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A list of obscure, forgotten, overlooked, underrated or underappreciated films that deserve to be discovered, rediscovered, and/or reevaluated. Some masterpieces, some minor gems - ALL worth a look!
In addition to the little-known or underappreciated titles featured on this list, I have also included films that aren't necessarily obscure or unknown, but that do have a surprisingly low vote count on IMDb, however they make up a small percentage of the overall films on this list.

Almost all the films on this list have received less than 10,000 votes, the majority less than 5,000. Feel free to recommend any I may have overlooked myself.

Note: I have also included some of my favorite films from The Criterion Collection that have received less than 10,000 ratings. These films are available, so check 'em out!
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Just my favorite films, nothing more. The movies that I never grow tire of watching. Many of these films are from my childhood; these particular films are in my blood.

Expansion: I have recently decided to expand this list from 250 films to 500. I wanted to give myself a definite limit and then try not to exceed it so as to discipline myself when choosing which films to add, and 500 was as good of a number as any.

I must say, this augmentation was a lot harder than I thought that it was going to be. I have not viewed some of these films in such a long time, so there will certainly be an impreciseness about it. I've had to go from memory for the most part.
I will leave a few slots open for now until I can find a little free time to revisit or reconsider a few of the titles on the shortlist. I don't know when that will be.

In addition to the expansion, I have also included many additional lists in the comment sections that are pertinent to that particular film, like my favorite films from the director of that film, or from a selected actor or actress, etc.
**Also, in an effort to include the films of a director or actor/actress that I have otherwise not had the opportunity to but would like to, I have occasionally included lists completely unrelated to the film that they are listed under. They have been marked so: [UNRELATED] - 11/17/13.

Note: Inevitably, there will be some titles pushed off this list as I endeavor to make it as accurate as possible, so I will keep any spillover titles, however many there may be, included upon the list's completion, along with the occasional addition of a film that is just on the edge of my top 500. They will be marked so: [500+].

So, after much deliberation ...
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With a few exceptions, these are the Horror & Thriller films that I have rated 7 or above. I will be adding films as I see fit -- I'm always reevaluating films.
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There's just not enough love or appreciation for short films. I love 'em, especially the old Disney/Merrie Melodies. I can sometimes get more enjoyment from a 4-6 min short than I can from feature films.

I've seen thousands, but here are some of my favorites.

I have capped the running time @ 50 mins., with the exception of one "ABC Stage 67" Episode: 'A Christmas Memory' (51 mins.).