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Harpies (2007) (TV)
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Save yourself from bad acting and the worst CGI possibly ever., 29 June 2007

I admit not seeing all of the movie. I came home from Live Free or Die Hard (which was awesome!) and watched the last half of this. It had me literally laughing out loud, too bad it isn't a comedy. The good was Kristin Richardson, she could act and was easy on the eyes. The OK, Scott Valentine. I give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he was just over the top and cheesy on purpose to fit the tone of the film. Stephen Baldwin let his acting chops drop to the level of the surrounding cast, which was just terrible. You rarely get the whole cast to sound as if they can't remember their lines and are just reading them off a cheat sheet just off camera. Horrendous. The CG. Holy crap. This got the most,and biggest laughs out of me. Original Sci-Fi channel pics are not know for great CGI. But this is a new low. WOW, truly needs to be seen it to believe it. Probably the worst CGI I have ever seen. Avoid this even if you liked other made for Sci-fi channel movies, or tune in if you can't believe its the worst acting and CG maybe ever. But please quickly turn it off and save the brain cell or 2 you will burn out trying to figure out how it was green lit to go out to the public.

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finally, 4 October 2006

I was just thinking recently how I haven't seen a great stand up special in a while. There have been some good ones, amusing, funny, but not great. It's been a while since I sat on my couch laughing for an hour getting light headed from lack of oxygen. Like many great comedians his delivery makes an amusing joke hysterical.

I saw about 10 minutes and quickly checked the schedule to see if it aired again soon, luckily it did and I used the DVR to capture it for me and my girlfriend to watch the next night. We both laughed for the full hour. I was starting to forget what it was like to see a great stand up special, glad to be reminded. Look for this one.

The Cave (2005)
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good for what it is., 1 May 2006

OK the Cave...I'm not here to praise how great it was I didn't love it, but enjoyed it. Here's the problems with it. First it could've been made to feel much more claustrophobic, and could have used the darkness better. You're in a Cave, no light, total darkness. That could have been used better to add to the feeling of isolation, but everything was pretty well lit. The other problem was when the crew entered the Cave you probably already know who's going to make it out and who won't. There is a twist at the end, but you could guess it long before it came. Now the good points. Acting was good, effects were well done, story was exciting, and the movie didn't drag at all. It was a fun action/monster movie. If you're renting this movie isn't that what your looking for. There are better movies in this vein, but there for darn sure are a lot worse as well. It is what it is. Enjoy it. 7/10

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Attn. this is a remake not a sequel., 10 April 2006

The original Cutting Edge got great word of mouth and I know both men and women that really enjoyed that movie. Fast forward to the remake, which this is. Simply a direct to video remake. Some minor changes: 1)the skaters are now coached by her parents (different actors) not the Russian trainer 2)he now has the girlfriend/fiancé instead of her 3)She is now recovering from an injury not him 4)he comes from extreme in-line skating now rather then hockey. Thats about the only differences. If you saw the original it plays out almost fight for fight, right down to the announcers of their Olympic performance commenting how they were technically perfect but skating without any passion, just like in the first. About a minute before that I jokingly made that same comment to my girlfriend not thinking that they would actually use it again in this version. The movie was entertaining, but I've never seen a "sequel" follow the original formula quite so closely. If you've seen the original pass on this, its OK, but you've seen it done better before.

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full moon fun, 29 December 2005

First off, I am a fan of the full moon films from the early and mid 90's. So it was cool to see a mix of their franchises on the screen. Like most Full Moon Fanatics, I can't really say why they appeal to me, the budgets aren't high, but the acting is usually above normal straight to video fare and they entertain, I guess that's the bottom line..they entertain.

Now for this movie in particular. The effects were fine (except for the large Baby oopsy),Tim Thomerson always delivers, and both female leads (Tracy Scroggins, and Mellisa Behr), are attractive and do a fine job. Baby Oopsie-Daisy is a riot. I have to admit I really enjoyed the movie, a great way to spend and hour, and that leads me to my only complaint. It was only 64 minutes long. Add in the opening and closing credits along with the flashback sequences to the other movies (Dollman, Demonic Toys, and Bad Channels) to introduce the main characters back stories and you were well under an hour. Now I prefer a shorter movie to a long one. If you can't tell your story in 2hours or so you just aren't trying (in most cases). But this was a little too short, no development. Why did the dwarf security guard join the demonic toys so quickly, who was that girl they sacrificed where did she come from? Show me something rather then explain it with one line of dialog. Anyway felt more like an hour long TV episode rather then a movie.

Final decision : I really enjoyed the time spent watching it. There were some good, and some below average effects. Slightly underdeveloped story and characters, but in the end it entertained. It was funny, had some decent action, and was just plain fun.

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fun show, 13 November 2005

I may be one of the few people who remembers this show. It aired on Friday nights, I believe on ABC. I don't remember it lasting very long and believe only a handful of episodes were every made. I loved it, and had an episode or 2recorded at one time that I watched repeatedly. It starred PatrickSwayze, and Tracy Scoggins (who I immediately started crushing on). It was about a street gang given a choice to do time or work undercover getting in where the cops couldn't. It kind of was a mix of "The Warriors" meets the "Mod Sqaud" meets "21 Jump St.". I thought it was a cool, fun show, but, I was young and wonder if it would hold up today being viewed as an adult. Wish I could find it on TV or DVD somewhere to find out.

Serenity (2005)
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fit me with my new browncoat, 1 October 2005

I was, lets say an honorary browncoat (browncoats are what fans of the TV show Firefly on which Serenity is based call themselves). I had seen a few episodes on the first (short) run and caught more on the Sci-fi channels recent re-airings, and liked every episode. Also a fan of Joss Whedon, especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love his stories and dialog, the way the characters interact with each other in his stories are always great, and he loves to throw something unexpected at you, no one is ever safe in his scripts. That being said I was looking forward to Serenity. One word sums it up WOW. Definitely one of my favorite films this year. Funny, action packed, dramatic, scary, sad...if you want it in a movie it's here. The spirit of the film is fresh and fun, the dialog is witty and humorous. Just can't say enough about it. The theater I saw it in laughed out loud at every great one liners, gasped at the Reavers (cannabalistic space pirates) attacks, and applauded loudly at the finish of the film. I'm sure the Browncoats were in full force last night, but after seeing the movie new recruits will make it the hottest fashion of this fall season. Can't wait for the stories continuation.

Sin City (2005)
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overriding violence, 4 April 2005

I loved the noir style, and visually the film is fantastic, groundbreaking, original, brilliant. The cast was top notch. Tough guys with a purpose, beautiful woman, often as tough as the men, and all seemed to play the character beautifully. However I didn't leave the theater thinking about how gorgeous the film was, but rather how violent. I understand Frank Millers graphic novels are very violent, and admire Rodriguez for staying true to the source, and I also don't particularly mind violence in movies. However I think if it was tuned down just a little it would've enhanced the film, rather then detract from it. See it for the tough guys, beautiful broads, and stunning visuals, but be prepared for the violence you'll find in Sin City.

Alien Apocalypse (2005) (TV)
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B for ..., 27 March 2005

B movie... B is for - Bad supporting cast, Bad wigs, Big plot holes, but mostly for Bruce! This movie was an excuse to let Bruce Campbell be well, Bruce Campbell, and it's the only real reason to watch it. He's a much more versatile actor then most people know, because he's known mostly for roles and characters like this, and his fans love it. Any way the people making this know that they aren't making Citizen Kane, or even Independce day, and thats what makes it somewhat endearing. They have no delusions about the movie they are making and have some fun with it. I really wish the supporting cast (with a few exceptions) were better, and the fake beards and wigs were a distraction, but thanks to Bruce it was at least entertaining. It was also nice seeing him and Renee O'Connor on screen together again.

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Oh my God, 4 March 2005

All the comments here and from others are true: What can you expect : bad acting, rubber puppets, effects that consist of Halloween masks, Halloween rubber monster gloves, an OK soundtrack (most disagree but I didn't mind the cheesy rock),a horrible score, and for the big finale a paper-mache marionette and a independence day firework fountain. Oh and much more, rubber starfish thrown at our hero as Satans main weapon, (seriously it looks like something you and your friends would've done in the 5th grade with your dads camcorder). Its great. There is one blatant product placement and from the looks of it, the money they got from coke was the entire budget of the film. I didn't give it a high score because I don't know if I could ever sit through it again. But it is recommended big time to anyone who wants to watch a really. really poor movie. I wonder if Jon-Mikl Thor really thought this would be a great career move? My guess is if he did at the start he couldn't have when he saw the final product. I hear a sequel is in the works. Can't wait to see if it happens.

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