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Falls Below Expectations., 19 July 2008

Clichéd. Very clichéd.

Those expecting a romantic extravaganza akin to Shahid's Jab We Met will be very disappointed. Nothing about the movie clicks. The comedy is non-existent. The storyline is predictable and the portrayal is mediocre.

The beginning of the movie although not very promising was at least decent. The first half is light-hearted and raised expectations. But the second half is lengthy and stretches on, much to the impatience and frustration of the viewers. Even the twists and turns were stereotypical and had nothing new to offer. The songs were good and refreshing. The acting was OK. The chemistry between Shahid and Vidya was not very good. All in all it is not a movie worth wasting your time and money on.

A lousy effort.