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The Best film ever., 24 May 2006

My audience stood and applauded this film too! Those who have herein praised this film have brought nostalgic tears to my sad but smiling face... Those who wasted space and complained about this film seemed beneath my ability to even pity (at the risk of losing the message of the work: compassion!!). The great essence of Hugo's master work is perfectly represented and by moving it forward in time it somehow enters directly into our lives... in ways the novel and all the other films based on it really could not. The closest thing to this film, in my opinion, was the Broadway play (musical), because of the brilliant music, staging, acting, etc. Even so, this film touched me more than the live theater presentation did. When I tell someone how good it is and they then see it (the video mind you) they always come back with eyes bugging out and express heart pounding gratitude! A MUST SEE... sits right along with King of Hearts (Le Roi de Couer - 1968), The Great Dictator, Brazil, Kafka, Julia, Dr. Strangelove, and JFK, on my list.

The Peace! DVD (2005) (V)
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About as powerful and important a documentary as has ever been made., 16 February 2006

Oh my God!!

As I watched this film, I celebrated its existence and prayed fiercely that it would reach as many people as possible. Afterwards, I sent emails out all over the place, to tell everyone I could about it.

Like The Corporation before it, and Michael Moore's many great films, this is pure cinematic courage and raw, ripe, truth power.

If the Bush / Cheney administration and their fellow criminals must keep on destroying innocent lives all over the world, at least we will have this palliative treatment for some good hearted and sensible folks.


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Downey does for Humphrey Bogart what he did for Chaplin!, 11 June 2004

In "The Singing Detective" there are moments of pure "Yes!" as Downey incredibly resurrects Humphrey Bogart. He did not 'do Bogart' as anyone and their brother can do, (mine usually works..), but it seemed instead he must actually have been doing what Bogart himself did: focusing on difficult issues, maintaining deep courage and principles, and finally acting richly with his whole being. I have seen nothing to compare with it since the original immortal performances. We are talking superbly transcendent character acting, (as when Downey did Chaplin). Oscars? Schmoskers! Downey deserves a Nobel Prize; and why not give such an honor? Is literature ever to be held in greater esteem than cinema? BTW... Mel Gibson did what I thought was his personal best job, and the rest of the cast's acting was crisp and gifted. If some felt that the plot was the weakest element, consider the plot in "Chicago". A good vehicle does what it must. I liked the whole thing, with all its vivid medical depictions, coarse direction, and unfiltered displays of human dysphoria.

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One of the absolute best films of all time for so many reasons., 15 June 2003

A timeless and exquisite treatment of profound and compelling issues, this 1966 International collaboration, was one of the few films ever to give tasteful testimony to being truly sane, or maybe I should say being truly (in)sane in a cruel and berserk world. If you liked Life Is Beautiful, E.T., Star Wars, The Great Dictator, Gandhi, Henry V, Blazing Saddles, or Rain Man... you will probably love this movie. It remains for me among the top three or four, of all movies I have ever seen.