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How you can not like this movie is beyond me, 23 April 2004

When I sat down to watch this movie, I was really expecting a serious B movie, with the low production value and all. The movie really wow-ed me, but it wasn't just the high production value that got me, it was the writing, directing and acting. The script and direction (both courtesy of new comer Isaac H. Eaton) were great. I watched the movie because of Peter Weller, king of all B-Movies. I was more than impressed by his performance (a definate stand out among this cast, or any for that matter) and the rest of the main cast was great too. Interresting to see Peter Greene as a good guy, and B'Zar and Rebecca Gayheart were perfect. All in all, this movie is more than enough entertainment for a friday night, I throughly enjoyed it and recommend it highly. Without hesitation I give it 10/10.

Green Ice (1981)
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I have no problem with it, not one, 9 February 2004

This was really a cool little film, not a big budget blockbuster, no but a top of the line B flick. There was some large scale stunts as well as great South American scenery. I bought it used of amazon for like 2 bucks, more than worth that.

Rainbow Drive (1990) (TV)
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Weller's Performance, 6 February 2004

Peter Weller's performance can carry pretty much anything. He's not a household name so he gets stuck mostly in B films and TV movies like this one, but they're all pretty decent, if made on a moderate to low budget. Point is its worth watching for him, as well as the score by Tangerine Dream. Not a bad flick at all.

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Take This Tape and Smash It, 13 December 2003

I like Robert Hays, I mean come on, hes the guy from Airplane and hes a great actor. This wasn't a bad performance, but not one of his better ones (see ANY of his other work) but this movie was really kind of dull. I'll give it this, the cinematography was kind of neat and the first 20 minutes were decent but something just wasn't right. Im not mad because I paid 2 bucks for this tape but from me to you,its in alot of little pieces right now. If you're a Hays fan watch Airplane or Fifty/Fifty or anything else.