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Better watch "Lord of the Weed" on Youtube, 21 December 2008

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This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. There is absolutely no storyline, the gags are only for retards and there is absolutely nothing else that would make this movie worth watching. In the whole movie Fredi (oh my god what a funny name. ha ha) doesn't ask himself ONCE how he came from a plane to middle earth. There are plenty of stupid and totally unfunny characters whose names should sound funny. e.g. : Gandalf is called Almghandi, Sam is called Pupsi ... and so on. I didn't even smile once during the whole movie. The gags seem like they were made by people whose IQ is negative. If you laugh when someone's coat is trapped in the door (this happens about 5 times) then this movie is perhaps for you. Another funny scene: They try to guess the code word for a closed door (don't ask why- don't ever ask "why" in this movie) and the code word is (ha ha): dung. So if you laughed at this examples you might like this movie. For everybody else: Go to Youtube and watch "Lord of the Weed": it's a lot, lot more fun.

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Great German comedy, 9 September 2008

Switch Reloaded is even better than the original Switch. I know it's just made up of consecutive sketches but the sketches are that funny that you could overlook the lack of a story.

If you watch way to much bad TV-shows, like I unfortunately do, you will love Switch because they just make fun of everything in German TV. It starts with the Turkish TV-show goes on with the persiflage of Monk and CSI and ends with the current RTL TV-advertising.

It's just great German comedy. If you have the chance to watch Switch - do yourself a favor and do it. I can totally recommend this show also if you've never seen German TV before.

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Disaster of a movie, 1 September 2008

Well, normally my time is too valuable to comment on such crap, but this movie sucks so much, that i see it as my duty to warn you against this movie. Where shall I begin? I think it's the best to start with the trailer: I hate trailers of comedies because you usually see the best jokes before watching the movie. But this time, even the trailer wasn't funny. Then i saw the movie and the only time I was laughing was when i actually saw someone who laughed about the movie... I can't even recommend this movie if you are a trash-fan. Because there is no movie to compare it with, I chose something else. If you enjoy staring into space, then you MIGHT find this movie funny. While writing this comment, this movie is at the top of the Bottom 100. And this is the only place to be for this movie.

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Skip the first 90 minutes!, 17 July 2008

Well, I had the "pleasure" to watch this movie in cinema, so I have unfortunately paid for it. The first 90 minutes almost nothing happens. I felt like I was watching a low-budged TV production made for people over the age of 70. The Characters just talk, laugh, the sun shines and everything is fine. The only plot is a boring love story between the 2 pilots Rafe and Danny and the nurse Evelyn. After a while you just wait for the Japanese. So far so boring. Then the the attack begins. What now happens on the screen is what you expect of Michael Bay. In great action scenes the hole armada blows up. This is when I thought: "Hey! That movie isn't as bad as you thought." So I give 0 stars for the first 90 minutes and the dreary love story and 5 for the attack on Pearl Harbor.