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Major Casting Flaw Kept This From Being As Good As The First One, 2 July 2016

If they couldn't get Isla Fisher, who placed Henley Reeves, in the first one, why on earth could they not find someone like her? The bold, brassy, in your face gal, Lula played by Lizzy Caplan, her replacement, not only did nothing for the film but she kept the whole feeling of the 'team' from forming. They never came together as a group with her in there. The addition of Daniel Radcliffe was a brilliant stroke. He was excellent, as was the rest of the cast. Another wonderful character added was Bu Bu played by Tsai Chin, as the little oriental shop owner. And please, could they not find a razor to fit Mark Ruffalo's face? I love him, but he looked so tired and scruffy – mainly because of that face full of whiskers, that I was put off. In other words, this film had all the makings of another great picture like the first Now You See Me, but because of a few flaws, mostly Lizzy Caplan, it just never got there. What a shame. Was so looking forward to it.

There HAS To Be A Sequel, 9 June 2016

….and not only that, but if they're smart, they'd be filming it already. Plenty of violence, lots of laughter and excellent chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. I'll tell you, I'm not really a Russell Crowe fan, but he was perfect for this role. I heard people, as they were leaving, saying things about hoping there'd be another one with The Nice Guys before too long. Personally I think there is going to be a market for a series of them. It was that good. The daughter, Holly, played by Angourie Rice, was a tad on the precocious side but in the grand scheme of things, it worked rather well. This is reminiscent of good detective films from the past with a modern slant and these tough detectives, with their history and issues are sheer entertainment. Crowe showing a vicious side as well as a tender side is the epitome of the tough cop-type and Gosling, trying to be father, find another drink and still earn money detecting is a hoot. Bring on another one. And soon!

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Quirky, Cute Movie, 1 May 2016

I really hadn't heard much about this film, and certainly wasn't going in expecting an Elvis impersonator or someone looking exactly like President Nixon. Wasn't disappointed there in regard to Elvis. Michael Shannon didn't look much like Elvis, but he did have the soft voice, the southern charm thing going for him. He did a fine job with this role. And actually, Kevin Spacey did manage to look a great deal like Nixon. Sounded like him, too. Everyone in this movie did a good job, and worked the roles of those involved in this slightly absurd moment in history to justice. So, I guess what I was, was really pleasantly surprised by this picture. Totally enjoyed myself with lots of laughs and a few poignant moments. I dimly remember this episode with Elvis showing up at the White House wanting to become an FBI Agent Abroad. With a badge. And at the time I recall thinking that only Elvis could be that naïve and yet that brash at the same time. In all honesty, this picture managed to show all of that, and more. What a colorful moment in American history all wrapped up in this fine little film.

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The Jungle Book Is Destined To Be A Classic, 21 April 2016

Yes, we know going in that much of this film is computer generated. In fact, when you check out the credits at the end, you will see a virtual plethora of artists involved in this venture. However, it isn't long before you lose all thought of this and simply get lost in the wonder and beauty of it all. Neel Sethi, as Mowgli, could not have been better cast if the entire world was combed for a boy to play him in this marvelous movie. The voices of Christopher Walken as King Louie, a gigantic monkey who would, indeed, be king, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera the protector and guardian of young Mowgli, Scarlett Johansson as a particularly seductive and slinky Kaa the Snake, Bill Murray as the irresistible. lovable bear, Baloo, and Idris Elba as a genuinely scarred and scary Shere Khan are excellent. As are Giancarlo Esposito and Lupita Nyong'o as Mowglie's wolf parents. The casting could not possibly be better. The best of the music has been preserved and worked into this venture, which only adds to the perfection. The actor, the voices, the scenery, there is not one single part of this picture not splendid. Stay for the credits at the end. Some of the cutest, most clever work can be seen there. Plus more of the singing of Christopher Walken. All I can say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

The Boss (2016)
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Where Have All The Good Writers Gone???, 14 April 2016

And what one earth is wrong with Melissa McCarthy? She is beautiful, talented, funny….and yet she keeps making these foul, way too much sex pieces of trash. It's hard to figure out why. Do people in Hollywood think there are no more decent people out here wanting to see good, funny movies? Nobody left without the mouth or mind of a waste container? If so, they are wrong. The thing is, with this movie in particular, it could have been very funny. Good cast, fair premise, but instead we ended up with a film that was nothing much more than garbage. When a movie ends and everyone is just looking at each other with, "What the heck did we just waste money on?" looks on their faces, it's not good. Even worse, waiting for this one to come on, we were treated to a couple of coming attractions with pictures as bad, or worse. Foul language, as if the writers have completely lost any ability to write witty, clever dialogue, or dialogue at all that isn't merely four letter words, over the top sex that, frankly, is not interesting, is tiresome, and is so over- done. Who decides to spend money putting out money for this stuff? Nobody with any intelligence, I'm thinking. Too bad. You're cheating movie audiences, big time.

Spotlight (2015/I)
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One Of The Best And Most Important Movies I've Ever Seen, 4 December 2015

….and I see a lot of 'em. This film shows how professional journalists work to uncover a tremendous story – said professionalism so sadly lacking in today's media world - with hard work, dedication and honesty. How finding out the truth and exposing it was crucial to bringing hard to grasp facts to the focus of the entire world. I see Oscar winners written all over this picture. Best Picture right on to Best Male Actor – and two of them should be nominated here, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton. Terrific performances by both. This movie moves right along, bringing it all together in a way that almost numbs your mind by the time it's done. When the end credits roll and it shows how this single story brought out atrocious child molestation scandals, not only in America, but all over the world, and you see the long, long list of places, you can hardly manage to get up from your seat and walk out into the world. You are stunned. This is not a spoiler, but I have to say, at one point in this film, without a word spoken, you watch the camera scroll down pages of names and facts, and in the background you hear a chorus of innocent young voices singing a Christmas carol, the hair on the back of your neck rises….you KNOW you are watching something brilliant. And that's what this production is, brilliant. Without question one of the best pictures you will ever see. And the one that will have you thinking and talking about it for a long, long time after.

The Walk (2015/II)
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The Walk Is Taut, Riveting., 16 October 2015

Although there is definitely humor in this film, all in all it's an intense, terrorizing, real-life picture – especially in 3D. If you are the least bit afraid of heights, this one will surely get to you. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the role of Philippe Petit is amazing in this movie. He is perfect for the part and does it justice from start to finish. Ben Kingsley, as Papa Rudy who was Petit's mentor, is wonderful. This movie will get to you on many levels. Not only the audacity, the power of positive thinking, and sheer confidence in one's ability that was shown by Petit, to achieve his never to be able to be repeated walk between those two enormously tall buildings, but because of the terror attack involving the Twin Towers in New York, there is no way not to think of the horror of that day. No way on earth to see the picture of the Twin Towers at the end without the thought of 9/11 coming to your mind. This is a tremendously entertaining and thought-provoking movie, one that left me thinking about it on all levels much after I left the building, in fact I'm still thinking about scenes from this picture. Amazing.

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Well Worth Watching, 11 October 2015

Wasn't sure I wanted to see The Martian all that much, but after viewing it, was glad I did. There was not the horrid sense of doom and gloom I had anticipated, in fact, there was hope, humor, suspense, and for me, although gripping, the occasional feeling of being so isolated, so alone that it was momentarily stunning. This is a good movie to show the ingenuity of man when the chips are down, for those of us positive people, the proof that we can, indeed, do whatever it takes to survive when called on to do so. Matt Damon, as the left behind for dead astronaut, was wonderful in this role, portraying fear, despair, humor, hope, determination…all of the emotions the role demanded. And in 3-D, the view of the heavens was spectacular as was the feeling of being one person so alone on such a large, stark, basically unfriendly planet. I do recommend this film as one to see that will leave you feeling secure that there are people – not merely MacGyver– for those who remember the I-can-do-it-all-with-only-a-paper-clip-and-a-rubber-band kind of guy that was on TV years ago – out there. To imagine that our astronauts are so able leaves the audience feeling good about the program and the people involved. And in this case, with world cooperation when needed. It's solid entertainment.

Everest (2015)
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Everest As Intense As The Weather Surrounding The Mountain, 3 October 2015

Having read the book, I knew what to expect. However, seeing it unfold on a big screen, in 3D, made it even more chilling (no pun intended). First off, I will never, ever understand the people who willingly put themselves into, not only harm's way, but a terrifying, frigid, unforgiving harm's way such as this. The entire cast was more than up to the standards a movie like this demands. Harsh, heart-rending, and either exhilarating if you are into such self-inflicted misery, or puzzling and perplexing if you are like me, not seeing the need or necessity to scale a huge, unwelcoming, unpredictable piece of the planet such as Mount Everest. Make no mistake, this is not a happy, uplifting picture, but it is gripping and intense.

The Intern (2015/I)
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The Intern is The Boss!, 25 September 2015

Robert De Niro, as a retired 70 year old who re-enters the work force and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that oldies are still goodies….also proves just why he is a star as he shines so bright in this movie as to be blinding. He is perfection. There are some actors that the older they get, the better they get, and De Niro is most certainly one. Anne Hathaway, as the genius behind a too-fast growing company is playing what I consider one of her best roles yet. And Rene Russo is still gorgeous as ever. I was impressed, also, by Anders Holm who played Hathaway's husband. But then, actually, I was impressed with everyone in this movie. There really wasn't a single thing or character I would change in this one, and that's saying something. The casting, the plot, the dialogue…and fancy this, it was a funny, touching, enjoyable picture with NO foul language, NO overly-suggestive crude garbage that usually just makes the audience cringe. It was well written, well -acted, and well presented. All rare these days where just the writing ability seems to have dwindled into the dirt. This one is evidence that there are still writers and creators who have talent out there. More movie producers should make a point of seeking and finding them! This is a fun movie that you are going to be recommending to everyone within reading or hearing distance. One of the best films we've seen in some time and left us all smiling as we left the building.

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