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A Huge Fan That Was Let Down!, 21 October 2011

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Too many liberty's with the film, killed it. Its plain and simple. I am a huge fan of the franchise. I own all the old films, and even re-bought the ones that were released on Blu ray. The way they tried to tie in elements from the first 4 films were not a good idea.

Things moved too fast and too many things were meant for the viewer to already know. The whole lack of Mrs. Voorhees besides in the intro to the film was a mistake. The whole opening sequence that ended in 3 minutes, that wasn't even truly a scene but opening credits mixed with a flashback/scene just didn't cut it. The whole first movie, Jason wasn't even the killer. It was his mother. If your going to make a remake/re-imagining, how can you change who the main killer is? Its not a re-imagining of the first film, its a re-imagining of a franchise.

This new Jason really doesn't seem like the Jason from the old films. First off, Jason moves slow and methodical, this new Jason is fast as lightning. Also he doesn't torture or kidnap people. You could see that from his first batch of victims. The kill where he hangs a girl from a tree in a sleeping bag over a camp fire is not a Jason kill, this kind of kill is way too over elaborate and is leaning more on the side of torture.If you know the series, you would know that Jason would never kidnap someone. Jason kills everyone period. That's just not the character. When a character in a film has over ten films in its series, the character is a long developed thing. Its far too late at that point to change major characteristics. It doesn't matter who or what the girl he took reminded him of, Jason cannot be around people, he just kills them. He cannot help himself.

The cast of actors didn't really help the butchery of the film. Poor choices for the roles. They seemed like they were a little over qualified or were trying too hard. This type of film is meant for first time actors, especially this series. Much less seriousness from the actors playing the characters would have been a lot better.

All in all, was very disappointed in this re-imagining of a classic slasher film. sometimes a fresh start or reboot can help bring a movie into modern times, and sometimes its a disaster. This one falls right in the middle.

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Great Re-Imagining, Did the Franchise justice!, 21 October 2011

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From the opening of this film, they jump right into it, you see Freddy within the first 10 minutes, which i feel was a great move. I am a huge fan of the series of old films so i was holding this to a certain standard. Yes the old films are a bit dated, but i saw them when they were released. The new way they portrayed Freddy was more appropriate for the times. Making him a pedophile that got away, instead of a murderer that got away when he was alive was way more believable. They followed a lot of the outline from the original film but took a few liberty's, and as a hardcore fan, they were good choices as far as I'm concerned. There are a lot of scary jump out at you moments, the music for scary parts are spot on! The whole feel of the movie is true to the original franchise. This film was better than the Friday the 13th remake as far as sticking to the originals feel. I fully recommend this to any Nightmare on Elm Street fan.

Machete (2010)
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Machete, shows that not all movies need to be taken so seriously!, 22 October 2010

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From the start of this movie things are over the top, which is what you would expect from the fictional trailer from Grindhouse films. The movie plays out exactly as if the trailer was a full movie, which it basically is now. From the first few minutes when the naked female character pulls a cellphone from her private area i knew i was in for a ride. Danny Trejo is at his best here, showing if the role is tailored to him he can carry an action movie as a lead role. Also you have to remember Danny Trejo is 66 years old, which makes it amazing in itself that he can do these kinds of films. The adding of other big names like Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey just helped even more. In the end you get a great entertaining film, that if viewed in the right mindset, should not disappoint. I myself was completely satisfied with the film. Loved the fact Lindsay Lohan had to play a role close to her true life she is living, must be getting hard to get roles if you have to basically exploit yourself just to join some real names on screen. Overall, loved the movie, hope to see more like it in the future.

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It's the Wolfman, what more could you want?, 26 February 2010

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First off I am kind of surprised at some of the reviews that this film is getting. Bottom line, its the Wolfman, how much better could it be without drastically changing the story to the point where its not just a re-imagining of the original, but a new movie all together. This movie started great, not slow like most were saying, sets the tone perfect. Depicted old style UK like all movies set in that period do, very well in fact. after story progresses it does seem like the full moons come a little too often, maybe they should have dropped the full moon requirement when they re-imagined this. Anthony Hopkins was fantastic in this, the twist that he is a werewolf too and is the culprit werewolf that started it all is just the best! Movie could have covered more ground overall, but was still good as is. Anyone who likes werewolves will love this movie. I know i did.

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Nice concept, could have been explored more..., 22 February 2010

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Well the movie starts out OK, but it seems if it concentrates a little too much on flashbacks in the beginning. Also the female character who plays the agent unfolding the ninja mystery doesn't seem to fit in the feel of the movie. Basically the movie doesn't depict enough ninja action in the essence of what "stealth ninja" is supposed to mean. There are just a few ninja "like" moments that are suppose to give you the feel of it, which it does, but nothing can help you feel like its missing something. All in all its a quick ninja fix bit will not be totally satisfying for the true ninja buff. For now its seems as this is the best it will get from a Hollywood ninja movie, i guess we will take what we can get.