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Heroes, whether real or fiction who fought for freedom; no superheroes.
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There are many excellent actors/actresses who all do a great job. Too many people look only at if the celebrity is young and sexy. But that alone means nothing. Many talented actors and actresses are overlooked and need to be seen. My list of those I like includes actors of all ages and races. Some are handsome or beautiful and others may not be so hot-looking, but all the people on this list are awesome actors and are all very talented!
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My favorite protagonists (good guys) in film, TV, and video games. WHY DID IMDB REMOVE MICHAEL DESANTA AND KEEP THE OTHER TWO? STUPID!!!
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If certain characters were real, who would you date?
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A list of wonderful lesser-known actors that need big roles. I wish people like Jerry Bruckheimer or James Cameron (who both put out big movies) and others like them would give these actors a chance! Some do not have photos.
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If you scare too easily by Freddy Kruger or Saw, here are some movies that are only moderately scary that you should be fine with. I made this for my friend, who used to be Amish and still has trouble with special effects. These are STILL not recommended for children.
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Fabulous actors, actresses, directors, and others that we will always miss! Note: If there is somebody that you would like me to add, private message me. Keep in mind: I will NOT add John Wayne! I hate that moronic idiot! He was NOT a real cowboy (see my profile for why)! Real cowboys include John Pyper-Ferguson, George Strait, and Kiefer Sutherland.
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My favorite "Bad Boys" and "Bad Girls" of movies, television, and video games! The links are photos that I uploaded in case you are not familiar with him/her or the actor/actress.
I wanted to add Emilio Estevez's Billy the Kid from Young Guns 1 and 2, but he is not showing up. I get other Billy the Kid characters from lousy productions.
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Male celebrities that I would go out with. The ones that are married -- their wives are so lucky!!! (Some did not have photos, so I uploaded to tinypic)
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Funny people!!!
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The best movies I have ever seen!
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Movies that bombed, but were really AWESOME (or at least were GOOD.)
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This is a list of TV shows that were awesome and should never have been cancelled! Why do all the crap shows stay on while good shows go off?
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