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Kevin Williamson does it again!, 11 September 2009

The pilot for the vampire diaries was great. They chose good new actors and the way they set the story up works very well. They establish the background for the main character as well as some of the background for the vampire. It also establishes the villain of season one. So far the pilot seems like a great start to a great show. I recommend that everyone checks it out at if you missed the pilot.

It also seems like they did a good job scoring the pilot episode as well. So far everything about the show seems like it is right up cw's alley. As long as kevin williamson and the rest of the writers on the project continue to deliver I think that the vampire diaries is going to have a good run on the cw.

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Amazing Show. I think I found another favorite besides House!, 21 January 2009

An amazing show. I have always been a big fan of Tim Roth so when I heard he was doing a show I was very excited and I was hoping he would have strong writers to back him up. Lie to me is an excellent show with a highly original idea. It has it's own category. Numbers deals with math, House deals with diagnostics, Bones deals with forensic science and great character development for the most part, and Now Tim Roth is the human lie detector. The film is well acted and the chemistry between Tim Roth and his partner is excellent. The dialog is very strong while having slight moments of sarcastic humor. Blunt honesty tends to be very funny at times as well. The writing in the show makes the show seem more on edge as well and I am anxious for more. Lie to me is a wonderful show so far And I can't wait to see where they go with it this season.