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Appa (2016)
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Exaggerated construction ruined the value, 7 August 2016

This movie has a very important message to convey. But Samuthirakani chose to go little bit exaggerated at times on the concepts and some of characters. This has spoiled the overall feeling.

Samuthirakani himself is rocking as always with his acting. And some of the kids are also doing very good performance. Expect a surprise star in guest appearance. But he is given some star dialogues zooming camera on to his face. This could have been avoided.

Overall worthy watch, but expect the extreme attitudes being compared. Example is about going by book on daily routine for a pregnant lady with planned delivery date on a good day etc. Vs insisting that delivery should be at home and never should go to doctor. In my opinion, both the extremes should be avoided in real life.

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A must watch for every one, 5 August 2016

The movie is a bit longer than needed, a few scenes might be a bit boring as well. But...

This is really a must watch movie for every individual in the world. Many scenes point fingers at you, make you think about what you are doing with your life, how you are wasting valuable time of your very short life. Many scenes haunt you even after watching the movie.

Surprisingly good performance from Vedhika. One cannot sit through many of her scenes without wet eyes. Saikumar also impresses. Others did decent job as well.

Movie takes an unimaginable turn at half way and second half is treated very differently than the first half.

Hope every one watches this movie and make the world a beautiful one filled with lots of love.

i (2015)
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Every one is deformed and hunchbacks, 1 March 2015

You have to be sadist to enjoy this movie. Why on earth someone wants to keep seeing people getting deformed and becoming hunchback for more than 3 hours. Oh ya, in between these, there is a terribly silly, lengthy and boring (soap serials would be better) love story going on.

Only factors that are enjoyable is Vikram's acting to an extend, Ennodu Nee Irundhaal song and some nice locations and camera work.

Suresh Gopi's role is especially not at all convincing.

This is the worst of Shankar movies. I think he just found somewhere deforming technology and just wrote some crap around it.

It is a pity that this movie has become a hit economically. Sincerely hopes that Shankar puts a bit more heart to his next movie.

Good climax, 3 July 2014

Mostly the movie goes at a very slow pace. Through out there is an irritating background score as well. The horror parts of the movie and its explanations are mostly non-interesting.

But the story sequence with Janarthanan, and the climax are excellent. Both these parts leaves you very heavy hearted.

Kunchako Boban and Bhama paired pretty well. Shine Tom Chacko did a very good job in his role. There is a good song as well.

I could not really understand the photographer story though.

Camera work definitely needs improvement.

So 5 rating for climax and Janarthanan's story.

Gangster (2014)
Disaster to the extreme, 2 July 2014

One of the worst movies of Malayalam history.

Ashiq abu tried to do a Kill Bill in Malayalam and failed miserably.

Through out the first half, there is a narrator of the story, even when the scenes are very explicit. This gets you irritated immediately.

The complete set of actors except Mammootty acts terrible. Not sure why on earth they are showing the family life of a police man, role of Aparna Gopinath etc.

Kunjan, Sekhar Menon and John paul trio as villain was a very bad selection.

Director definitely need a coaching class on how to take slow motion scenes. And also about need of a story in a movie.

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Ridiculous, 10 June 2014

Dear Priyan Sir,

With all due respect,

When you want to take an investigation movie, why do you lent some one else's Doctor Sunny Joseph? I would have rather taken one of your own police heroes (May be Unnikrishnan from Vandanam)? Doctor Sunny Joseph is here to treat patients, not to investigate some one else's murder.

Also when you want the heroine to perform so much expressions, don't you think you should put a bit more effort in choosing a right lady for the role? Did you forget a process called 'Sceen Test'?

I gave rating 2. One point for Mohanalal's screen presence, and one for the doore doore song.

Rest all is ridiculously bad.....

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Time pass but too light, 20 February 2012

Saw this movie yesterday. Not boring. The movie is only around two hours. And it has its funny moments.

But at the end, this movie is soooo light that, it gives you a feeling that you wasted your time watching it.

There is absolutely nothing happening in the movie. The story has been told hundred times already in bollywood.

Every one acted very well, especially Imran khan and Bomman Irani. Kareena kapoor has exactly same character as in Jab we met.

Songs did not make any impact.

All together I can give 6 out of 10 for its jovialness. But I would neither suggest this movie to my friends nor to my enemies.

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Why was this made, 27 May 2011

The major problem with this movie is once you start watching it, you are so tensed that you cannot stop it. You will just continue watching it until the end. But when the movie is finished, you will ask yourself. "Why did I see this?".

The movie by any means is not any worth to see, other than for wasting your time. The direction, camera and acting is so good that you will be just lost in the movie completely. But the movie as such is a real turn off. The psycho killer is so badly narrated. His character does not posses any consistency except that he behaves abnormal. I was really irritated when I finished the movie and my whole day was gone.

One question keep coming to me. Why was this movie made?

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One time watch, 8 May 2011

May be I am not really a person for dark comedy. I felt it as only a so-so movie. Even when I was watching in DVD, I took break 3 times in between. I felt it was quite boring at times.

But still there are nice and funny scenes coming in between. So it could be watched once.

Neetu Chandra acted horrible. Abhay Deol was decent acting as always. Didn't really find the need of Paresh Rawal representing three characters.

Songs were also just so-so.

I wouldn't call it the best movie and all. But if you have a lot of time left, may be you can give it a try.

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At the end, what was it about????, 5 April 2011

OK, once upon a time there was Kutty srank. He spoke three dialects, influenced three women's life. But then? I have no idea what happened. There is nothing explained in the movie.

Hope at least Shaji N Karun knows what he wanted to convey. I was a big fan of many of his previous movies. But this was a real disaster.

I liked acting of Kamalinee Mukherjee, Suresh Krishna and Amit (Joppen). The part of the movie in which these three characters appear was interesting.

In my opinion mammooty was horrible in many scenes. It was like mammotty wearing an over-sized shirt. All the three mannerisms of Kutty Srank did not suite Mammootty. It was a terribly wrong casting.

I would strongly advice not to waste your time and money on this movie.

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