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The Debt (2010/I)
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Great Movie, 24 September 2011

A movie that is entirely driven by the plot is refreshing these days. The script is well written and the acting very good. The dialog and interaction between the Dr. form Birkenau and the more troubled of the 3 young agents builds up in great narrative drama. The twists in the plot keep coming. Everything falls into place, even the somber air of the characters at the start of the movie. To me, the movie really starts with the first twist in the story, a good 45 minutes into the film. Your mind has got to reset the sequence. I thought this is getting interesting.

Will those who you love the most, prefer your trophies or your truth? Mirren's character choice was clear. I enjoyed this film very much, it does actually make you think. How often does that happen these days?

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Disappointing, 9 June 2011

I live in Vegas and I'm originally from Europe. It's very hard to get good movies to see here. but they do come once in a while. So after reading the review, I was looking forward to seeing something new. Fresh air in the torrid Mohave Desert, a half-comedy (satirical i thought) among African-Americans from different socio-economic backgrounds. Sounded great! OMG, nothing had me prepared for this! The setting was stunning and most of the acting list were gorgeous looking. Unfortunately, what they had in looks they lacked in acting quality. The plot is superficial and artificial. Clichés and stereotypes abound. Jokes are not even funny. Sex jokes run throughout the movie. The French lines were bizarre to say the least. If one from the upper classes, does one have to speak French? In America? Mais pas du tout! African-American cinema this? No, certainly not. Not even cinema, this a matinée for adolescent girls.

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Hilarious!, 10 August 2008

The Jewel in the Crown is in my opinion one of the best series ever. The story unfolds, characters come in and out the only common denominator in all episodes is a despicable man, viewed from other nuclear stories. The acting is superb and contrary to many comments here, quite genuine, certain British people WERE like that. The gestures, actions and facial expressions mean more than what is actually being said. What is hilarious, however, is reading some comments posted here as if all stories should follow a strictly "physical-action-sequence" of A kills B and jealous C falls in love with D, but in the end all marry and are happy ever after. Thanks to BBC, Granada and others, there are series and films that make us interpret, feel and think beyond what we see on the screen or else we'll all end up left watching "Th Incredible Hulk"