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Grows on you, 27 October 2005

Watched the show, thought "Hm, I haven't decided if it'll stay or not". But then the next day, my husband and I are quoting it and want to watch it again.

We try again the next week, again with the quoting. I haven't watched a show where there are lines that stick with me like this for a very long time. The show wouldn't be anywhere without "Barney", but somehow none of its faults matter because I enjoy it just too darn much. Every episode there's a new line, haven't been disappointed so far, hoping it continues and gets even better.

I mean come on, with lines like: "Suit up!" "Phone Five!" "Not awkward guys, its only awkward if we make it awkward"

And the numerous variations of "suit up" are a hoot "Snow suit up!" "Flight suit up" I gotta say, I just enjoy it.

There isn't great philosophy, it has a laugh track, but I don't miss it and end up watching the episode a couple times because its the only things worth watching sometimes.

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Good for kids!, 30 September 2002

I wanted to write in because I just read a scathing report on this movie and couldn't disagree more. Both my nine month old and 3 1/2 year old love The Wiggles. Instead of just sitting and watching, The Wiggles involves the children. Their videos are aerobic workouts! It is meant for kids, not adults to be entertained, and it works!