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A Thoroughly Lovely Movie, 21 August 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey has it all. Engaging characters, decent, believable dialog, great music, scrumptious scenes of food that will make you hungry even if you had a meal before seeing the picture, and enough friction in the plot to make watching for the outcome to develop fun. Plus it's way ahead of the game as far as avoiding the excessive sexuality, foul language and sheer stupidity that so many of the movies these days have to offer. Frankly and unfortunately, that's about all they have to offer. Most of those movies are so forgettable. This is one you might consider buying when it comes out in DVD or Blu-Ray. I'm pretty sure I will add it to my collection. I don't believe Helen Mirren is capable of a bad picture and she does herself proud in this one. In fact, there wasn't a single actor or actress in this film who didn't catch and keep you interested. Speaking just for myself, those eyes…. Manish Dayal's eyes….oh my. That's one handsome guy. Anyway, a good movie and one you'll be happy to see.

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If You Miss Wish I Was Here, You'll Wish You'd Been There, 7 August 2014

Hurrah! There is hope for Hollywood. There are still decent screenplay writers who produce good story lines and wonderful dialog. This movie proves that. When a film makes you laugh and cry and think and feel as if you know the characters, or wish you did, you know you're in the presence of something worth seeing. This picture is worth seeing! Often the clips shown beforehand in hopes of luring in an audience are not only the best moments that movie has, but the ONLY good moments that movie has. In this case there were so many good moments to experience that you sort of start to think, "I hope this picture continues to be this good." And it does. The acting – from everyone – was suburb. Could not have been better. This one is a gem. I love this movie!

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And So It Goes Goes Along Quite Nicely, 31 July 2014

Michael Douglas hasn't lost much along the way, he's still engaging and believable in his roles. This one is no exception. Diane Keaton is – well, Diane Keaton. If you like her, you will like her in this role because all of her roles are pretty much the same. Me, I keep expecting her to come out with 'La De Da, La De Da, La De Da' at any moment. I'm not saying I don't like her, I do, it's just that her roles never achieve any real highs or lows, even when they are supposed to be exhibiting emotion. Her voice, as she proves in this film, isn't all bad for that of an aging chanteuse. But Rob Reiner – you had to throw in the trite, tacky scene with the dog humping the teddy bear? Come on, you're better than that. We expect more and better from your films. Altogether I've got to say this is a good picture, predictable, but enjoyable.

Groundhog's Day On Steroids, 24 July 2014

Tom Cruise scores again as the hero of this combat action film. He simply can't be best in these roles. He's tough, believable, and fascinating to watch. In this movie, which if you don't appreciate almost constant action you might not be such a fan of, Cruise's character dies almost instantly and is wakes over and over again, each time getting stronger and smarter. Watching him begin this picture as someone scared witless and totally unprepared for what he will be required to do – and evolving into an intelligent, powerful, capable fighter is brilliant. Emily Blunt is also believable in the tough character she portrays. Good plotting, super acting and a movie that you'll get sucked into before you know it as you find yourself rooting for Cruise to hurry and learn what the violence and action is determined to teach him...this is good entertainment.

Begin Again (2013/II)
Melancholy With Music, 24 July 2014

This is Mark Ruffalo's movie. He is always good but in this film he's great. Keira Knightley is very good in her role, but it plain and simple is Ruffalo's picture. There's some good music in this one, both old and new. Knightley has an adequate voice but not a strong, pure sound by any means. Sufficient for this film and the songs she sings. But make no mistake, she won't become a super star recording artist, let's put it that way. Watching and listening to the creation of music, and viewing the possibilities come to life in Mark Ruffalo's character's mind is fascinating. Adam Levine's voice it entirely too high pitched for my taste but for fans, I suspect he's fine for them. All in all, it's a pretty good, musical movie. And refreshing to see something that's not just another trashy, vulgar movie, the type of which we seem to have way, way too many lately.

Tammy (2014)
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Just Another Mundane Unfunny, So-Called Comedy, 6 July 2014

What is the matter with Melissa McCarthy, anyway? She is an attractive woman, probably can act, but at this point it's hard to tell because she seems willing to sell herself off to play the eternal role of foul- mouth, low-life, man-crazed lunatic. She has comedic ability but evidently not the ability to choose a decent script. Or is it that there isn't a decent scriptwriter left in Hollywood? Not a single one capable of writing real comedy dialog? If so, then McCarthy should climb out of the cesspool and dive into seeking some talent elsewhere. There has to be creative talent capable of producing more than this junk. Mark Duplass is sweet, but he didn't have much to work with here. Susan Sarandon and Allison Janney were okay but both are so thin they look like stick figures. Kathy Bates was good....…but then you'd have to go some to find fault with a Kathy Bates performance. Even in this piece of trash she supports what can be shored up. However, not even Kathy Bates can carry this picture far. The only thing capable of that would be a garbage truck.

See This One With A Clutch Of Kleenex, 26 June 2014

Oh how I cried, but oh how I loved this movie. Learning to deal with cancer while learning to deal with life presents problems that a person will have no knowledge of unless having gone through it, or having known someone who has. As this film leads us to discover, with a strong family, a good friend or two, as much humor as you can dredge up, and love, it can be done as well as it can be done. Shailene Woodley as Hazel and Ansel Elgort as Gus will grab your heart and break it in the process. Their roles were played to complete perfection. The plot, the dialogue, the actors and actresses chosen to be these was all flawless from my point of view. I know I wasn't the only member of the audience to be shedding tears but those tears drew us into this picture and made us a part of the story. This is a good one.

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Sing Out Another Hit For Eastwood!, 20 June 2014

In a theater packed with more people than I've seen attending a matinée in a long, long time, it would seem that each and every person in there enjoyed a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, head-bobbing, 'I-want-to-sing- along' experience during this dance down memory lane. And it wasn't only those who were there when all of this came down, but those too young to have been a part of that scene were having a great time. The casting and directing could not be more excellent than they are for this movie. And it isn't only the music, which is marvelous, but the look into the relationships of the people involved in this moment in time that is fascinating. A peek into their history, their character, the way their lives played out - this is a well put together film When a picture ends with people applauding, you know you've just seen a winner. When you walk out and hear folks saying, "I'm sure going to have to buy this when it comes out.", you really can appreciate the fact that you weren't the only one in there having a fun time. There are only a few directors whose films you know you can always count on for quality – Eastwood has most certainly proved he's one.

Chef (2014)
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What A Delicious Movie!, 12 June 2014

Have to say, I went in to this movie right after having had lunch – and still, I found myself starving after watching that luscious food being prepared. Have you ever had a Cuban Sandwich? No? Well, you owe it to yourself to see what all the raving is about. Even with an injured knee, I found myself unable to refrain from some serious toe-tapping to the infectious beat of the music. And if the food and the music weren't enough….everyone in this movie was perfection. Everyone. Jon Favreau as Carl Casper is so believable, you just want to show up where ever he is cooking. John Languizamo as Martin, Bobby Connavale as Tony… made for these parts. Emjay Anthony as Percy is a little heart-stealer and Sofia Vergara as Inez will have every male in the audience drooling. Oliver Platt as Ramsey Michel the food critic could not be better and he is a favorite of mine to begin with. Even Robert Downey Jr., though showing up in a very small part, was well worth watching. This was a movie where everyone laughed and smiled though most of it and had that smile still plastered on their faces as they left. Can't improve on something like that. This is a prime cut above most of the rest out there. By all means, do see this one.

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Pure Foul-Mouth Drivel, 5 June 2014

And trust me, that one star was given grudgingly.If nothing else, this picture clearly shows how far down the ladder of creativity movie making has fallen. It's as if a bunch of dirty-minded, foul-mouth juveniles got together and decided to make a movie and put in it every goofy, dirty, idiotic, dumb idea and utterance they could think of. And they must have because here is plainly the result. What a colossal waste of talent. I don't know how long this took to film but everyone in it could have made better use of their time had they stood around and chucked rocks down a sink hole. Seth MacFarlane as writer, director, producer and so-called actor of this unfunny, boring mess has proved with this one undertaking that he is a quadruple waste of time. Trust me, you'd have a better time sitting out in a puddle playing in the mud than you'd have in this dirt- poor excuse for a movie.

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