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A Place Called Home (2004 TV Movie)
Another Beautiful A-M performance!
16 February 2004
Ann-Margret does it again! I've been going MAD waiting for this movie and now that I've finally been able to see it I can honestly say it was WELL worth the wait! A-M only picks the winners and she truly SHINES as Tula, an aging recluse whos feistiness and strong willed personality keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. She's mysterious, angelic, haunting, and very emotional as this character and even a non A-M lover would be interested in this one. Her chemistry with former Whorehouse co-star Gary Sandy is excellent, and the relationship between Tula and Cali (Shailene Woodley) is wonderful to watch develop. I enjoyed all the actors performances and they seemed to give it their all. The peaceful setting in Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and makes for a wonderful background & co-star in itself. I truly hope the academy of television arts and science FINALLY recognizes A-M this year with an Emmy, which she has so rightly deserved for YEARS now! This ones a winner, and A-M is AMAZZZZZING as always!!! I couldn't rave about her enough:) My only complaint is her wardrobe. Sure, she's playing an older lady, but there is a point in the film where she is made-over and well, to be honest, as gorgeous as A-M is to this day, they should have her prancing around in her trademark toreador pants again lol! Anyway check this one out. You won't want to miss it!
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Newsies (1992)
8 November 2003
I saw this movie for the first time a long time ago because my idol Ann-Margret is in it and got top billing, but I was sadly surprised to see that she only had 2 scenes! I WANT MORE! lol They could have done so much more with her as Medda! If they had given her some more scenes with Jack I think the movie would have been 100 times better! It was still pretty cute, and I'm obsessed with her 2 songs. She got to use her Swedish accent which is just adoreable, so that makes up for a lot! I'm also really impressed with the boys dancing! They were awesome. I would give it an 8.5
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Happy Face Murders (1999 TV Movie)
13 July 2003
I got this movie because it stars my idol, Ann-Margret, and yet again, she totally and completely blew me away with her performance!!!! It's so hard to picture her as this frumpy little old lady, and ya know what...she REALLY pulls it off well! She has a blast with the role, that's obvious:) And who doesn't love hearing her cry "Sonny boy!" at every guy she meets! She's FABULOUS! Everyone did a great job in this one, and the story was very appealing and instantly had me glued. There's one thing though that they just couldn't conceal... and that's the beauty of A-M:) Even with the padding, grey wig, and whited out eyelashes, she's still the one and ONLY kitten With a Whip! She's gorgeous, inside and out:) KILLER MOVIE! I reccomend this to everyone!!
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All That Jazz (1979)
BRILLIANT!one of my favorite musicals!
24 June 2003
I simply love this movie! For one I'm a big Fosse fan, and that's what intrigued me at first, knowing this was a self-mocking semi-autobiographical film about a true genius of the craft. I was hooked the second it started! The brutal honestly he had with himself, the funny little hidden references to his other classics, and just the way it was filmed. It slowly draws you in. You don't want to love it, but you do! The way it was filmed wasn't beautiful. It wasn't incredibly showy. It just seemed raw, and real. To get technical the choreography is just STUNNING! As are all the dancers and actors! I was highly impressed by the little girl who played Michelle! she was killer! and one of my fav scenes is the one where Joe has just come back from a rehearsal feeling humiliated by the way his choreography is headed, and has a little cat and mouse game with Audrey(whos dancing in this scene is fabulous to say the least!) And who can forget the stunning scenes at the end with his girlfriend, xwife, and daughter! Brilliant! Ann Reinking did a killer job with "There'll Be Some Changes Made" (a personal fav song of mine) I really don't know what else to say...This movie is honest, raw, and definitely plays some fun games with your emotions. A Fosse CLASSIC! NOT 2 BE MISSED! Oh! and I can't not mention the stunning costumes! They were just gorgeous:)
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21 June 2003
This is a kick butt A-M special!:) Allll her specials are FAB, and this one is no exception! You even get to hear her sing "I will survive" and she's just incredible! The dancing is true greatness, and the sketches with her mentor George Burns are sooooo hilarious! And don't miss my fav A-M dance scene ever: "Stout-Hearted Men"! Any serious A-M fan NEEDS to see this one!!!

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"Got a little fire?"
13 January 2003
There's just one main reason to see this film.....ANN-MARGRET'S FABULOUSLY FANTASTIC dancing, and her flashy swingin 60's costumes! Other then that, It's your typical Matt Helm film. Lots of confusing action..Matt gets the girl.. E.T.C. But it definitely showcases A-M as the ultimate triple threat that she is! LUV A-M, she's the greatest! Def. for A-M and Dean Martin fans
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A-M's the greatest!
20 December 2002
Wonderful Ann-Margret never fails to amaze me. She's just adorable in this movie, and I loved her character Rose. I found the relationship between Rose and Bubber to actually be quite believable. A-M just never does wrong by me. Loved this movie, Love Ann-Margret, It was sweet! Especially the ending!=) ~Tina~
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Blue Rodeo (1996 TV Movie)
one of A-M's best!
28 September 2002
As a HUGE A-M fan I read a lot of reviews on this made for TV movie, and most described it as predictable, & slow moving. The first time I saw it (and I have to say I LOOOOVE hearing Ann-Margret sing Shape Of My Heart at the beginning! It's now one of my favorite songs she sings!) The first time I saw it I was very moved! The entire message of the movie was so true to life..You get a good thing, but you must give something up in return. I really felt the pain of all the characters. And as usual, Ann-Margret blew me away with her performance! The scene where she confronts her son about his father is one of her strongest I've ever seen! I don't know if it's the gorgeous Arizona setting, or the way it was filmed, but the whole movie has this kind of tranquil atmosphere. For some subconscious reason whenever I'm having a horrible day at school, or anywhere, I always turn to A-M, and especially this movie to get by. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes inspirational stories, sign language, Native American history, and of course Ann-Margret!!!!

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