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beautiful actresses who where, are and will be..
not always they look fine, but this selection is "by how she looks in..."
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Just for fun, great movies I could see again and again. this is the list of my favorites movies of all time. not all are master pieces but for me these are the best.
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This is my list with special movies that you must see, tears, laughter, love, tragedy, happy endings, unexpected endings, great soundtracks, spectacular effects only the best movies that I've ever seen are here...

Not all of these are good in the eyes of the critics, but I assure you that you will enjoy these movies
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movies based on comic boooks

and upcoming movies too.
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actors and actresses that perfectly fit the character, and who will be remembered forever in that character (under construction)
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I've always felt that movies based on time travel, require much preparation, ingenuity and concentration not easy to match the events of the past, present and future. I really love this kind of movies here my list ...