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Saat yan faan (2009)
Laughably Bad
15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A 40 year old midget posing as a 5 year old boy frames his adoption father (a cop) for a series of murder in this laughable suspense thriller that becomes an unintentional comedy by the end. Another misguided effort by Hong Kong cinema to try for a Hollywood touch but fails miserably. There are scenes that copied straight from a slew of Hollywood thrillers. Such as Seven and Angel Heart. Mememto comes to mind. Even the Omen has the unfortunate honor. And the outcome is this freak of a hybrid. For fans of slasher flicks, the amount of blood and gore in this one would serve their appetite just fine. 0therwise, this is not just bad. This is oh-my-god bad.
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