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hopefully people will tune, 4 November 2003

I have to say I'm impressed by this show, it's not dumb at all and I think is the best new comedy of the year, hopefully people will tune and it won't get canceled. The performances are great, specially Alicia Sylverstone who I think is one of the most beautiful woman in the planet. a great show, fun, light and still deep.

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It's a Wonderful Movie¡, 25 December 2002

This classic narrates the story of George Bailey a businessman that after several troubles with his work and family convince himself that the world would be better if he never born, but an angel saves him and show him the reality of his wish.

I personally think that this is the best black and white movie of all times, tittle shared with DR STRANGELOVE & WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLF?. Apart of the wonderful cast performance is visually perfect, it's the kind of movie that cheer you up, also is very reflective, just think about this: `How many lives we change in our road and we don't even know how precious we are'.

Celebrated all your upcoming Christmas with this classic that has become in part of the celebrations and as long as NBC keeps showing more generations will discover the value of this movie. ………. 10/10.

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One of the best Romantic Comedies of The 90's, 9 November 2002

There's no doubt about the talent of Julia Roberts in making good romantic comedies and this is the perfect example of it. It's the blueprint for Romantic Comedies: A man, the ex-girlfriend, the new girlfriend, the gay friend, the regrets of the ex girlfriend, the wedding and the suicide with chocolate.

No doubt it, rent it. 9 /10

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You have to be kidding me., 9 November 2002

Awful, bad taste comedy full of cruel and ugly jokes. another example of why the Farrelly Brothers won't ever be remember as remarkable movie-makers. This one won the MTV Movie Award as "Best Picture" but what do they know? skip this one or better throw it to the garbage can

Spoiler, 9 November 2002

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I hated this dumb movie.

Not only is a bad story also is full of stereotypes about teenagers, maybe on the USA they are like that and if they are I'm happy I don't live there. Movie-makers should be more worry about the image that they give about their people, this movie only make teenagers look like horny dumb hormonal beings. Not funny, Not original, skip this blueprint of dumbness.

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What A Show!, 23 September 2002

What A Show! One of the most amazing shows on Cartoon Network. The story is really intelligent and I like that mix of drama and sci fiction, the animation is great all the camera angles, the painting and the art direction are great.

I really think this show should take the emmy.