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Nenokkadine is Unique. Out of Box. Best Telugu Movie Post K. Viswanath era., 29 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are many movies where we don't know what's real and what isn't, like Inception and Mulholland Drive, but have you seen any Indian movie like that? As far as I can remember, I have not seen any... until 1-Nenokkadine. This is the best Telugu movie post K. Viswanath era.

The film starts out, after the credits, with a flashback-like chase sequence followed by a good Rockstar song with philosophical lyrics, 'Who are you?'. The story of the movie starts right there. The lyrics goes like this - 'Nuvvante Paer Kaadhu, Oor Kaadhu, Face Kaadhu... then... Nuvvante Cash Kaadhu, Time Kaadhu, Dream Kaadhu'. The song sequence was followed by another chase and action sequence. It was so surprising for me for a mega star acted Telugu film to open like this. First ten to fifteen minutes of the movie shows the main character's lack of control over his own mind or say his mind is too obsessed to think only about three faces who he believes, killed his parents. Note - he can remember the face of the three who (believes) killed his parents but don't remember his parent's face at all. He is now in search of everything including his own identity. Soon we finds that the first action scene was just a projection of the character's mind. What a terrific role and performance by Mahesh Babu! His dialog delivery is top notch. He brings emotion through his voice modulation brilliantly. There are notable power dialogs here and there throughout the movie. Eg - - 'I wish you were really unreal.' - 'Fear is powerful than love.'

*The conversation between Mahesh Babu and a kid who lost his mother just then is simply heart touching.

It's an intriguing movie, kindly just don't feel stupid if you find something out of logic. If you're looking for something intense, suspenseful, and different than the usual super-man action movies, this is the best Indian thriller movie you will see all year.

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An alluring experience we do not often come across at the movies from an Indian maker., 25 January 2013

Brilliant film-making. If you are new to Indian films, start with this or if you want to show your non-Indian friend an Indian film, select this action-thriller classic. It takes some time to suck you in but once the ride kick starts you hardly get time to think about anything else. His vision is so majestic and out of the box. Visually stunning most of the time. I would describe this as a film with technically great, with high production value, with a casting perfectly fit, with great direction - good example for great film-making.

Much credit goes to Kamal Haasan. This is another example (After Hey Ram and Virumaandi) why I rate Kamal Haasan along with Maniratnam as the best film maker available in India at present. Vishwaroopam is one of the most intense action thriller I have ever watched. This is the kind of movie we say 'Almost perfect'.

All of us owe a big thanks to the legendary Kamal Haasan.

Barfi! (2012)
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A beautiful moving painting. A must watch romantic comedy., 15 September 2012

Barfi is like a beautiful poem, a beautiful painting. It will make you laugh and cry. O dear Bollywood, here comes an actor who can really act. South Indian Actress, Ileana is at her best when she sends poetry through her eyes. The moment Ileana came on the screen I really fell in love with her. There was something really missing when she was not on screen. And then there is the talented Priyanka Chopra, she looked very ease in such a good role. She reminded my Sridevi in Sadma and Chaalbaaz

Anurag Basu could have avoided two-to-three comedy scenes which are lifted directly from Mr. Bean episodes and Charlie Chaplin films.

A beautiful moving painting. A must watch romantic comedy.

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MyReviews (APS) - Old Lovable Vijay is back., 24 January 2011

Remake of Malayalam movie directed by Siddhiq, himself. 'Body Guard'. Plot: Bhoominathan (Vijay) is assigned to be the body guard of Meera (Asin) and Madhu (Mithra Kurian) by the person who he respects most, the person who has given his name - Muthuramalingam (Raj Kiran). Because of the restrictions of Bhoominathan, Meera get irritated and starts making blind calls to him. Story is not that great and the presentation too. But few aspects of the movie just helps the movie to score well - Vijay + comedy + a soft love story. Yes, film starts a twenty five year back just when Vijay's character is born. (Now a usual sequence in Malayalam films- may be because the writer com director is from Kerala). Story comes to the present tense. Vijay is introduced in a boxing championship but still a low voltage introduction scene for Vijay (Thanks). What followed was a poorly executed action sequence. Then a comedy scene with a dog and Vadivelu (Directly ripped from Priyadarshan's Malayalam movie - Minnaram). I lost complete interest with the movie. Then comes the first song - well choreographed one. The movie should have started from here. Movie picks up its pace well and what followed was a very entertaining first half. Vijay and Vadivelu hits bulls eye with their combo comedy scenes. Vijay's performance is highly impressive and you will watch a Vijay who was missing from theater for many years. First half is filled with comic sequences and second half with dramatic love story and few twists. Movies goes well. Movie works well - its a different Vijay movie, his charisma is back. Siddhiq stick to every Vijay formula but included many scenes which other directors of Vijay movies missed.

Vijay - one man holds the movie in his shoulder all the way. Vijay in a soft romantic role after many years and that works well and will easily reach his most dependable fans - Family and kids. This movie will attract them more than any of his last 10 films. As Bhoominathan, Vijay had 'acted' after a while. He delivers his best in Dance sequences (look out for - Step it Up..). Watch-out for his performance in the scene where he waits for his invisible lover in the park. Wow.. the old lovable Vijay is back. Asin - is just average. Something and many thing is missing in her face. She acted as if she is not interested and this feeling is not avoidable with a lot of close-ups scenes. Mithra Kurian - she looks very homely and does a good job. Rajkiran and Roja - good in their very limited roles.

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MyReviews: Teez maar Khan is a Logic-less Entertainer, 2 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a film for all those who would like to see their stars walking here and there, shouting, screaming, doing some idiotic act in very colorful costumes – green, red, pink, yellow, blue..

Plot: Tabrez Mirza Khan a criminal who can always flee from the police / law without any loopholes. Tabrez Mirza Khan is assign to burgle a train carrying very old Indian antiques, knowing his track record. Thieving something which weighs near 10,000 KG from the train need huge number of people for his support, So he acts as a director from Hollywood and encourage a Bollywood actor Aatish Kapoor (Akshaye Khanna) to act in his film. And also Tabrez and his friends convince an entire village to be a part of his film. Direction: The basis of the film – script, dialogs and presentation highlight foolishness of the characters. Shirish and Ashmith Kunder (Dialog writers) – deserve some award for this movie, they had put together all kind of idiotic, foolish sentence together. Well, what can I write about his script!!!@.

Performance Akshaye Khanna – he is very effective. He is the least over acted among the whole cast. Katrina Kaif - looks gorgeous in the Sheila Ki Jawani song.. That's all. Katrina had given her career's worst performance without any questions. Akshay Kumar – over acting at the core, he might get the " best 'over' actor " award. Rest of the cast: tried their best to over act, to over react, and they had passed with 100%.

Pluses: Sheila Ki Jawani.. song is electrifying, thanks to Katrina's charm, and choreography is extremely good and the song Wallah Re Wallah... is also good enough to catch your attention for few reasons.

Minuses: Irritating court room sequence. Johri brothers (Twins) - uniform in bright shirts and converse the same sentences in chorus. Arya Babbar – A village cop with thoughts of becoming popular / an actor. Three men in pink shirts, as Anya's make up assistants. Lot of unpleasant jokes on the color of skin is included, ( Manoj Night Ramlan's skin color) and its horrible to see in a movie with the popular stars. Usage of the name like Danny Doyle, Manoj Day Ramlan. In addition to all these there is few insensible gay jokes. - To be continued.....

Many slapstick comedies are releasing these days, but they fails when actors act like idiotic and mentally challenged people. Teez Maar Khan – Main Characters, Police Officers, Criminals, and all the other characters emerges as foolish cartoons. The whole cast is acting like there is some Oscar's for 'over acting'. Everything is over the top here. The TMK have many needless situations and odd characters. Tees Maar Khan just refuses to make any sense at any point of time.

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History written in Blood : Raktha - Charithra, 22 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We call him, RGV. This is one of the best and bold attempt though not as successful as Company, still he had handled exceptionally well. He really deserves respect, the way he had presented it. Though story is different, at times reminds us of Satya, Company, Sarkar etc may be because of the Camera Angle, the presentation is similar. RGV, we can feel his passion for film making. Very rarely does in India, somebody comes up with a movie about a Real Life Prominent person, and almost all the time they had given us an above average movie. Eg: Company, Nayagan, Sarkar, Gandhi, Iruvar, Legend of Bhagat Singh etc.. Part 1: The raise of Pratap Ravi is explained at the same time we hear a lot about a person who is the reason behind the fall of Pratap, and here is the lead to the Part 2. Thats a very different Idea and good indeed. - he had given a movie which is not for soft heart, not for kids, not for family and not for masala movie fans.

Minuses: At times, its seems like a Documentary. The story is tolled in the voice of 'RGV' itself, the sound is not catching but 'had shown a very good voice modulation', still should have given to somebody else. The glory of Violence will keep the Family viewers and Kids away from theater. And People who are the fans of movies like Brindavanam, Khaleja is not going to enjoy this movie. The film is exceptionally good to the Targeted viewers and very bad for others.

Overall: The story moves slowly in the first half, you will witness few of the most drastic and terrific scenes in an Indian movie and second is very thrilling, where number murder is reduced and the politics takes the key. The Part 2 is expected to release on 19th Nov, 2010. It shows the director, who want to give the second part before the viewer forget the part 1. You will come of the theater with a feeling as if you had just watched a person's real life very closely.

Point: Vivek Dominates first Part along with Shatrugansinha, Abhimany. And I expect, Part 2 is a Suriya movie with Sudeep. The characters are introduced in the First Part itself, and will see another side of the same story. Very good thinking and direction by Ram Gopal Varma.

Lookout: Post Interval, Scenes between Shatrugansinha and Vivek. Most splendid scene - Suriya's Introduction.

Tagline: Hats of to RGV for his Passion, Sincerity and love for Film Making.

Glorifying Violence, Dark side of the politics

Dabangg (2010)
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A Mass MASALA MOVIE - Average, 15 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Overlook: There was a Genre in Hindi Industry in Late 70s to Late 80s, a genre such as Mass Masala movies, lot of action, simple story line, sometimes a revenge, Finding out missing siblings, etc.. And Mid 80s saw Tamil and Telugu Following this kind of movies by Rajini Kanth, Kamal Hassan, Chiranjeevi, Vijaykanth etc.. and in early 2000s Tamil and Telugu moved to meaning full movies, while Malayalam and Kannada Industry moved to the kind of Mass Masala Genre from Meaningful movies. Now Bollywood is fast moving towards the same, thanks to South Director's Ghajini and Wanted, people who watched Tamil Action movie can Identify the similarities. Camera's showing the Legs and Shoes, few zoom to Hero's face, Sound of Iron hitting on a Head, Sound of Bones Cracking, Lots of Actions and a hero who is like Robinhood is the Character of 100s of Tamil Masala Movies. You would have heard that the Movie is already a Super Hit. HOW? Because the same old story is restructured with a New Brand Ambassador, and this style of Film making is not usual in Bollywood which is usual in Tamil Action Movies.

Did you liked Wanted? And sure Salman will come back with this type of movies again. This PART is strictly for Viewers who watches Tamil and Telugu Movies: The First Action scene is so funny and of of the best comedy scene I had ever came across and the Background Music is missing the PUNCH. His Face expressions is so horrible for an Action Scene. Very Similar Introduction scene (Wanted) seen in many of Leading Actor Vijay's Tamil Movies. and First Action itself reminds me and will remind you of Vijay Movies like 'Tirupaatchi' and 'Pokkiri' (Wanted was a Remake of Pokkiri and Pokkiri itself was a Remake of Telugu Movie 'Pokiri'. I just now checked the Stunt Master's name. Warning: You might not be entertained. Even you Might feel as if you are watching Spoof of some Popular Tamil / Telugu Movies!!!

Negatives: We had seen many times the Bollywood Fans making fun of Tamil / Telugu Style of Action Scenes, and now when they imitate the same the same is accepted. I wonder the reason of the same. Dominating!!! Who? The Character of the Hero is very much Similar to that of Vikram's Character in Tamil Movie 'Saamy' and the Intro scenes is identical to that of 'Wanted'. Sonu Sood was so good in movies like 'Athadu' but failed here to Impress. And the BGM is so dumb that it fails to create the PUNCH needed for many of the Action Scenes. What Salman Doest in the name of Style is becoming a Comedy! Watch out for the Scene Salman Cries when he comes to know that his mother is no more! Its one of the worst performance by any Leading Hero in India. I am the one who enjoyed Salman in 'Partner'. Salman should do what he know best. Positives: Salman Khan's Intro scene and the first Action will catch you (Salman Khan Fans) and the climax Fight Scene ( not to those who used to watch Tamil Movies very frequently, its repeated here, you can Identify many Shots from Tamil and Telugu Movies).

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Over Acting at the Peak - A Review by myreviews, 5 October 2010

* Remake of Ravi Teja's Kick a Telugu Super Hit Movie.

What a Remake? M Raja - What he had done before? Hanuman Junction (Telugu) a remake of Malayalam Hit Thenkasipattanam, second movie Jayam (Tamil) a remake of a Telugu movie with the same name, third movie M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi (Tamil) another remake of Telugu movie Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, his fourth movie Unakkum Enakkum (Tamil) yet another remake of Telugu 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana', fifth movie Santhosh Subramaniam (Tamil) and again a remake of another Telugu Movie 'Bommarilu' and this movie is not an exception. This film has also same as before, each and every scene and shot from the Original Version.

'Kick', the Telugu version was received with Mixed reviews and the film itself was a modified version of 'Gentleman'. The Main problem with the movie (Not only this Movie, but all M Raja movies) is that each and every actor imitating the Actors from the Original Version. M Raja's main Negative point is that he never changes any Dialoges but Includes two or three extra Dialoges , he just translate it to Tamil and also even the slang / Tone is same in both the Movies. And Jayam Ravi and Thamanna is going to become the best Mimicry Artist in Tamil Nadu, Thamanna copied or Xerox Copied Kareena Kapoor for her Kandean Kadhalai, and now Ileana. And Jayam Raja - Falls Flat. One of the worst performance. Its terrible to see him imitating each every mannerism of Ravi Teja (Telugu Hero), The main point is that 'Kick' Character is developed with Ravi Teja in Mind and with His perfect Comedy timing the movie has taken a step ahead. But in this movie, Jayam Ravi is not apt for the character rather should have given to actors like Vijay or Vikram who can do good Comedy scenes and be serious at the same time.

Only Good and Notable performances are from Shaam and Prabhu.

I think, few viewers who had never seen the Original can enjoy in Parts, but only in very few scenes though.

Dhoom 2 (2006)
Stylish, 6 Songs, and too much of Everything : A Review by myreviews, 5 October 2010

Plot! Well its its Confusing.! No No, Plot is not confusing but I am confused whether to write it or not because its big, Large scale, Stupid and Against the Logic.

The Movie is stylish, is good in visuals except - the Songs, which are so boring and Horribly Pictured. Pritam had remixed and recycled so called Composition (Don't know the Composer name because they had never mentioned the Original Composer name in any of his Movie, have to find out).

Yes, it's a Masala Movie and have to accept the movie like that only. No Need of Logic but should have some sense. First Let us look at Dhoom 1 - The Villain Character is the Center and John Abraham as Villain looks good as much as Hrithik Roshan, Hrithik Dances far better than Job Abraham then where does Hrithik Falls???

It's the Characterization!. Job Abraham had a Character which i respectable and is the same from the Start to End. Where as Hrithik's Character is so funny, do some gimmicks like 'Sikkari Sambu' and Character movies of Changing from Start to end, and is very much interested for Flirting and He Cries for a Girl who just betrayed (What will you do when your Friend cry's for a Girl Who is cheated?) and at-last Bla bla bla... Hiring few Good Looking Models and Style Hrithik Walking here and there cannot make a Good Movie.

Hey!, Do you know ? Jai Dixit (Bachchan) is ACP!@. Aiswariya Rai! - I wonder why somebody had hired here - its a Part of Marketing I think, but still the movie had go weird only because of too much a High profile Casts like -The Villain Character should have given to somebody like Arjun Rampal or If the Viillain Character is the same then there should not have a 'Character' for Aiswariya Rai.

Udhay Chopra - I think, This will be the last film i watching of him. He does good Comedy and I felt to stare at the theater when he does comedy! And He is good in Comedy again - that I laughed at few of his Serious Scenes.!

Yes, I liked few scenes like - Intro of Hrithik and First Dhoom Dance. and Thats all.

Hey This is Hrithik Movie! No Logic, he is another Super Man like Rajini Kanth and Chiranjeevi. let him Grow like them.

3 Idiots (2009)
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Simple and A Walk to your own Good old 'Happy Days' - A Review by Myreviews, 5 October 2010

3 Idiots are the three roommates. The Story revolves around them, their college life, Happiness and sadness, Loses etc.. One of the Idiot is actually a Genius, And he was not able to adjust with formal and usual education system rather he prefer to learn from around the world.

The Movie slaps our Education system, this movie raises many questions which are reasonable. The Movie is a look back to our own College life. You will feel that you want to be in the college again, one more time or else you wish, at least the movie should have released when you were in College. You will enjoy with the 3 Idiots, cry with them and and will laugh with them. You will enjoy every moment of the movie. Its a blessing to have friends like that and a look back to our own Happy Days. The film starts from 'Good' and Ends at 'Superb'. Rajkumar Hirani, yes he did it again. and This is a Movie every Student and parents should see before going to a School.

Aamir Khan is out there and shines bright. Yet again, he had come up with very impressive performance and the film shows his Dedication. Madhavan - Very Convincing and have good Screen space where he did well with his natural Comic One Liner so as Sharmaan Joshi. Kareena Kapoor is beautiful and very good in a Girl with small brain.

Negatives: Yes the movies has many, though not as many as pluses. The Delivery scene was too much to accept and adjust. - Only unwanted scene in the movie. And in Direction / Screenplay point of view, This time Director had compromised a lot more than he does for Munnabhai Series. Comedy is very enjoyable but looses reality in few scenes and the Most laughable scene (Chatur's Hindi Speech) is more like a Comic and little lengthy. And Have you ever heard or seen a Dean of the College coming in a Cycle?@, that too 'A College which ranks the Highest for Higher Studies' as mentioned in the movie.

At the End - the Movie is very Entertaining and can be rated as the most enjoyable Hindi movie of the Decade or 2 Decades or can increase few more.

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