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September 13 - obviously it's way too early to predict anything accurately, but based on reviews and the reception at the TIFF, this is what I think has a chance at the Oscars
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A lot of big-name, expensive movies will premiere in 2015
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The Worldwide box-office of the 50 highest grossing films of all time.
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Are they really that horrible? Or simply, badly misunderstood? Or genius?...
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In no specific order
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These are the movies I believe will be nominated this year (the category does not matter)
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Hands down, some of the most extraordinary and unique cinematography, in terms of color usage, camera movement, close ups, angles, etc., I have ever seen in a film. This is a list of films, not of cinematographers, it is in reverse order (this means the last film is my number one choice) and is not yet complete.
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The films of 2012 I'm gonna see no matter what!
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A modest list of some of the scariest monsters I've seen onscreen.
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