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My top 20 favorites. (for the moment, anyways).
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This is a list of Wrestlemania's greatest wrestlers from best to worst.
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This is just a list of shows that I really liked, not a list of the greatest of all time, so don't be surprised if some of the greats, like Seinfeld are not up here. I like the show a lot, but I would not put it in my top ten.
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Looking for a movie to remember? Something that is out of the ordinary? Something you'll remember? I have compiled a list of unforgetable films that slid under the radar. It is a little mix of everything. Drama, horror, comedy, action, you name it. Trust me, these movies are at the very least mildly enjoyable. They are certainly just as good as a lot of the crap that has come out in theaters recently. I'll add my analisys on each film at a later time. I'll do that just so you understand why you should check these films out.
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This is a list of the ten best Wrestlemanias (Bare in mind that I have not seen the last four).
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This is my list of F13 films from best to worst
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This list is a composite of High School movies that are most relatable to the target audience. Also, any reasonably relatable movies make it on the list due to a combination of factors that make up how good of a movie it is. If someone has a suggestion of a film that didn't make it on here, feel free to let me know. Please do not leave hateful comments because one of your favorite movies did not make it there are a lot of movies out there and it is hard to narrow a list down to just 10. Thanks.