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The 50 most profitable films af all time in terms of ticket sales as of June 1st, 2016.
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A lot of big-name, expensive movies will premiere in 2015
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8The candidates most likely to be nominated for an Oscar next year. The first 29 entries are the "serious" drama contenders, while the remaining ones are the blockbusters less likely to be recognized, yet still with chances, although mostly in the techinal categories. Most of these movies have not been released to the general public yet, so a lot can change until January when the nominations are announced. -Aug. 30th
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September 13 - obviously it's way too early to predict anything accurately, but based on reviews and the reception at the TIFF, this is what I think has a chance at the Oscars
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Are they really that horrible? Or simply, badly misunderstood? Or genius?...
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In no specific order
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These are the movies I believe will be nominated this year (the category does not matter)
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Hands down, some of the most extraordinary and unique cinematography, in terms of color usage, camera movement, close ups, angles, etc., I have ever seen in a film. This is a list of films, not of cinematographers, it is in reverse order (this means the last film is my number one choice) and is not yet complete.
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The films of 2012 I'm gonna see no matter what!
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A modest list of some of the scariest monsters I've seen onscreen.
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