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"Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" in one word? Brilliant!, 5 July 2008

"Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" is a work of genius. Witty, hilarious! "side-splittingly" entertaining (and so, obviously, better with words than I).

It's brilliant.

I'm not a talk show or interview person, but there are a few shows that I simply cannot miss, and Jonathan Ross' is top of that list.

Even when you've never heard of the people on the show, it's funny. Honestly, if you like comedy, you've got to watch it; a hilarious hour that seems to fly by.

I have, however, encountered the odd show where I got a bit bored with some guest, but – really – you've got to have tremendous bad luck to happen across one of those rare occasions, and said guest has to be unbelievably boring and humourless.