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mother of first prostitute?, 26 November 2009

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The mother of the prostitute who left her children home alone. When Hotch came to the apt to interview her, she was drinking and she asked him if he was there to judge her. Can anyone tell me this woman's name? At first I thought it was Ronnie Spector, but I think I confuse this actress with her a lot. Let me know because it's bugging the heck out of me.

I loved the guy who player the Hill killer, he played in an episode of the closer as a serial killer who forced women to drink alcohol (sp) and then set them on fire. He was basically fascinated with fire. He was one of the few people I believe Brenda was actually afraid of.

I've seen this episode of Criminal Minds a couple of times, it was good to see how Prentice first became a part of the team and how each person reacted to her.

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heart wrenching, 2 October 2008

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I missed ER the year that they went to the Congo, so I'm catching up on the show pretty late. This episode was particularly heart wrenching. My favorite part was Luka looking around at the moment before he is to die and becoming overwhelmed in the moment...i think things must have become crystal clear in that moment, what a way to find your way back to God. Great actors, great episode. I'm sure I have to see upcoming episodes to understand why carter chose to stay, yes I understand the moral aspect, but maybe the woman has something to do with it too? It's no wonder this is one of the longest running shows on TV .

I think its crazy that IMDb is making me type ten lines of text in order to past a comment? I have to sit here and make up something or just babble to make up a minimum word count. too silly.