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Synopsis, 18 May 2010

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An extraordinary story of love in 17th Century Italy. A young Italian Count falls desperately in love with his mother's maid, Elisa, a beautiful girl of humble origins, for whom he is willing to risk everything, and rebel against his own family, friends and pier. Elisa is a forward thinking young woman, courageous and proud. A woman far ahead of her time in a strict class divided society that holds much prejudice and oppression. She is ready to challenge the world in order to protect this great love, as well as her own dignity. Fabrizio is a hero at the edge of the Enlightenment period, and his profound sense of justice leads him to risk his own life in the fight for freedom from society's harsh laws. A passionate love story unfolds, as we bear witness to the many conspiracies and vendettas that the lovers are subjected to from those around them, including Fabrizio's old lover, a scheming aristocrat who will do anything to win his love back.