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Once in a while you can see actual cinema - with gays, 7 July 2014

A contemporary view of gay men struggling to define what real is - for themselves, their love relationships and their career. This is a story about a protagonist who is having a hard time reconciling with his life choices that form a symmetrical pattern with his art and his relationships - both lead to his restlessness and dilemma of giving up what might actually be important.

I won't say much as I don't want to spoil but the fact there are gratuitous scenes of sex in this movie actually, in my opinion, reflects the boldness of the director to take on the subject head on. Of course there is easy sex available in the life of the character and that reflects the dilemma of the main character. Male genitalia and orgasm in a movie about a gay man in Sf - and what's wrong with that?

The supporting cast is amazing in their realistic performances. It's shot almost in a documentary style and that lends a credibility to the whole aspect of story telling.

Finally a movie that does not wrap up a story of gay humans in a neatly predictable package and serve it to us.

Of course there can be improvements and yada yada but in 2012 this is a movie about an artist searching for his meaning of life. And he is gay. And he is in Sf. So prudes you've been warned.

Oh and as far the story being meaningless, no plot etc is concerned, we could have had a more dramatic fleshing out of what the existential crisis is but I don't feel it needs further explanation. But that's only my opinion.

Whatever. Watch it.

Ciao (2008)
Hellos and goodbye, 6 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When you begin looking at Ciao, you are overcome with disdain. You fight the urge to make a compassionate audience with overwhelming odds against this amateur handiwork. The story is a bizarre post-traumatic look at closeted love with online dating, romance and sanitized gay-flections between an American and an Italian.

The death of a common friend looms as a gray sheen throughout the movie.

What the movie epic-ally fails in weak storyline and even weaker acting - it reveals unexpected treasures with music and silence.

The quiet misery at the airport and the passionate conversation with kisses, makes up for lost time.

Ciao is a story of hellos and goodbyes - choose them wisely when you see this movie - lest you miss what was already there.

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A symphony, 10 August 2010

They said this movie has two scenes that have caused women to faint...I believe them. This movie is jarring in the use of human body as a victim...the scenes rip you open.

However, the movie is much more - its a symphony of disease, the diseased and the victims. Each note is an accompaniment to the large piece that the director is writing right before your eyes. As the story unravels you begin to hear the music in all its impacting purpose.

And the score of the movie keeps pace - watch as the circus of human tragedy and horror dances to the tunes of the composer/director/story teller.

Must not miss. Fast forward the gore if you really must. But watch this impeccable portrait of human frailty.

Soft breeze from the ocean, 2 August 2010

You stand on the beach and the water comes rushing in. You feel the sand moving beneath your fingers - a sense of falling that is good - that's what this movie is about.

It slowly comes like the turtles and rests in your heart - the women are marvellous, each one of them - the love, spell binding and the tapestry of the story, warm like home.

Just like the loggerheads it comes to you, sorry you come to it cos you are drawn to it - this is the magic of storytelling - its a mystery really.

I am gushing with these words - see the movie and you will know what this vague non-sensical rambling (re my review) is all about...

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Wasted talent, 1 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I came to this movie after seeing Bent and getting to Martin Sherman. Wanted to lap everything that he had created and looked forward to this treat.

What a disappointment! What starts an endearing quip between Judi and Biob becomes repetitive and after a while 'oh shut up'. The research that must have gone to make this was very inadequate so the plot remained centred around rich woman, arrogant manager of the theatre she owned, nude women - that was it..and of course a world war. one would think that would be enough, instead the writer scrapes for material and makes conversations out of thin air which are mere reel-fills.

you don't really know where its going after a while, and unless you are seriously interested in female nudity - this will be a big yawn. its a tragedy that a movie with sound potential could become a big disaster sustained only by the might of its actors - even they however need heavy duty lifting to manage.

Pls tell me the last dialogs, 19 July 2009

Hi guys, Can someone please tell me the last exchanges of Git and Gleeson in the car on their way to the airport? What does Git say after Yes(she did suck...), I would too????? please please reply. also any other great IRISh recommends please do tell me

its like not getting the last bit of the movie and feeling if someone understands this nagging feeling...and i don't want to talk so much but i have got to fill my ten lines for this comment to be up...

so if u can find the time...just read the first three lines, they constitute the entire i am just filling space

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Southern men and southern women - for dumb dummies, 2 December 2008

Pretentious and a huge waste of talent.

Julia Roberts is a great actress and has a fantastic smile – a smile so un-really radiant that it becomes unreal pretty soon. That’s the risk she runs. And so does the movie.

Dialogues for the single sister are good while the movie is quite pretentious and a drag at times.

Dennis Quaid is fantastic. The story borders on the most idiotic generalization – southern men think with their southern asset and the women don’t have brains at all. Pretty idiotic fare.

Gene Rowlands mom lacks depth and looks like she is on prescriptive medication - she takes a 180 degree turn in the middle of the movie. And Duvall's character is so foolish it hurts.

The only saving grace is the dance sequence - but then I can bet there have been infinitely better results than this.

Friendship - so beautiful, 27 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The beauty of friendship explained. New York and its coldness. Swindler turns friend. Hustler turns an honest man. With a reason to look forward to life.

The common bond between both is the purpose to live a better life. And they made the most of their circumstances. Both were dreamers. And as they stayed together in the miserable little shack, love grew. I see them as friends.

The beauty of giving dignity after death cos the friendship remains. The best scene: when Jon Voight hugs Dustin Hoffman's dead body to tell the staring passengers in the bus, this here is my friend.

Welcome the palm trees My friend is free And I am here