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a list of 250 titles
The old vote-limit, before 19th July 2012, was 3000. This list includes un-regular voters since that filter obviously isn`t included in the advanced title search.
PS: This one has LOADS of non-english titles.
a list of 26 titles
The vote limit to be eligible for the list was increased from 3.000 to 25.000.
Most titles also got a rank change, some quite drastically, due to the change in vote number in the calculations. One also dropped out (The Celebration) due to this.
I also include titles that wasn't in the list the day of the change, but jumped right back in the day they reached 25.000 votes.
PS: After the change, Life is Beautiful and Princess Mononoke (both in Top 100) keeps popping in and out of the list, always jumping right back in the same place. Probably some kind of bug.
a list of 100 titles
The 10th Anniversary edition
a list of 500 titles of September 2008... By (and I more or less quote) 10.000 Empire readers, 150 of Hollywood`s finest and 50 essential film critics
a list of 84 titles
From the 1st Oscar-ceremony in 1929 until today; here is the Best Picture winners.
a list of 250 titles
I`ve discovered this page called "IMDb Top 250 History". The earliest entry is from April 26th 1996. Since the original Star Wars has the most votes of all the films with only 3941 of them, this must be very close to the start of the list. Anyway, here it is.
a list of 40 people
Proof that there is a God. In the order they came to mind. Will increase as I remember more.
a list of 100 titles
No movies above 7.9. I have some favourites on 8.0, but they are occasional Top 250s
a list of 137 titles
These are the movies with a perfect score on Rotten tomatoes. Only non-documentary features
a list of 64 titles
I`ve included movies from each year I`ve seen at least two, and liked at least one, feature
a list of 50 people
In order. I know there`s a lot more actors than actresses. I really don`t know exactly why, but all I can say is that all these are amazing in one or several films.
a list of 16 titles
Movies that some people like or even love (obviously me included) but many people dislike or even hate. No particular order.