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The Nanny (1993–1999)
Truly a funny show
3 April 2003
This is such a great show. I have became addicted to this show now. I watch it all the time on Lifetime even a midnight. I just love how diverse and well put together the show is. Fran and her family and friends are a whole show by themselves. The acting was so on point and I just loved the feud be C.C. and Niles and then to see them get married at the end of the show was just a wonderful end to their relationship. I also loved the chemistry that everyone seemed to have. The children could have been a bit more prominent. The father is bound to end up with Fran. With a show like this we all knew that at some point Fran and Mr. Sheffield were going to get together, it's just a matter of when. All I can say is: MOVE OVER GOLDEN GIRLS, THE NANNY IS IN TOWN NOW AND WILL BE LIFETIME'S GEM SOON.
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Falcon Crest (1981–1990)
3 April 2003
I love this show and this is a lot coming from a 16 year old. The show is deliciously humorous and dramatic at the same time. The show is headed by Jane Wyman as the conniving and manipulative Angela Channing. I feel as though this is one of the best shows of the 80s along with Dallas, Dynasty, and Knots Landing. The show also had other great actors and characters such as Robert Foxworth as Chase, Susan Sullivan as Maggie, David Selby as Richard, Lorenzo Lamas as Lance, Ana Alicia as Melissa, and Cesar Romero as Peter. The number of guest stars was amazing. The wardrobe was fabulous. This show was a perfect example of prime time soaps in the 80s.

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