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Wow, 12 November 2003

Wow is all i can say. This movie was so bad it's something to be marveled at. I've just been looking at the voting statistics for old Crappy Mountain and can not say how proud I am to be the one female under 18 to have given it a vote of 1. I'm only distressed at the one male under 18 who gave it a vote of 10 (what in carnations!!??) making the average for under 18's a crazy 5.5

This movie is highly recommended as you can't help feeling privileged to have witnessed the worse movie of all time.

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Hilariously Ridiculous, 12 November 2003

I'm surprised this movie has scored just 3 stars! Sure, I wasn't expecting a 10- but perhaps I would have guessed a 5 or maybe even 6. This movie made me laugh, I thought i would hate it but I found it really quite hilarious- It was ridiculous but in a funny and deliberate way. It wasn't like it was trying to get the thought provoking film award and failed, a cinematic masterpiece was not the agenda here- but a little bit of fun which I believe it definitely succeeded in doing.

The crew making the documentary on the spice girls, the two guys who are "brain storming" film ideas for the spice girls to star in, the spice girls manager and then his boss are all just hilarious. In fact the whole thing is hilarious- This movie is not made to be taken seriously! The whole thing is a deliberate joke! Do people not see this?

I don't know what people expected from this movie for it to fail so much in their expectations to warrant such a low rating. I am all for movies like "Copper Mountain" scoring hopefully VERY low ratings (I recommend you go see it just so you can boast you have seen the worst movie of all time) as it was a movie whose ABSOLUTE ridiculousness was not deliberate or entertaining- but the horror which is "Copper Mountain" has scored level with "Spice World", absolutely unfair.

"Spice World" succeeded brilliantly in what it set out to do- be hilariously ridiculous.

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"Whores will have their trinkets", 7 March 2003

How could the owner of a book shop who says "Enjoy. It's dreadful but it's quite short" not be anything short of hilarious. This is so funny, every line is funny. No boring minutes, no fake action, just plain comedy in a style i find very appealing. Crazily funny lines like "Is space hot?" "Of course it is, where else do you think we get pineapples from?" are acted so perfectly making it spectacularly entertaining. A must see. My favorite show for sure.

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"No, he's got a point." HILARIOUS MOVIE!, 5 December 2002

FUNNY FUNNY MOVIE! Great characters, great voices, really random things happen. This movie is just so funny. Moves along really well so you just don't get bored in the least. Not cheesy, no annoying emotional songs, its all good. This is definitely the most funny and enjoyable Disney I've seen and one which I believe most adults will definitely enjoy. And kids will love it too. LOVE THIS MOVIE!

wonderful, 5 October 2002

a beautiful movie, the scenery wild and wonderful... thought provoking. The background sounds were masterful, the music and at other times the sound of wind and seagulls worked wonderfully. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.