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There better be a part 2!!!, 13 December 2012

I have to say this movie is one of those that is not going to bore me if i watch it over and over again. Movies like the Avengers, Dark Knight Rises are great movies...but not as awesome as this one.

The concept was great! I loved how they made all the good characters mash up and fight together. Everyone was so cute and so brave. I kind of wished I was part of the guardians! HAHAHAH!!!

It is worth watching and I hope they have come up with a decision to make it a sequel. This is definitely my movie of the year! I swear that is how much it meant to me!! I'm telling you, there has to be another movie of this. I don't mind seeing these cute heroes in action AGAIN!!! :)

"Partners" (2012)
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Great TV series and so hilarious, 12 October 2012

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I loved the concept of this show. To be honest, i love this show more than how i met your mother.I hope this show goes on! The humor is outstanding. And it is all because of good acting. the cast is great, the story is amazing, the jokes are full of humor. I hope this show goes on. Whether only a few are watching, it is better than one. I was hoping the screen time would be longer as well...i wanted to see more. Im not sure whether the guy who's playing gay is really gay in real life, but he is very talented. He's actually the funniest. But of course, so are the rest. I really did love watching this series. It's worth rating a 10 This TV series is worth watching. I loved every second of it. Cant wait to see more until it gets so crispy. Good job and keep it up Partners