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Interesting!!, 31 March 2003

I remember seeing this film about a cormorant (type of bird) seeking attention from this actor played by Ralph Fiennes whom adopts it. This film has a really bizarre twist with a strange relationship between man and bird. At the time I saw this film back in 1993 I did not know who this actor was, I recommend this film to whomever likes dark stories, but I warn everyone about its content for there is violence towards animals and I did not approve of that.

Ignition (2002)
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Worth the Watch!, 15 March 2003

I just got a copy of Ignition and watched it without any disappointment, except for Nicholas Lea whom didn't get a huge role in the film other than playing the part a ex-husband. It definately had its heartwarming moments with scenes of a relation ship between father and daughter. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a little bit of everything in a movie. There wasn't too much violence, but the film was pretty realistic.

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Brilliant and cute!!!, 25 September 2002

I really loved and enjoyed the movie, especially the characters that were in it and of course the cute baby elephant! I am a great fan of Nick Lea and was fortunate to get a copy of the film for my personal viewing. I have been waiting forever to see this film and I wasn't disappointed one bit!!! I recommend this film to anyone who loves animals and kids in film, believe me it is worth the watch.