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I'm talking about actors that have never been nominated or have been nominated at one point but didn't win that deserve an oscar and or will eventually win one.
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The following shows that were prematurely canceled after 1 or 2 seasons, that should've went on longer. In no particular order.
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The following actors/actresses and other celebs that I don't like.
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My favorite current and former cast members (or otherwise known as the "Not Ready for Prime-time Players") from "Saturday Night Live". In no particular order.
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Actors who are good enough to the point where I will watch just about anything even if the movie sucks. No Particular order. (Note: List is still in works)
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The most attractive and desirable women (actresses, singers and models) in the entertainment industry. I have to admit this was a tough one to put together, so sorry if I'm off on some rankings. No particular order (after the first 125)
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In No Particular Order (with the exception of the #1 spot)
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These are the following movies that were either going to get sequels and it never happened/got canceled or ones that were never considered for a sequel.
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My favorite talk show personalities from either late night or daytime.
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The list of worst movies of the 2000's (2000-2009) decade that I regret watching. There are a few other bad movies that I didn't mention because they're bad enough not to talk about.
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In No Particular Order
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