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Cheap but entertaining, 30 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It doesn't have the classy look of the British horror movies of the period. But it is still a somewhat entertaining movie from the Golden age of British horror.

The movie builds the atmosphere slowly and the monsters are never really shown. In the end though, the actual form may be a little disappointing to people. Remember we are living in the post-Alien age, so this kind of low budget stuff may not be pleasing to the eye. But still the buildup is worth it. It is also nice to see the sweaty sexy ladies and men as well. They are drenched throughout. This might just end up as a guilty pleasure because of all these aspects. There are constant sexual elements throughout as well. But not much in terms of explicit nudity as expected.

Frankly I thought the characters were sexist. The dialogue in the love triangle section was ridiculous and corny and it really hampers what could have been a fairly good sci fi thriller. I did not enjoy the annoying dialogue. This is like a time capsule and I just couldn't relate to it all. The ending is strange as well which reminded me of some recent American movies with abrupt endings.

Anyway I enjoyed it.


Nice sequel, 30 July 2015

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I think I don't want to rate it lower. I enjoyed it quite a bit. There are certain things I am a little surprised by.

I do think the look of the film is different to the original. Generally remakes have a higher budget I think. But from what I saw, this movie seemed a little cheaper than the original. The original was quite classy and was gorgeous to look at. But I still thought this one was one of the better sequels I have seen from the 80s. I understand the intent of the film. If Chris Sarandon could ooze such sexuality in the original, why not have a woman in that role? That would be absolute dynamite.

And it does work. Julie carmen is incredible as the vampire Regina. The dance in the sequel is quite interesting (does she have any sort of training or something) and they even use the Come to me song! That is like the icing on the cake.

It seems that certain horror movies made in that period have also made an impression. Near dark, for example. But unlike Near dark, I think, having multiple vampires is not really an excellent idea in this movie. It is just difficult to believe that these multiple vampires couldn't defeat this guy and an old man. Their deaths are not highly believable. Now if they were regular human beings, how hard would it be to defeat them? Brian thompson alone would have been difficult if he had been just a regular human being.

Despite its drawbacks, it has high sentimental value with its seductive 80s style look, the beautiful Julie carmen and the antics of Roddy mcdowall. The song Come to me is also beautiful and it is a nice version of the original. I also liked the lack of a shock ending. But then maybe I have watched too many recent horror movies and have become used to that stuff. It also seems to remind me of certain vampire movies of the 70s with its erotic atmosphere. Which is always a plus.

It is not a perfect film by any means but it is a good sequel.


The Den (2013)
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Creepy and effective, 20 July 2015

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I want to rate it higher. The ending could have been better. The character's actions are maybe a little unbelievable. But overall it is a really creepy movie and another reason why found footage has been so popular in recent years.

Not much over the top stuff. Just pure creepiness. The killer(s) are also menacing and they don't seem cartoonish. The slow buildup is great. Again the advantages of the found footage genre shines through with the lack of music and the realism adding to the suspense. Of course the usual question arises though - why should she carry her camera everywhere? That is a question which is not relevant when judging a found footage movie. It is one of those things we just need to accept. For that matter, in a slasher movie, why does the killer need to take so much time in scaring his victim? Why can't they just finish them off? So this is also some artistic licence which people need to accept.

Even though the proceedings are fairly predictable, the slow buildup and the lack of loud jump scares makes the movie unique in a sea of such movies. Also the intent of the filmmakers is to make a movie that is highly critical of the present day "millenial" generation. Not one character is genuinely likable. Even the female lead seems to be uncaring to her friends. The rest of the characters are also depicted to be vapid and uncaring(except for the sister and the close friend). But maybe the social commentary, at times, is a little heavyhanded. But for the most part they don't try to preach. They just want to give a quality horror movie which they delivered.

I loved it even with its flaws.

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A good horror movie hampered by jump scares, 19 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We can all accept that jump scares have become a feature of new horror movies. Especially the possession/paranormal type horror movies. But when it spoils the atmosphere in a quality horror movie, that is when it gets irritating. This is actually a good horror movie. But there are some irritating jump scares with extremely loud background effects which hamper the movie. It spoils the atmosphere it meticulously builds.

I am a sucker for such movies. So as far as the concepts are concerned, it definitely is my kind of movie and it works most of the time. But is it as good as it could be? I am not sure. The performance of the lead is pretty good and it is one of the things that is a big advantage. This is not one of those cheesy possession films with bad acting. There are some really effective scenes especially the scene on the stairs (damn).

The ending is predictable. I don't have any complaints but I pretty much predicted how it was all going to pan out. It was the usual ending which has been seen in all sorts of horror movies in recent years. Why does the dead person have so much influence anyway?

Anyway I liked the movie but maybe it would have been better if the jump scares had been toned down and even if the volume had been turned down on those scares. My ears were ringing after some of them.

Dumb characters, average movie, 12 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is actually not so bad as its rating would suggest. But I can understand why people would hate it.

The problems are related to the lighting and the actions of the characters. The movie is so dark that sometimes it is difficult to see what is going on. It is shot in a single apartment and so you never see the light most of the time. In addition, there is a plot device which says that he can only see these beings in the dark. Which makes it even worse. The beings themselves are not so bad.

The various dumb actions by the characters are another problem. I mean, seriously a crazy guy runs around with a knife, the least you would do is to calm him down and take the knife away from him. That is what logical human beings do. Instead predictably the characters here would not do that. The girlfriend says that he needs to leave but as usual he continues to stay. Because then the movie would have been over much earlier. Even after they suspect this guy's mental state, they still continue to have him in the house. I just find it all really bizarre. Another dumb thing is the stabbing of the guy. I know the filmmakers may have wanted a downer ending but the stabbing is too lame and unbelievable. Would he stab his friend in order to prevent the beings from killing him? Yeah that is real believable. In dumb movies like this, they always find some predictable reason for somebody to accidentally stab the wrong person or whatever.

The ending is predictable but in movies like this, where else could it go? The premise is not highly original so the ending is par for the course.

But other than these things, the atmosphere that is created is actually not so bad. It was an entertaining ride if you overlook the character's actions.


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Brutal and downbeat, 27 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would actually say that I didn't like it as much as I think I would. I am not such a fan of the Hollywood Illuminati movies because frankly they don't make much sense to me. I think the Illuminati idea is a convenient scapegoat for everything. Now, as far as the movie is concerned, I am not judging the movie on that basis.

The first movie that came to mind when I was watching this movie was the movie Kill list. For some reason, it constantly reminded me of that movie. But honestly it doesn't have the subtlety and maturity of that movie. There is a difference between the kitchen sink style and the American mainstream horror style I suppose. But this movie does do well on its own in different ways.

Alex Essoe has given a powerful performance as Sarah. This is a movie that depends quite a bit on the lead character, so her performance is the absolute highlight of the movie. The transformation is impeccable. But what I liked was this - she was not a victim. Towards the end, what we see is what she really is. People like to look at the movie as a budding starlet being corrupted by the cult. But I don't look at it that way. Right from the beginning, we see that she didn't fit in there. She was awkward and shy. Most shy people would be able to relate to her feelings at the beginning. For the most part, she is powerless. But one day, she receives the power but for that she needs to sacrifice. The ending is also a sacrifice for her goals. She hated them anyway. Her line in the end where she says "They see the real me" makes sense. She was pure evil. The cult just brings it out of her. It makes her find out who she really is.

The slow burner approach is adopted here but I wouldn't call it subtle. It isn't. But we are not going to see any over the top CGI monsters. But the tone is definitely downbeat and the gore when it appears is certainly brutal.

I do think maybe some of the other acting performances were maybe not up to par. Certain actors who were clearly not good enough were thankfully not utilised much. Especially that guy who was the assistant in the audition. The Producer was not so good either. Their acting seems so cliché and out of place in a movie like this.

Overall I liked it.


The Signal (2014)
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Average sci fi thriller, 20 June 2015

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The movie mostly screams average. For a movie like this, the payoff is paramount and it is important for the plot to be needlessly convoluted. The plot is not that complicated and the payoff is not so interesting.

The Lawrence fishbourne aspect is impossible to miss. It is one thing for a plot to be predictable. But what about the characters? This type of character is so predictable that I was able to point out what he was going to say next. And is it so important that have to be so evasive always? Damon was constantly trying (and not succeeding so much) to project this aura of menace. It just seemed like a typical Morpheus role to me.

The twist is not so surprising. If you have seen enough Twilight zone episodes and recent sci fi thrillers, it should be a cakewalk. One thing I did like is the efficient usage of the budget. Frankly it seems like a movie with a higher budget. That is impressive. But unfortunately the script is nothing special and comes up short. The characters were annoying as well.

Having said all this, it is never boring and towards the end, becomes more and more action packed.

Anyway I thought it was fine but not much originality and the proceedings are not interesting either.


Ouija (2014/II)
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Derivative but Fun, 19 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What bothers me about these films is that even though movies like the Exorcist and Witchboard have been released, people still think it is safe to mess with Ouija boards. None of them show any sort of hesitation. That is not realistic since at least one of them would maybe hesitate and back off from the whole idea. But this is Hollywood movie world and apparently they need to go ahead fearlessly in order to be proved wrong.

I am ranking it higher than most people. I did feel that there is some creepy atmosphere at various points. The movie starts with a bang and that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. It has the usual James wan-like jump scares but it doesn't overdo it. Unlike maybe some other recent horror movies. Towards the end, it does start to get more frenetic. But still there were some good scenes. Like that scene with Debbie (or Doris)! But the story is nothing new and the twist (if you can call it that) can be seen a mile away.

I was surprised by the fact that some of the scenes in the trailer did not appear in the movie. Supposedly a couple of scenes were removed. One of the scenes in the trailer was actually pretty good, I kept waiting for that scene and it never appeared. That could have raised the rating a bit. The ending is not so bad but maybe the victory was too easy. The last shot was a little irritating but this is now common in all horror movies.

It seems Lin shaye has to appear in pretty much every horror movie nowadays and her role is not too bad as well. But maybe she could have been there longer. Olivia cooke is gorgeous but I found her character's decisions to be pretty strange.

Overall I did enjoy it but was bothered by the unoriginality. There is no doubt that the ouija board genre has maybe reached its limit and they need to quit making movies about this. This movie shows the shortage of ideas in the genre.

The Guest (2014/I)
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Entertaining but clichéd, 19 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to admit I expected somewhat of a different movie while watching this. I expected a slow burning mystery film with a serious tone. With a mind bending twist. The poster looked cool and people were raving about it so I expected something.

Instead I get a predictable movie where there are no actual surprises. I mean, they really imply everything from the start. No twist is going to shock you. Considering his earlier movies like You're next, I guess I expected some more intelligent and fresh twists. This type of movie has been done countless times now. And of course the tone may be another thing that was not satisfying. The second half moves into over the top territory. It seems that the villain has definitely killed more in this movie than many other movies of the same type. I guess they didn't want the villain to be even a little sympathetic. They just go overboard and it becomes a standard Hollywood action movie which glorifies violence.

The characters are clichéd and they fall into the usual problems that we have seen quite a few times in these type of movies. But thankfully there are some funny scenes which redeem the movie. Like the conversation regarding the detention. Or even the murder of one of the characters when he goes to buy a gun. Because in this movie, really nothing is serious.

Dan Stevens gives a good performance in the lead role. It is one of the bright points of the movie and somehow he is able to rescue the movie from mediocrity. Another thing I liked was the soundtrack. As I am a fan of 80s music, the music at various points was a highlight. Especially in the ending.

Overall I liked it. It was definitely entertaining with the shootouts and the humor. But they could have more fresh concepts and maybe a darker tone.

6/10 (for the performance of Dan stevens, some humor and the soundtrack)

Coherence (2013)
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Interesting, 16 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I expected a movie that was a little better though. Maybe a movie which would be totally original and would have a terrific ending. I am not so sure I got that. The point is that the basic structure of the movie is something that we have seen in countless other movies and TV shows. Even though clearly time travel and parallel universes are separate concepts, the structure as far as film making is concerned is often almost the same. They deal with the same old "guy meeting his parallel/past self" and so on which leads to various problems. The only difference being that there are multiple people who have to deal with this situation now. I was reminded of various Twilight zone episodes (The Parallel, Mirror image in particular), Timecrimes, Primer, Sliding doors and so on. This makes the movie a little predictable since we know how the movie is going to progress. But still there are some neat twists which are interesting.

One thing I did like is that they do discuss scientific concepts (in very small doses of course) and incidents. They did leave me thinking even after the movie ended. I like movies which make me curious about the themes and make me want to explore more about them. That is a sure sign that the movie has worked even if it isn't terribly original. So full marks to the filmmakers for that. They don't really dwell on it in depth like say, Primer but then they would be in trouble in losing their audience. I even started reading a little bit about the Tunguska event. It is actually incredibly scary to think that such an event actually even happened.

Emily Baldoni is gorgeous but her character always seems creepy and reserved as if she has a secret to hide. You could say it might even be a sort of a red herring. The rest are fine but I have a complaint regarding the character Mike. Is it really necessary that there has to be an idiot in every horror movie? In every horror/thriller movie there is always THAT guy who wants to create problems and acts like an idiot.

So what about the ending? I did expect better but still the ending has moved in the only way it can move honestly. It is like poetic justice. You can't let somebody get away so easily for doing something like that. But in another angle, no crime has been committed because such a person never actually existed. At least as far as the current universe is concerned. Maybe that was the evil version and it is necessary for the good version to take down the evil version to make things right. Who knows? In any case, the ending is fine but still maybe I expected a little bit more.

Altogether it is not as good as I thought it would be. But I was still entertained by its twists and turns, its scientific discussions and the numerous questions that crop up as the movie goes on. It made me think about the actions of the characters and its consequences. I give it a 7/10

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