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Only one character per show. I didn't include shows that suck like 2,5 men and Big bang theory.
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Here I listed directors that I believe to be the very best of all time. OMG what am I kidding?! Nolan is just the best, there is no competition lol. His movies are so sophisticated, deep and artsy and Kafkaesque. The Inception is just like so amazingly original, we certainly didn't see anything similar in Matrix and ExistenZ. And like the plot is so complicated and not made for dumb people and never explained by the characters I love it.

Tell me what you think about my list.

P.S. there is a twist at the end of my list.
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My favorite kind of movies mess with my head and make me question reality. Here are my favorites.
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There are american pie, epic movie and other terrible comedies. And then there are some movies that really make you laugh. Some of them are not even comedies. But if the movie is good and it has even the sightliest piece of comedy it will not leave you unaffected.
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I haven't seen much good happy story movies so here are a few that I actually liked. Recommendations wanted!
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I'm not looking for movies that don't have action, that's not enough - most dramas are like that. I looking for films where the dialogue is what's moving the plot. Movies where the visuals take the backseat and the brilliant dialogue is what's driving the movie. Also it's perfect if the movie could be released as an audio book (almost).
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Here I have movies that made me think and they have some sort of "philosophy". I'm really expecting comments which will say that all these movies are both pretentious and say nothing new. Maybe they are right, but it's just my personal opinion that I want to share with others. I hope it might help you find something interesting.

I apologize for adding some movies that really have little "philosophy" but they are one of my favorites.
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There are quite a few fine actors that amaze me in almost every role they take, but I just don't feel they get enough credit for their work.
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Remakes have a tendency to... well lets just say disappoint.
So here a few of them that go against the type.
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NOTE! Here I list good movies that are related to drugs, not the type of movies "that you should totally see stoned". I hate the type of people who say something like that, they sometimes smoke weed and feel the need to always remind the world that they do.
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On this list I want to show movies to my all time favorite - fight club. Some movies share the atmosphere, idea, characters or have the same "look". While others are rip offs or homages.
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Here are movies that deal with the evil people and try to explain where the evil anger and hate come from. And if not explain than show it in a different light.
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Here are (in my opinion) the best movies of the 90's (in no order).

You think I left something off the list? You don't like some of my choices? Have something to say about this list?
- Let me know in the comments.
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My favorite type of movies are surreal, mindf#cks and mysteries. So here are my favorite out of the norm movies.
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Suggestions wanted!
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No matter you like it or not you approach every movie with some expectations. Here are movies that surpassed those expectations by a mile.
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