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A Complete Laugh Riot, 31 October 2009

This is One of the BEST Crazy Kishore Kumar Comedy Classic ,anyone can Hardly Miss.Honestly i could Not sit for a Single Moment without laughing at the complete comedy that the maverick called Kishore Kumar bought.Anyone who loves comedy should take it as a MUST MUST Watch...this is Pure Genius of Kishore Da,who can go such wild in his antics & remain so comical that creates such awesome laugh riots possible,which r so impossible to control..Lovely Madubala & Multifaceted Kishore Kumar have the role of their life in this unparalleled comedy classic,with superlative songs,which makes it timeless & legendary to this day..10/10.

Calcutta (1969)
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Pathetic Entertainment for the Colonial Masters at cost of 300 yrs of colonized India!, 4 July 2008

This is one sick & dark Documentary! Seems like they were bent upon finding & filming all the Hell that lurks in any other place, here Calcutta! Now,that place has undergone a radical transformation, first-has got its original & proper non-Englished name- " Kolkata " ..& has now,got all its positivity & charms of a sparkling Big city-all for the Better! It was Feb'1968,when the film was shot & its now 2008, more than 40 years has elapsed & generations have changed & so has the city! To all apparent views, the documentary throughout,is very vague & highlights all the abject & absolute poverty in parts of the city without any justifiable reasons for the horrid truth & chaotic state of existence of the time.It is but a failure in finding to analyze the intricacies of the soul & mind of the great city striving to survive with its millions & exponentially growing populace for more than 300 yrs!Inspite of its chaotic portrayal & shock value, the film is incomplete,with it's skewed point of view like many other superfluous mindset & skin deep research of the white skinned western world, would so much want to believe! No pity for the others & to each Best of its own-the Great Grand Kolkata lives & breathes in full life in its very own wonderful World today!!!There are many a things that does NOT meets the eye & to find that hidden beauty there,give yourself a visit to "Kolkata".