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One of the Best in Bond and Bond Villains, 8 June 2013

Recently, revisited this film and I must say like a fine wine it gets better each year. First we have the last film Albert R Broccoli and Richard Maibaum were involved in !! Then we have a subject that is more of a Threat to todays world then all the Spectra type of World dominance stuff that is usually displayed. This threat in the form of of a young Robert Davi whose Franz Sanchez is an absolutely Stellar performance!!! He captures the essence of these Drug lords like I have never seen before or since. Riveting .I have heard some say well it is not really a threat well to them I say it is the most insidious plague on our society and youth !!! And he captures the seductive charm as well !Next we have in Timothy Dalton a modern Bond If Dalton could be critiqued for anything it would be his intensity did not let him settle into the sardonic humor of Bond that task in this film was left to Davi,,we also have a young Benncio Del Toro. Who adds the relationship aspect to Sanchez ,also predating the ambiguous sexuality of Skyfall's Bardem but Davi is subtle in his approach. This is a terrific film with one of the top villains in the entire series !!!

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worth seeing just for Walken and Davi, 8 May 2011

Really well done ! dug all the actors --Ray Stevenson did terrific job -- also the rest of the cast was fun and quirky --- among the standouts are Chris Walken and Robert Davi any film would be worth seeing just for them-- even in small roles these guys bring so much and are more versatile that a lot of the stock in play stereotypes ---Danny Greene story was true!! and that adds a lot -- but could have deepened some of the characters -- instead of perfunctory water color --one of the differences between the Godfather and this film and should be a lesson to writers and directors --treat supporting characters with same detail as the lead-- Tony LoBianco another Stand out

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Davi is Fantastic, 9 March 2009

I watched this film the other day. Was surprised how much I enjoyed it.It is loaded with a lot of social statements and humor. Bill Lustig does a terrific job with directing from the cult writer Larry Cohen script. Robert Davi is Fantastic as hardboiled Dectecive Sean Mckinney---he makes me believe the unbelievable in a horror genre film. Watch his scenes with therapist --would'nt be surprised if Sopranos was'nt influenced by this character trait as these films have a cult following ,,,Bruce Campbell has a cameo and is cool as you will see some fun casting choices throughout. the action is very well done and first rate --only criticism is makeup on monster could have been much better although not bad by all film I highly recommend just to see Davi --also number 3 ,,where he reprises his role as McKinney ..

The Dukes (2007)
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GREAT FILM - I HIGHLY Recommend IT, 27 October 2008

I saw The Dukes last week at the Chicago International Film Festival. I LOVED IT. I have watched a lot of classic Italian cinema and have seen American films that clearly try to capture the spirit of those films; This is the first one , in my humble opinion that DOES. It is such a charmingly, delightful , funny and heartfelt piece. The ensemble of actors play like a great Jazz band . The performances are real, nuanced, and touching. The humor comes out of human characters not hackneyed forced situations we see in a lot of films today. I laughed out loud so many times but from the humanness of the characters and situation not because of being manipulated into laughter like so many comedies. And this is the first and only film I know of that is dealing with the current economic crisis but does so not despairingly but with a message of HOPE. You will leave the theater feeling uplifted. The film was directed by Robert Davi ,this was his directorial debut and he does a fantastic job . I cannot recommend this film enough. Davi,(who also stars in the film) along with Chazz Palminteri and Peter Bogdanovich has put together a GREAT group of actors. A story for this time. Without going in depth, the film follows two cousins , Davi and Palminteri ,who are DOO -WOP singers . In the 1960s they were the biggest act around . The film takes place today and they are no longer what they once were and are trying to make ends meet. The analogies in the film are right on target. As we see the collapse of the economy and families trying to make ends meet this film speaks to those struggles of trying to redefine how we all make our living ..and survive ..I was brought to tears several times during the film some from that trieste feeling we have from life and others from a kind of joy and hope that you are left with at the end of this film