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Unbroken (2014/I)
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Angelina Jolie Has Created A Masterful Film, 16 January 2015

This was a hard movie for me to watch as I'm not comfortable with cruelty either in person or in a picture. And this film was all about the harshness, the brutality, the enormous cruelty of the Japanese toward the American prisoners of war. It was also a movie about triumph – and not triumph of any one side in a war because I don't think there ever is a triumphant side, only destroyed and dead people left behind an outdated, barbaric way to solve issues – but about personal strength and triumph in the face enormous adversity, of beyond believe pain and misery, and the ability to go above and beyond all of it. Jolie pulled no punches in showing it all. The casting was spot on, the dialog was believable, the pace of the movie was essence, there was nothing about this movie that wasn't exactly right. If there is any fairness in the world, this film and the people involved in it, both in front of and behind the camera, should be in for a whole lot of awards. Bottom line, if you're looking for a good movie, one you won't soon forget – especially in the knowledge that this is a true story – here is your opportunity. See it, by all means.

Annie (2014)
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The 'Real' Annie Movie Has Nothing To Worry About, 19 December 2014

Don't get me wrong, this film had it's moments, but they were few and far between. Cameron Diaz was so obviously miscast. She can't sing, can't dance, and in this movie pretty much put her acting ability in question. Annie? They had this kid spouting out so many smart-mouth things that it was hard to even like her. Jamie Foxx was okay in this, but he usually is. Even he, however, didn't have the strength to carry this turkey very far. Face it, there are some pictures that simply do not need to be remade. Annie being one. Or if they absolutely must be redone, then great care had best be utilized to create something even better. Not even close here. Not close at all. Friend I went with slept through most of it and I was hard pressed not to succumb myself. Save your money, peeps. There's a lot of good ones coming out. This doesn't happen to be one of them.

Birdman (2014)
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Oh. My. God., 4 December 2014

You have never seen Michael Keaton in a role like this. He turned in an absolutely stellar performance, the best role of his entire career, at least up to this point. You might think you know Michael Keaton. Not even remotely. I not only see Oscar nominations here but I'm betting a win for Keaton. Emma Stone as Sam is almost certain to get an Oscar nod. Zach Galifianakis as Jake, Edward Norton as Mike….the entire cast is extraordinary in this film. There is so much about this imaginative, sometimes funny, most of the time gripping, harsh, gritty, painful movie. Stunning is all I can say. This picture captures you right from the beginning and doesn't release you until the end. You will walk away knowing you've seen something out of the ordinary. And as much as I'd like to, I can't even say anything about the ending. You see it. You see what you think. But by all means, see this movie!

I See An Oscar Nominatiion For Bill Murray Here, 6 November 2014

This is a really good movie! Sometimes the casting for these films leaves you shaking your head wondering what was the person thinking by settling on a particular actor or actress. In this film that thought never comes up. The casting for this one is brilliant. Everyone was spot on perfection. Bill Murray, who was never a real great favorite of mine in his earlier pictures, totally won me over in this one. It was refreshing to finally see Melissa McCarthy play a role that wasn't just wretched and raunchy. She's really quite good. Naomi Watts is a total delight here. Chris O'Doud as the Irish teacher is so funny and so appealing. Jaeden Lieberher as the young boy in this picture – I was blown away. And loved the eventual best friend he acquired played by Dario Barosso, too. I'm not sure what I expected from this production, but not, I think, as much of a movie as it turned out to be. I laughed, I cried ...I heard one woman say to her friend on the way out, "If my sister wants to see this movie, I'm coming to see it with her. I don't usually see anything I want to watch twice, but I sure will this one." And that fairly well sums it up. Frankly, I'd like to see it again myself. This is a really good movie!

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Good Clean Humor - For A Change, 25 October 2014

This is a fun movie, as the book was fun, too. And with a message. Not everyone is perfect, everybody is capable of having 'that kind of a day'. And in this picture, they do. A comedy without smut, without nudity, without profane language – what a treat. See it can be done by those with the imagination and ability to do it right. There might have been an episode or two I would have - and could have - changed for the better to keep it clean and tidy, but I don't make the big bucks and those who do always seem to think at least one slimy little idea must be inserted. Why? I don't know. Seems stupid on the face of it. At any rate, Steve Carell was his usual delightful self. I'm not a Jennifer Garner fan and could easily have seen several others more fitting in the role of the mother, but hey – that's just me. Ed Oxenbould is great casting as Alexander. Like I said, this is a light, fun, film with some decent laughs without all of the cringe effect so many movies throw at us anymore.

The Judge (2014)
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What A Marvelous Movie!, 25 October 2014

Some of the very best acting from some of the very best actors in the business. Robert Duvall, Robert Downey Jr., Vincent D'Onafrio, Billy Bob Thornton….and Jeremy Strong was no slouch portraying the younger brother with 'issues'. This is probably the best movie I've seen all year, and I've seen a lot of them. A film dealing with family matters of various sorts, some of which so many of us can relate to as we've more or less been there, done that. A picture with that much acting perfection, that much power all wrapping around a good story line, good plot believable dialogue … I don't think a movie fan can ask for more. And, no spoiler alert here, the ending is one where you can imagine it being the more-or-less happy, fairy tale ending (which I did)'s all up to you. Me – I'm all about happily ever after endings - I went away with one future in mind, you may or may not share mine. Up to you. At any rate, this is a fantastic film with some of the best acting you're going to see this year.

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A Sort Of What If Elvis-Type Story, 12 September 2014

Casting could not have found a better actor than Blake Rayne to play the part of Ryan Wade and Drexel Hemsley. He has the same charismatic, gentle quality that Elvis had. He was nothing short of perfect in the role. This is sort of a fable. Elvis had a twin, who died, and this is pretty much based on what if he had lived and…..Not a bad story idea and this is fairly well played by all involved. The music is pretty good, too. It was actually better than I expected as I was looking it to be yet another Elvis thing. Not so. Not really. Ray Leotta was not my idea of the best casting for a preacher as he doesn't have that preacher delivery with his lines. But he did a good job of 'aging' through the movie. Ashley Judd is…well….Ashley Judd. I never see a lot of emotion from her one way or another. She's okay. But okay is just that. Okay. Funny thing, on the way out of the theater, there were several people talking about their own what if ending that they figured might have been better. I didn't say, but I didn't agree with them. However, when I was walking out I have to admit I was thinking what if that twin hadn't died….You'll probably come up with your own what ifs.

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Sure To Become A Sports Classic!, 4 September 2014

When The Game Stands Tall Stands REALLY tall! This film is not just about football, it's about life. About learning to be selfless, caring, compassionate, dependable, about friendship, what it means and takes to become a true friend – and about young men fortunate enough to have come in contact with a coach, and an assistant coach, who were extraordinary. They not only had a coach but someone smart and wise enough to give them what I would love to think each and every boy and girl in this land of ours could have to help them grow up to be decent people. An example. A role model. Someone unafraid to teach kids how to have heart and show affection for one another. That isn't the case, of course, but think of how special this country of ours could be if it was possible. Plenty of good football here, but I don't think you necessarily have to be a total football fan to appreciate this movie. There's a lot going on here and all well acted, well plotted, well directed. This is a great picture. I think it's going to be a classic in the arena of sports films. Do see this one. Try to get your kids to watch this one. It's a dandy!

If I Stay (2014)
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Not As Good As It Could Have Been, 4 September 2014

Here's the thing, in the movie Field of Dreams, with Kevin Costner, everyone was perfect. Each role done to perfection – all except the wife. Bottom line is she simply tried too hard. Her supposed enthusiasm was irritating to the point of absurdity. The one bad note in an otherwise perfect symphony. In this picture, If I Stay, that honor went to the mother. As the wife who supposedly was part of the wild live band scene in previous years, she overplayed her part to equal imperfection as that mention above. She bopped around, acting like an aging hippy more than anything and it, again, struck the one false note in the melody. Other than that, my only concern was this movie rather dragged on. I mean, it was a tad short of plot – the girl dies, does she stay? Does she go? So it sort of lagged here and there. I guess I was expecting more somehow and I was a bit disappointed with this one. I had so looked forward to it, and it isn't a bad movie, just not what it could have been, I think. Light on action, heavy on emotion, it's okay. But that's all I can say. It's okay.

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A Thoroughly Lovely Movie, 21 August 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey has it all. Engaging characters, decent, believable dialog, great music, scrumptious scenes of food that will make you hungry even if you had a meal before seeing the picture, and enough friction in the plot to make watching for the outcome to develop fun. Plus it's way ahead of the game as far as avoiding the excessive sexuality, foul language and sheer stupidity that so many of the movies these days have to offer. Frankly and unfortunately, that's about all they have to offer. Most of those movies are so forgettable. This is one you might consider buying when it comes out in DVD or Blu-Ray. I'm pretty sure I will add it to my collection. I don't believe Helen Mirren is capable of a bad picture and she does herself proud in this one. In fact, there wasn't a single actor or actress in this film who didn't catch and keep you interested. Speaking just for myself, those eyes…. Manish Dayal's eyes….oh my. That's one handsome guy. Anyway, a good movie and one you'll be happy to see.

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