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Absolutely superb!, 8 October 2002

Absolutely superb! One of the real gems to come out of British television in the last 10 years.

Accomplished actors Helen Baxendale and James Nesbitt give good performances as smarmy couple Rachel Bradley and Adam Williams and their eventful life together in modern Manchester, and old-fashioned, middle-class snob David Marsden is excellently played by Robert Bathurst, as he struggles to balance family life with being a respectable businessman. The virtually unknown Hermione Norris is equally as suited to her role as not-so-snobbish, bored housewife and mother Karen, David's wife, and executes some inch-perfect one-liners with accurate timing, exposing her potential as a great comic actress of the future.

But undoubtedly the stars of the show must be John Thomson, who plays Pete Gifford and, in particular, the outstanding Fay Ripley, as his long-suffering wife Jenny. With this couple we encounter childbirth, divorce, affairs and even Jenny moving away to America.

No wonder 9 million people think like me, this mix of normal life in Northern England is superbly scripted and directed and has all the elements to make it the great success that it has and will continue to become - a case of warm smiles rather than cold feet.