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Don't see it, It lacks plotline, charachter development and a total lack of dramaturgic presence. MTV cinematography and editing makes it worse. And Waaay to many flashbacks., 6 October 2002

The Name Soul Assassin has little and to obscure relevance for the actual plotline in the film, the actors have been given nondeveloped characters with a hollowfeeling to them. THe plot and storyline is waterd out by an abundant reuse of fottage in annoying flashbacks that does noting to further develop the story, and has been spiced up with exessive gunfighting. The so called "bad guys" are to the brink of total lack of grey brain matter. The Director of Photography and the Director of the movie seems to occasionally forget that it is a thriller they are shooting, and not an MTV musicvideo, by exessive use of stroboscopic effects and fottage that has no relevance for the movie. The only good thing is the end, where thy desided to throw out all rules of "good vs bad guys" classic movies. Thats the only good point.

Skeet Ulrich did a better jop in Chill Factor. It is by far the wors film I have ever seen. No film that I have seen in the conspiracy genre has even been this bad, I thought that X-files the movie was bad. I now know better.

Virgin Fleet (1991) (V)
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A typical girls to the rescu of mankind OAV. Directed to girls 6-15 years old, 2 October 2002

Konnichi wa! As I said, it's a typical Girls to the rescue movie, and not a Hentai as tha title may leed you to belive. However, it makes use of girls with a special power called Virgin Energy, and no it still isnt a Hentai even if it sounds like it. It is sett in Yokohama in japan, during a war between japan and some undefined countries. I suspect on of the undefined countries to be Russia (see teh movie, you understand), and there is this special naval accadamy for girls with this Virgin Energy. The main character just wants graduate the accadamy so she can get married wit the ultimate proof of her purity. Things change and... welll I'm not gonna spoil it for you so go rent it or something. It is worth it, if you like Anime.

Now normally, this movie would be seen as generaly ridiculus by annyone above tha age of 13-14 years. But the whole OAV becomes quite funny becasue of theis so called virgin energy, if you are older (like I am. 20 year old male) you just cant stopp laughing because of all the sexist comments and undertone of the 3 part miniseries.