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"Family" (1976)
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An hour with the Lawrences made for TV time well spent, 23 August 2005

I first caught this show in re-runs on Lifetime and WOR 9 from New York in the late 80's, and I taped as many episodes as I could manage. I greatly admire the production values and story lines this frequently mawkish, yet unflinchingly progressive piece of late 70's serial TV "dramedy" had to offer in virtually every episode of it's four-year run. All of the key players were exceptional actors, and made for riveting television that has been largely taken for granted. With so much bunk arriving weekly on DVD, Columbia/TrisStar should really pick up the ball on this project and start compiling a comprehensive DVD collection while Sada Thompson and the rest of the crew are still with us, and can offer insightful reminiscence on a long-overdue and much-needed addition to the growing list of good and bad television shows available on DVD.