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And with the end of the show the screen fades to black., 28 November 2014

In this last episode of the series, a Washington insider, Frank Templeton, is making a visit to Italy to see how the war effort is advancing. Mr Templeton is a political big-wig that advances people where they are elected to office in Congress. And Binghamton is thinking about running for Congress if he can get the backing of Mr Templeton.

But Binghamton is going to need more than just a desk job, he needs to get in on some German action. So he becomes part of PT 73 crew and goes out hunting for Germans to advance his portfolio for Templeton.

This was an entertaining episode that makes a person wonder why they cancelled the series. This last season has been better than season three in the production of the shows and the action of the scripts. But like nearly all good programs, about four years and things start to age. But nevertheless, this show was interesting enough and could still produce funny lines. Just sorry that there will be no more episodes as we bid the entire cast a fond adieu. But will still be a part of the family through reruns.

An average show as we quickly approach the end of the series., 28 November 2014

This next to last episode of the series was nice enough. Nothing really stood out as extraordinary or excitingly funny but it was pleasant enough to watch.

The main plot involves a local man, Count Cesare Spinetti, feeling like he was dishonored by Ensign Parker. The Count challenges Parker to an old fashion duel. Parker has been feeling down about being called a coward, so he take up the challenge and will fight the Count. But as things progress in the story, there will be more people, higher up in rank, that will also dishonor the Count and will face the same situation.

The most humorous part of the show is Binghamton at the duel. The way he leaves the grounds was the best part of the show. Other than that scene, it was just an average show that served its purpose. A slightly above average watch.

Something funny going on the entire run of the show., 26 November 2014

In another surprisingly funny episodes, Binghamton has received word from the General to put a stop to all fraternizing with the local women. And since the General is getting harassed by the upper brass about the situation, he wants some people written up on the charge. Binghamton just knows that he can get some violators in the camp of PT 73.

Meanwhile, Ensign Parker has been going out every other day and the crew is getting suspicious. They follow him to a house where me meets a beautiful girl. So they think he is seeing the girl. But Parker is actually walking her dog.

It all comes to a head when Binghamton comes in to arrest Parker for violating the fraternizing rule. But when he finds out that Angelina is having babies, he knows he has him on more charges than one.

For such a silly plot, this episode turned out extremely well. The script was nice, the dialog was funny and the action of the actors were top-notch. This was a very simple story that turned out to be highly entertaining. From Binghamton and Carpenter running from a pack of dogs to the crew telling Parker that Angelia is no good for him, this was comical at every turn. As we approaching the end of the series, one would think that the shows were taper off. Instead, it appears the episodes are getting better.

The show worked too hard for a laugh., 25 November 2014

If you like slapstick, then you will love this episode.--- The episode begins when Ensign Parker wrecks the Captain's jeep. With all the wrecks that have been reported, Binghamton want to keep this off the record and advises McHale to fix the jeep without any help from motor pool.

The only way that McHale can get a new motor for the jeep is from a local repairman that is in need of a body to race his new motor. If McHale will loan him the body for the race, he will give him the motor when the race is over. Binghamton is suppose to be away while the race is on but comes back unexpected. Now McHale is trying to keep the proceedings away from him but it will be nearly impossible as Colonel Harrigan and General Bronson arrive right at the finish of the race.

There is nothing wrong with the story it seemed there was just too much unneeded tomfoolery going on during the show that it took away from the script. One running gag was Binghamton having to ride in a sidecar while his jeep was wrecked. It was humorous the first five minutes but got old when it continued right to the end of the show. How many times can they show Binghamton screaming from the sidecar until it is no longer funny?-- you will see in this episode. Between the long gags and the ever increasing annoying antics of Parker this became tough to watch. It took a way from an otherwise nice script.

Kraut Killer Binghamton-- who knew?, 25 November 2014

In one of the better episodes from the last season, Pete Morgan from Globe Magazine is set to visit the base to make some pictures of McHale and his crew. Binghamton has got word about Morgan's arrival and wants his picture on the front page instead of McHales, so he sends McHale out on a mission. But what McHale is going to do is wait for Pete Morgan and then take him out on the mission with them. So they are waiting at the docks for Parker to arrive with Morgan.

Binghamton gets wind of McHale disobeying his order and goes out to his tents to make sure they have gone. But what has happen is a German patrol has come up on the tents and now are dress like American sailors. When Binghamton gets to the tents he is taken hostage by the Germans.

Later Parker also gets captured and now Binghamton is being led through the streets in hopes of finding a jeep for the Germans to make a get-away. Binghamton only has one hope and that may be his worse enemy- McHale.

This actually was a well written and funny script. The situations were humorous and the acting was the best we have seen in a few shows. For some reason, when Binghamton first goes into McHale's tents and drops the bullets out of the gun, that action was so typical of our brave Captain. And when Carpenter tells the photographer, in the presents of the Germans, that the Captain's nickname is 'Kraut Killer Binghamton' that was a side-splitting moment. The episode made for a good time. One of the better entertaining shows in this last season.

Binghamton claims the 73 crew has battle fatigue., 25 November 2014

Don Knotts makes a guest appearance in this episode as a doctor, Lt Pratt, looking for battle fatigue soldiers to ship back to the States for treatment. When Binghamton hears about Lt Pratt being in the area and is ready to sail the following evening, he thinks of a way to get rid of the 73 crew. He tells Pratt that the entire unit of boat 73 has battle fatigue and wants him to look at them.

Even after being overly worked by Binghamton, Lt Pratt finds nothing wrong with the crew. But with the crew set to perform a 'Red Riding Hood' play at the festival in town, Binghamton again calls Pratt to view the crew in their costumes. Not knowing anything about the festival, Pratt declares that the men have battle fatigue and is sending them to the ship that sails in a few hours. Binghamton thinks he has won.

If anything, this was a fresh script from the writers and not the rehashed stories that we have received in some of the last episodes. And with the fresh story, it proved to be an interesting tale that kept the viewer's attention the entire time. Don Knotts was fine in the role of the medical doctor but with his limited time on the screen, nothing stood out as anything remarkable. It was a nice story that was entertaining to watch. And as we approach the end of the series, that makes for an good show.

This episode is tough to take., 24 November 2014

In this Ernest Borgnine lite episode, we have Binghamton advising that McHale is being transferred. In reality, the Skipper has gone to training but the men believe that he is really gone. This plays right into the hands of Binghamton as his plan is coming together.

He promotes Ensign Parker to skipper of the PT 73 and only if he is rough and tough enough to handle the job. So Parker goes into this wild-man type mold and starts working the crew like dogs. When Parker volunteers the crew for a dangerous mission, the crew thinks they have had enough of Parker and put in for transfers. Binghamton's plan has worked. But when they hear that McHale is returning, they want their papers back which Binghamton is not going to return.

This was no where near a good script. Between the child-like antics of Parker and a foolish enemy attack scene, nothing in this episode is believable. It may have sounded like a nice idea but it just never played well on the screen. You also have to deal with Ernest Borgnine saying a few lines before the opening credit and then his noticeable absents the rest of the broadcast. Guess he had to skip the week of filming- too bad the writers did not do the same.

Beauties are abundant in this shapely episode., 24 November 2014

In this episode, McHale's crew is putting on a beauty show for the army men that is set to raise money. What has happened is that Ensign Parker damaged a local's boat and now the crew has to raise the money or it will be reported to Binghamton. With the tickets sold, local girls ready and the food mysteriously requisitioned for- everything is set.

Meanwhile, Binghamton has just received a new secretary from the female WAVES unit. Ensign Sandra Collins is getting all of Binghamton's paperwork in shape when she runs across the strange requisition from McHale's crew. She reports it to Binghamton where they go out and take back all the food and put a stop to the beauty show.

Ms Collins feels bad that her action got the show axed. She goes over to talk with the crew and thinks of a plan where they can still have the show and it will not violate any code of misconduct. So Collins, Parker and the crew set out on the PT 73 to bring back the items needed to make the show work. But on returning McHale, Binghamton and the Admiral are all waiting to hear the explanation.

This episode actually turned out fairly well. It even had some humorous moments especially when the German sub caught eye of the PT boat. Maura McGiveney does a nice job of playing the female Ensign which made for a better watch than expected. With a script that was new and the nice acting by all involved, this turned out to be a good episode. This is what we expect from the series.

Same plot from Season 3 episode 28., 24 November 2014

This is basically a repeat of a script that was done in season three. In that season three episode, 'The Great Necklace Caper', a chimp on Taratupa island steals a necklace off the desk of Binghamton, then Binghamton accuses McHale and his crew of the theft. This episode has the exact same plot except this time it is letters off Binghamton's desk instead of a necklace. Not the best to win fans when all they really did was rehash an old script.

What has happened is that a chimp has taken a top secret letter off of Binghamton's desk then made his way to McHale's camp also taking letters. Ensign Parker is going to follow some footsteps in tracking the letter thief back to his camp. In the meantime, Binghamton has set-up the thief by places some more letter on his desk. Sure enough the chimp returns and when Binghamton follows the chimp and finds him in company of Parker. Poor old Parker was just tracking footprints. Now Binghamton thinks the entire crew of the 73 are spies for the Germans.

How the producer can let this slip by before production is unknown. Perhaps they just wanted a episode in the can at any cost. All this was is the same script that has been modified to fit in Italy rather than the islands of the Pacific. Other than the actors, no one put much thought into this show. It was like saying' the viewers be darned' they will never know that they are seeing the same script. But thanks to IMDb the viewers are now informed. Giving this a two for the actor's sake, no other reason to give anything for a redone script.

Harrigan always has to be one better., 24 November 2014

In this episode, Binghamton is trying to build a work-out area for the men to impress the General. But when Colonel Harrigan confiscates the equipment it looks like Harrigan is the one that is going to get on the General's good side. If only Binghamton can think of something else that the General would like. The General is an avid golfer.

A con-artist, Guido Panzin, happens to overhear that Binghamton is wanting to build a golf course. He tells the Captain that he has built golf courses all over the world. And for a small fee, $1000, will build him one that will really impress the General. Binghamton pays him the amount out of the Naval recreation fund.

It is only later, thanks to McHale, that Binghamton finds out that Guido is a con-artist. But by then Guido has already fled the area with the money. Binghamton makes a deal with McHale that if he will help him the crew can have leave. McHale places his plan into action which will include Harrigan and his need to always be better than Binghamton.

The story turned out to be a fresh and interesting tale. Joe Flynn was again excellent as he is easily outwitted by the con-artist and then equally efficient as the partner of McHale. Would have like to see the story play out just a bit more as the General is set to play some golf, but it was left to the viewer's imagination to end the show in a manner wished. Nice watch.

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