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cute and clever, 4 July 2008

I saw this movie today in theater. With big name associated with the movie, i expected it to be a refreshing movie or a light hearted movie as we say. But i was so wrong !

Is it wrong to go in a movie expecting something good out of it ? If yes then i have committed a sin.The movie is very predictable and screenplay was awful. Directed by the writer of Makbool, munna bhai, Abbas Tyrewala has not done a fair job in the movie. Some good character are wasted in the movie.In good word we can say that its a mixture of hell lot of plots

The movie is about two teenager who are good friends and decides to find a perfect partner for each other and finally realize that they love each other and confess it with tears and a happy ending. The airport seen in the end was very predictable. Silly shots like group of teenagers crying over dead cat makes it out of sense. character trying to act smart and make fool out of themselves.

But do watch the movie for wonderful chemistry of imran and Genelia D'Souza.

De Taali (2008)
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A good film after a long while, 23 June 2008

I went to the theater with my friends to watch this movie. After a long dry season in bollywood i didn't have much expectation with this movie, but to my surprise it was not a 90min pop corn junk. Its is very good movie revolving around three friends "Ammu played by Ayesha takhia, Paglu played by Hritesh Deshmukh and Abhi by Abtabh. The movie is wonderfully scripted with a spice of comedy and fun.

The story gets twisted when Abhi son of rich guy falls in love with a girl who loves him for his money. The story all about how his friends helps him to get rid of that girl.Throughout the movie there was no dry seen or a part where i felt bored but yes there were some song sequence which i felt was unnecessary. Over all the movie is very enjoyable and funny. Do watch and enjoy the movie. cheers friends.

Sarkar Raj (2008)
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punishingly slow movie, 22 June 2008

I saw the movie in the theater the day it was released. I had great expectation as sarkar was a massive hit in box office. I very disappointed in the first half of the movie. First half of movie is nail growing slow AMITABH BACHCHAN the man of few words in SANKAR was wasted in the movie with too much of dialogs and doing nothing. ABHISHEK had a lead but was not able to direct this power in his words. The direction was not up to the mark, same old still camera and dark background as all ram gopal verma movie has.

Overall its just one time watchable movie with poor finish at the end. cheers....