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Felt like I was watching a very long sitcom, absent the laughs, 10 April 2015

A divorced woman and a widowed man both with one child ends up at a ski resort at the same time. It will not be long before the man and woman become friends and quickly think of marriage. But the two kids are not getting along. In fact, it is the two kids that seem to want to stop the marriage and practically team-up to break the couple apart. But guess what, after they finally cause the break-up of their parent they seem to have a change of heart. Now the two team-up to see if they can get the two back together.

The story just did not have any excitement. The story was straight forward and veered off the topic only a couple of times. And to be honest, it felt like the two main actors, Melvyn Douglas and Mary Astor, just were not interested with the script or with each other. It does not speak highly of the movie when the kids are the best actors in the film.

Perhaps the movie would have been better if the two parents would have been someone that the public could relate. Instead they were actually snobby rich adults with maids and cooks that had all the comforts of money. The viewer could not feel any compassion for the two when their plan was to vacation in Europe for months until the meeting at the ski lodge. Was suppose to be a heartwarming love story but felt more like a bothersome tale.

Better than expected, 10 April 2015

In this second, and last, comical film that involves The Reardon Detective Agency where a husband, Bill Reardon, has to deal with a meddling wife, Sally Reardon to solve a crime of theft from a large jewelry store. At first Bill believes that he knows who is taking the stolen items and ask for time to track down the person that is working with the individual. This is when Sally drops by her husband detective business and decides to interview a possible client. The client just so happens to be the same person that her husband suspects is stealing the jewels. Bill, the husband, will only find out later that his wife has the suspect on retainer as a client.

Even though this movie has not aged well, there are some funny scenes that keeps the viewer entertained throughout the film. The acting was comparable with anything today but it was the props and feel of the film that made a viewer feel as if watching a lost period from long ago. Even with the nice acting by all involved, it never really caused much excitement. A nice look at what comedy use to be-- actually wished they would have made a third installment.

Not a bad western if they had renamed the title, 5 April 2015

This really is not that bad of a early 1950 western but since most know the history of the pony express plus Bill Hickok it does not add up to the expectation. It is more-or-less a fantasy of the writers as they makes up nearly the entire script. It does not take long into the film before Cody jumps on a stagecoach, that is as fancy as any five star hotel that you would see today, and takes a smooth ride into Indian territory. This is just the beginning of things that do not add up for the period of time the film is suppose to represent.

As stated, this is not a bad western but with the information provided by the preview, the movie is a far reaching story that is hard to believe- it turned negative fast. The movie felt so out of character that even Charlton Heston could not overcome the staged events.

If you did not read the previews, or the title, then this is a nice early western film. But the details provided with the script made the movie rather sad.

Mike takes the fall, 15 March 2015

From the previous episode we learned that the Mayor's office has been connected to a mobster and has even received a city contract and now the press is on the administration. In this episode Mike knows what he must do and that is to get the Mayor to fire him thus making Mike the 'fall guy' for the scandal. With no other way out of the situation, the Mayor fulfills Mike wishes and fires him with the hopes the scandal ends.

With Michael J Fox so beloved by fans of the series, this is a way of giving the fans closure on the show. At the time of filming the cast did not know that the show would continue so they, along with the audience, thought this would be the closure of the series. And the way the episode was written it has all the things needed when a show is reaching the end.

The writers gave us much more than just an ending but also gave us connections with each character. Instead of a cast member just walking off the stage, they let Mike talk with each character and bring a closure to friendship. And unlike most series that would just leave the fans in tears, here they gave the fans relief when Mike's life will continue with a new adventure.

A large number of fans may feel like the show actually ended with this episode as Michael J Fox departed the series. But just like Mike Flaherty said at the end of the episode, 'It opens up new opportunities'. As we know the show continued - but for some it never felt the same.

Mayor's administration is facing a brewing scandal., 13 March 2015

In this first part of a two part episode series, Mike is visiting a health counselor to deal with problems that he is having in life. From the last episode we learned that Mike and Caitlin have now become a couple but the relationship is lacking in physical contact. Plus the Mayor may be in some trouble when a local reporter comes across the fact that a known mobster is getting gifts and contracts from the city. Mike is in need of advise from the counselor.

The problem with Mike's relationship involves the fact that Caitlin is waiting for the right moment. It seems that she only gets the hots when they are talking about city business. Mike is at wits end on what to do. The other story involves Nikki's new boyfriend named Tony DiMarco. Everyone at the office loves Tony and he receives some benefits from the friendship. Also when a new waste contract is awarded, it just so happens that Tony's business gets awarded the contract by the Mayor. Now an investigating reporter gives the evidence of Tony's connections to Mayor's office. The Mayor is in hot water thus all the staff is in hot water.

With Michael J Fox approaching the end of his participation in the series, it is nice to see an episode that will give the result of his departure. And with the end coming quickly, the writers had some fun as the counselor is Michael Gross, the man who played Michael J Fox's father in the episode 'Family Ties'. Mr Gross does a very nice job in the role but it seemed that they lingered with a running joke that lost humor after the first four mentions, which did not improve the show.

As this series is a comedy sitcom, the show was more sadden that comical. There were a few good parts but the show took a cloudy turn as Mike has to pick a person to fall on the sword and save the Mayor's administration. We await the next episode to see how hard the hammer is going to fall to rid the administration of a possible criminal investigation.

The Mayor's story was the best part of the episode., 7 March 2015

In this episode, the main theme of the show is that finally Mike and Caitlin are a couple. Mike is always thinking about sex and Caitlin does not want the relationship to be all physical, she wants a meaningful relationship with Mike. So Mike agrees to go without sex for a week. But it will not be easy as Caitlin will test his willpower every time possible.

And what turned out to be the best part of the episode, Mayor Winston had a unfortunate situation with a dog and now he has to make the voters feel like he is animal friendly. So for the next week, the Mayor will be seen with Rags, Carter's dog, so that people will get the idea that he is kind to animals. But it seems the relationship between the Mayor and Rags is deeper than we thought.

The story with Mike and Caitlin was nice but really did not stir much excitement since the story consisted of Caitlin tempting Mike in every scene. The real humor of the episode came during the Mayor and dog plot. Again Barry Bostwick's performance was excellent as his parts made the entire episode laughable. Had it not been for the story of the dog, this episode could have been regrettable. But with the story the episode held-up to make for a nice watch.

After so lacking episodes, this was worthy watching., 1 March 2015

In this episode, Caitlin is off to Paris to remarry her former husband. Right before she is to fly over, she makes an appearance at Mike's apartment and wants to kiss him one more time. Then she leaves without Mike saying anything. The next morning Mike tells Carter the story and wishes that he had told her that he loved her. Now he is setting off to Paris to tell Caitlin that he is in love with her.

There are also two other ideas floating around the episode. one involves Stuart trying to get Nikki to pose in a swimsuit. he tells her that it is raise money for an orphanage but in fact it is just to satisfy Stuart's fantasy. -- In what was probably the funniest part of the show, plus the least amount of time spent on the idea, was the Mayor getting an honor for his time in the military. The Mayor's unit had blown-up an enemy bridge but when he tells James the real story of what happened that night, it turns into comedy gold.

This was not a bad episode. There was enough humorous things going on that the show kept its interest. Again Barry Bostwick proved his worthy as he made the story of his military service very funny by his quirks and sense of timing. After some episodes that were lacking, this episode brought the series back to what is expected. Good watch.

Turned out to be the most boring plane ride ever., 12 February 2015

Not too much is going on in this poorer offering as the main story of the episode turned out to be a non-funny adventure on an airplane. For some reason Mike and Caitlin are flying out west for a conference. During the uninteresting flight, the two talk about their relationship until one finally wishes that the flight would crash to give the story some excitement. It was a boring trek that seem to continue down a horrid track until nothing was left but the credits. The only thing that saved the episode from being a complete disaster was the other stories going on in the background.

Carter is on a protest and hungry strike concerning a business that is endangering wildlife. During the protest, Stuart arrives on the scene and takes the thunder away from Carter. Now Carter believes that he does little in changing the city for the better.-- There is also another small story about the Mayor, Paul and James changing a light-bulb that went no where. But even changing a light-bulb was better than the airplane ride through hell that was suppose to be the main story of the episode.

With the airplane ride not amusing in the least, proves that Mike/Caitlin story has played out and most people are ready to move on. It actually became painful to watch as the viewer was expecting some kind of humor but was disappointed to learn that nothing of interest was delivered. The story of Carter and Stuart was the best thing in the episode but still could not penetrate the boredom that had already set in during the plane skit. Every so often a series has an episode that does not live up to the standard of the show. This was their clunker.

Mike runs over Caitlin's soon to be husband., 11 February 2015

Mayor Winston is going to start a bus trip on his Senate run across the State of New York. Everything is set as the Mayor, Carter, Mike and Caitlin are ready to board the bus. As Mike is moving the bus due to traffic, Caitlin springs some information on him that Trevor, her ex-husband, are going to get married again. With Trevor present to see Caitlin off, Mike hits Trevor with the bus. The trip is delayed.

In another story, Paul and James are contemplating why everyone seems to listen to what Carter says. Paul finally decides that it is because Carter has facial hair. Now Paul and James are out to grow mustaches so they can get the same respect as Carter.

The episode was well played by the actors which always making for a more interesting watch. There are some humorous exchanges between characters especially between Stuart and Nikki on dating advice. But a scene that made me laugh out loud was a small exchange between the Mayor and Mike about being on the open road. Barry Bostwick plays his character to perfection and can make an ordinary line exceptional. Overall an entertaining episode.

The President makes a visit to City Hall., 10 February 2015

The President is set to visit City Hall and Mayor Winston is wanting his support for a Senate run. But it seems that Winston is nervous about the meeting and wants Mike by his side when he meets the President. The reason why he wants Mike around is to calm him down because he has this thought in his head that he is going to slap the President.

In the meantime, Caitlin is upset at not being chosen to meet the president and goes out to a bar with Stuart. She becomes intoxicated and then decides to go to City Hall to find Mike. It just so happens she runs into the President and needless to say things do not go well.

There are also a couple of other stories going on in this episode as one involves Carter and Nikki having a bet about who can pick up a woman the fastest. Things do not go well in their plot either. Paul and James are out to get a photo with the president but it seems that they do not use the best way to communicate their actions.

This had some nice stories that was interesting from beginning to end. A well acted and well written episode that was fun to watch. There are laughs all around as each story held-up nicely and made for an entertaining event. Good watch.

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