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I don't ever recall a year where my favourites are so different from best picture nominees.

Haven't seen: Filth, August: Osage County, Fifth Estate, Ender's Game.
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I recommend checking out any one of these films if you haven't seen it yet.

Note - Movies I haven't seen: Animal House, Ghostbusters, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Jerk, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Raising Arizona, The Naked Gun
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Notable films I have not seen: Amour, Cosmopolis, Wreck-it Ralph, This is 40
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This is a list I created of great films that you may have overlooked or let slip passed in the last 5 years. None of them have any superheros, transforming robots, or fancy CGI. If you're stuck one evening without a movie to watch, hopefully this list helps you pick one out.
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Films I have not seen: Shame; Albert Nobbs; We Need to Talk About Kevin, Carnage.
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This is a list of my favorite films to have a theatrical release in North America in the 2010 calender year.