".

And you know what was the final nail in the coffin? This is totally stupid, but there ya go...I was getting cranky by then...the bad guy has false teeth. Now, there is no shame in that, but he takes out his prosthetic uppers and there are these tiny little rotten snaggle teeth. I know he's English, but isn't that a bit of a stretch, even for socialized dentristry? Even in England they'd have sense enough to yank those stragglers.

The Cool Bond car comes too late to satisfy devotees, and the end duel is uninspired. Not to do a spoiler, but the demise and reprisal of key characters is decidedly dull.

I'm a Bond fan and always have been ever since I was four and asked why the lady was naked and painted gold. But I'm not sure I will continue to be a paying customer. If this mediocrity continues I'll wait for Bond to come out on *gasp* network TV.

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Fun for everyone, 4 October 2012

Can you say thoroughly entertaining? I went by myself because the little people in my world were unavailable, and the big people are too cool for animation. I sat there cracking up with the kids behind me.

Let's face it; Adam sander has had a few bombs lately. He redeemed himself quite nicely with this one. I generally dislike movies with a hit you over the head message of peace, love, and brotherhood, but this I liked. Hotel reminds us not to judge before getting to know someone. It also showcases a single dad nicely.

I liked that the father had his flaws and was unashamedly protective of his kid...even going so far as being underhanded to keep her safe. It gives a balanced view of parents who sometimes try so hard and still manage to muddle up their lives and that of their kids'.

There is nothing terribly scary for even young viewers.

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Don't go if extreme violence offends you, 30 September 2012

I'll be honest; I was ready to leave after five minutes. I quit counting after a hundred times of "the f word" used as a noun, adjective, verb, and a few other parts of speech. And it would have been a mistake to leave.

It's VERY intense, graphic, and depressing. I wanted to drop a bomb and obliterate south central and all the animals masquerading as gang bangers. I'm pretty used to violent movies, but this one was very violent.

It is also funny and incredibly real. The human relationships are as intense as the violence. The bond between partners transcends cultural differences. The reality of being a cop's family member transcends all the usual buddy shows. And the sadness made me bite my tongue to keep from crying.

Even with all this, the movie still managed to get a chuckle from the audience in the last scene. If you can steel yourself against the opening ten minutes, you will be rewarded.

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I'm betting you will either LOVE it or HATE it, but not much in between, 21 July 2012

I was grinning ear to ear during this film. It was sweet, and poignant, and enigmatic, and just perfect. You can look at it as a bizarre little love story or you can see it as a fabulous metaphor for life in general. Life isn't fair, it's quirky, and it certainly doesn't go according to plan.

I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this movie, and how much my husband hated it. After about thirty minutes he leaned over and whispered, "this is simply horrible. Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever paid money to see." I, on the other hand, would have been quite willing to go right back in the theater and see it again immediately, if I hadn't had Mr. Grouchy Pants with me.

Let me tell you who will love this movie: I'm a former English teacher and psychotherapist. I enjoyed the symbolism, imagery and metaphor. I liked the characters. They were innocent but right on the precipice of knowing more about humanity than most adults. They were clever, and off beat, and...yes...disturbed. And I felt their isolation and delight at finding one another. So, people who willfully suspend disbelief and enjoy a bit of fantasy will sink right into the seat for the long haul.

My husband is an engineer. He didn't appreciate the movie in the least. And that's OK...we often disagree regarding flicks, but it was a shame to go with someone who was falling asleep as I was smirking in delight.

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It was "a'rite", 27 June 2012

Madagascar has some big name voices. They do a stellar job with the script they've been given. It has lots of color and pizazz and a couple of cute/interesting/exciting scenes.

For some reason, it just didn't resonate with me. I was bored. Lest you think I'm an animation snob, nothing could be further from the truth. I LOVED Ice Age, How to Train Your Dragon, and even Brave, which is getting mixed reviews.

I can't quite put my finger on where it fails to deliver. Oh, yes I's boring. The plot is so weak that all the fanfare of the action doesn't transcend the fact that it fails to engage the viewer. We took my daughter and grandkids to see it. Grandpa fell asleep; ditto grand daughter. So, this one doesn't capture the very young or the middle aged.

I guess it's good for the six to ten crowd...a moral here and there about loyalty and telling the truth, a pitch that things aren't always as we remember them, and an admonition to face your fears. Yeah...pretty sermonizing, if you ask me.

I wish I'd waited for the netflix release. My grandchildren didn't find it entertaining enough to have spent the money for tickets. We should have just stayed at Mickey Dee's on the playground.

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A little of this and a little of that...bring tissues, 14 June 2012

I like the MIB series. I even enjoyed the second one. I love Will and Tommy Lee, so I was primed to enjoy. There was nothing spectacular in the special effects...everything was adequate but not sensational. The alien characters who flit through our lives unobserved is getting contrived and needs to be downplayed.

There could have been a bit more sexual tension between senior officials, and it wasn't adequately explained why the first date fizzled out, to be nothing after fast forwarding into the future.

I had a major cultural issue at the end, but you need to see it for say anything will spoil the surprise at the last scene. Almost all is explained and wrapped up in a warm desert pie.

I say go now...don't wait for DVD because the big screen is important for this film.

Chimpanzee (2012)
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Short and sweet, 14 June 2012

This was cute and sweet and kind and funny. The kids will be safe from all bloodshed and survival of the fittest shots. It's so sanitized that I felt a bit uncomfortable considering it a documentary.

The scenery is luscious. The animals are captivating. But honestly, the most interesting part of the movie was the behind the scenes production info. Tim Allen was enjoyable...he did a funny thing that I won't describe and spoil for you.

I really saw the movie quite by accident. I was in one of the interchangeable action movies of this summer and had a horrible headache. The noise and jarring battle scenes were not helping my migraine, so I switched theaters after about seven minutes. Chimpanzee was cool and deliciously calming after the first calamity...but it just didn't quite convince me. I understand that my hero Jane Goodall liked it, so I suppose I should stop my grumbling and focus on the positive.

I really wish it had been a bit longer...I could have been persuaded to see some of the surrounding civilization that has been encroaching on the chimp territory. Ditto the poachers, who are integral to the tale of the demise of our close brethren. It could have been addressed without giving up the G rating, I feel certain.

If you have little ones, this is a good movie: not too long. If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy it. If you are a stickler for authenticity, this is going to grind your gears.

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Meh...OK if you are bored this summer and want to get out of the heat, 14 June 2012

I love Johnny Depp. Also love Tim Burton, but this wasn't up to their usual quality.

The plot was riddled with moments of "huh???" Never mind that a vampire movie by it's very nature demands willful suspension of disbelief...this one is waaaay out on a limb. Writers of this genre need to "pick and stick:" that is, either totally reference the original and don't even try to pick up viewers who don't know the Dark Shadows of the sixties, OR quit throwing in stuff that MIGHT make sense if you remember the convoluted plot lines of long ago. You can't do a mediocre job at both. There were multiple moments of total disconnect.

The show had it's funny moments; don't get me wrong...I laughed out loud a few times. But I also found myself tilting my watch to catch the light and check the time. The last fifteen minutes were gratuitous and just plain silly.

It had the visual loveliness of a Burton film, but I was expecting Alice quality, and it did not deliver. The music was forgettable, and though there were nice references to popular tunes, the original music seemed lackluster in comparison.

I didn't get engaged enough with the was a case of "yeah, yeah...let's wrap this up."

Honestly, I was disappointed with Dark Shadows. It could have been really spectacular. Sadly, it was not.

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I rarely consider a movie spectacular. Marigold Hotel is my spectacular for 2012, 14 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the first time I've been moved to review a movie, though I go to a couple each week. I had heard mixed messages about the film and almost didn't see it. BIG mistake that would have been as this is my favorite movie this year.

The characters are believable. The scenery is spectacular. The plot is cohesive and ties the vignettes together in fine fashion. Dialogue alternates between wry and dry, amusing and painful...I felt I knew all of these folks.

The movie will automatically appeal to viewers "of a certain age," but I think that younger audience members who are mature will find the humor and pathos tremendously appealing. It's not slap your knee funny...more like a slow smile and warm glow.


Of course, as the movie says, gather enough old people together, and one is bound to die eventually. However, the death is integral to the story and actually integrates the characters based upon their subtle reactions.

SPOILER OVER>>>>>>>>>>

If you are "so over" the bloated action adventure films of the summer, check this one out. You won't be disappointed. I'm pretty picky about seeing movies twice in the theater, but I'd absolutely return for this one.