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a list of 100 titles
A list of shows that I strongly dislike.
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The Transformers brand.
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Tv shows and mini-series that I enjoy
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My favorite movies. In no particular order. This list includes short films and is not complete.
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All the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and TV shows.
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The animated shows I enjoyed most. In no particular order.
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Cartoons I don´t like at all. In no particular order.
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The movies that I hate most. Not all of them are considered "bad" movies, in fact, some of them are higly praised and beloved my many people. I don´t have any problem with that... But, in what concerns to me, all the movies included on this list are the most horrible things that I had the misfortune to watch in my whole life.
The list is not complete.
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All the Saint Seiya animations registered on IMDB.
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In no particular order.