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I like 1-3 better..., 16 January 2010

I've enjoyed the Final Desitination series thus far. But in the 4th one I didn't like it at all.

I wish it would be a little longer than the what 80 or so minutes it is. It seemed rushed and was basically driven by death after death.

The visions the teen sees are a lot more descriptive than the others in the older movies. So you can basically guess whats going to happen to the character(s).

Death now can magically move objects across the room. In the other movies death would be a wind blowing across the room that causes some object to fall over and start the death in motion. Now death moves objects itself which was less enjoyable.

Finally in his premonition I wish they would have been more creative than just having like 10 characters die by being crushed by stands.

What I did like about the movie though, were two of the deaths. Then escalator and the car wash attack (though the car wash scene wasn't a death.) I still like the whole concept and I do hope they make another Final Destination movie that is improved. More realistic deaths and vaguer visions would be a far better movie.

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
I thought it was excellent, 15 January 2009

Wrong Turn I thought was really good! It had awesome effects for the inbred killers and the cast did excellent job acting.

One of the best parts is that the killers seemed like they could actually be out there. With the realistic medical problems that they have with the mutated hands, faces, etc.

I thought that it was especially good for not adding any random/ sometimes unnecessary nudity or sex scenes. This film had great suspense scenes and a good plot... though it did really remind me of the Hills Have Eyes at some parts...

Overall I really enjoyed the movie and it was perfect movie to watch if you like suspense and gore.

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Great show!, 4 August 2008

This is a great series. The acting is very impressive and I can't wait for season two. I have not been as addicting to online gaming as the characters but the story line and comedy is very satisfying. The acting is also very awesome. Felica Day does an great job as portraying an addicted gamer with a weird friend that is now living in her home with a crazy mother. The entire cast does a great job and they are all hilarious. I, again, can't wait for season two and I'm sure it will win more awards for the series, including another youtube award (which doesn't seem to be listed on this site :(). But again no complains about anything dealing with this show. So great job everyone working on this show!