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Scream 4 (2011)
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Ghostface returns for a 4th installment, but is it the scream for the current generation?, 26 August 2011

So here we are again back with the returning cast of the Scream series, but is this a new fresh film much like the 1st one? Or another Scream 3 with some upgrades?

Truth is it's a bit of both in my opinion however let me start off by saying I found this to be a REALLY fun film to watch something I didn't find in the 3rd one. This film for me is 2nd only to the original and is how the 3rd film should of been, in fact if this was the 3rd one then the Scream trilogy would be one of my favourite horror trilogy's.

That's not to say that this film isn't filled with flaws because it defiantly does have some but I'll get to them soon enough first let's focus on the positives.

Scream 4 has one of my favourite openings for a horror film, this opening in my opinion is just as brilliant as the first one. The only thing it lacks is a brilliant performance like Drew's in the 1st, the girls in this opening just give off the typical 2D slasher performance of terrified hot teens. However thankfully it's not their performance that sells the opening it's how the opening is constructed, and how Wes so cleverly spins the audience on themselves and then begins to reel them in.

The soundtrack in this film is awesome I loved the tracks right from the start when the title is displayed. Which brings me to reveal of the actual title, it's a wicked little thing just before we get the plot rolling.

Rodger Jackson as Ghostface is brilliant as always but in this he's more terrifying then ever before, you can hear some much more twisted venom in his words this time around.

I really liked the new cast of characters in this film, which surprised me because I was certain before watching the movie that I was going to hate them. I've found that in recent slasher flicks I've seen I just can't find a liking to any of the main characters which is important if you want your audience to feel a sense of urgency and worry during scenes in which the killer attempts or is succeeding in killing them.

A lot of the time the film made me laugh and jump which is sort of the fun of slashes that I think are missing and is what I loved about the original.

I did not see the twist coming until the very last minute it was revealed which means well done kept me guessing throughout the whole film another fun aspect I loved about the original.

Now the flaws

The main problem scream 4 has is that it forgets to do what made the original so brilliant which is to be self aware, now that's not to say that it doesn't completely, they mention how horror films have evolved through the years commenting on things like Saw and the whole torture porn aspect but that's about it. In one scene to try and get an idea of what the killer might do next they ask two film buffs about the new rules of horror films, which they reply "modern audience have become savvy to the rules of the original". Thats it!? That's all your gonna tell us? They do state other things that add to the new rules but it doesn't really show how they've evolved at all.

People die in this film and yet their friends don't seem to care all that much, a girl dies and and a few scenes later her friends are fine about it. The film relies on the success of the 1st one a little too much and at times and forgets to be it's own film. some of the characters in this film feel out of place like they belong in a cartoon instead of a horror film. However most of the performances by are well played especially by Neve Campbell

There's a few loose ends that never get resolved as well but they're hardly worth worrying about.

Overall this is the best in the series 2nd to the original, it's fun, it's scary and jumpy and it's funny. Scram 4 is one of the best slahsrs I've seen in a while and also one of the most fun horror films in recent years. It has flaws but with this much fun it's easy to over look them.

Super (2010/I)
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Funny, disturbing and downright fun, 20 August 2011

First let me start off by saying that at first glance Super looks very similar to Kick Ass and I've read many reviews on here with people calling this film a Kick Ass rip off IT IS NOT!

In fact Super is nothing like Kick Ass the only common thing they share is one ordinary person becoming a super hero you could say that kick Ass rips off such works as Batman or Green Lantern. An normal person suddenly becoming extraordinary isn't a new concept that Kick Ass invented and Super does not rip off that film in anyway, but I'm going to stop talking about this and get to the film itself.

The trailer for this film did not show what this film was really about, this is not a light hearted comedy about real life superheroes instead it's much more adult. This film is about a troubled man that has never really known true happiness in his life and suffers an ultimate blow when he looses his wife. This pushes him over the edge and eventually through a series of bizarre signs and a very disturbing vision decides to become a superhero.

This is about a man who could well be close to becoming a serial killer but his victims are people who commit crimes. He doesn't intended to kill them but his attacks are so brutal that they could lead to death and he seems to have no intent in puling his punches per say. Like wise his sidekick played by the talented Ellen Page is also a border line psychopath who is overall feisty and eager. Her character is just plane insane and without Frank would have become a crazed killer in a costume. I enjoyed her character very much I thought she was very funny and I loved her crazed psycho personality.

I admire how this film is shot, there's a lot of hand-held or steady cam shots and it gives the whole film a very documentary feel and it adds to the sense of realism that this film is about. This documentary realism feel is something that I personally think Kick Ass would have been better with, this feel works so well when action sequences take place or violent scenes occur because it makes them so much more tense and brutal.

The comedy in this is well placed, dark and disturbing at times and I found myself in some scenes laughing at how disturbing these scene were not one to show the kids.

I have nothing against any of the acting in this film I thought everyone was at their best suited their character, the only character I had a problem with was Liv Tyler's character I couldn't understand what her character really wanted during the course of this film one moment she wants to give up drugs for good the next she's living with a crime lord who deals in drugs what is going on with her?

I personally wish this film went on longer but that's just me. There were some really shocking moments in this film that really got a reaction from me and the ending at first left me feeling really sad inside but then afterwards it felt like the right one although I was disappointed with one aspect of it but I can't say without spoiling anything.

In short if you had low expectations and haven't seen this watch it and leave your expectations at the door you will not be disappointed unfortunately this isn't one of those films that I can share as some people will be put off by the odd and disturbing scenes but keeping in mind this is not a Kick Ass rip off this is a unique film all on it's own.

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Oh dear god, 7 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like with every film I watch I went into this movie with an open mind but also with hopes that this could turn out to be a really fun slasher film something i haven't seen in a long while. However I was wrong so very very wrong…

The film opens with a ridiculous large party that looks like something only celebrities would hold. I have to say most of this movie takes place during parties and they are both stupidly large and just down right silly, don't get me wrong I would love to go these kind of parties but let's be real here guys these scenes defiantly pulled me right out of the film.

I really liked the opening style of the credits and the party scene but I quickly lost interest once I saw just how insanely unreal these scenes were.

On a good note I did enjoy some of the shots of this film but they were few.

Now it's time to talk about the main characters of this movie and to be honest there's not much to talk about. Hardly any of them are really likable most of them seem like they would stab the other in the back without a second thought about it. By having these unlikable characters it means we really don't care about what happens to them which also knocks out any real tension during tense or death scenes. One of the main characters the supposed leader of the group is so cold hearted and numb to every killing and dead body she comes across that it becomes overly stupid a machine would have more heart then her.

This film is riddled with silly moments that add nothing to movie, there's nothing here to make us laugh or hide behind our pillow this film just feels empty. The murder scenes feel sort of lazy in some parts and then in other they feel too insane and again silly. The killer's motive for murdering feels like a lazy excuse to have him go around and killing them.

Overall this film was a waste of my time and will be yours if you haven't seen this and are planning to. No tension during murder scenes, unlikable characters, ridiculous scenarios and a boring and flat plot line.

Scream (1996)
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A timeless horror classic, putting the audience on a fun roller coaster ride, 18 April 2011

This film is one of those that is and always will be timeless, the film at the time was fresh funny scary and original in it's own unique way. This film has all the great elements for a successful scary movie, it has some funny moments mixed with some tense and scary scenes giving the audience a clash of laughing and the jumping or feeling uneasy.

It's a great fun ride that is extremely cleaver, what makes this film unique is that it's self aware of itself and over horror films. The characters are aware that there are other horror films out there and they know of the clichés and rules that those films follow and so this makes for a great fun device for the characters to use.

The movie does a brilliant job of playing with audience's expectations of horror films keeping them on edge when they're expecting the killer to jump out and when he doesn't it shakes the audience and keeps them guessing about what will happen next.

This film is genius and puts shame on it's sequels ( i haven't seen Scream 4 yet) I could go on and on about this film but if i did no one would read it. It has a fantastic feel about with a very strong 90s feel but that's what the scream films are about, their about a statement of a generation at the time it's set (which is what Scream 4 looks to follow).

This film is fun to watch on your own but is also fun to watch with friends it's a great ride filled with laughs and scares something most horror films miss.

If you haven't seen this film why not? Go see it it's an experience you must take at least once alone or with friends just make sure you remember to turn of the lights and don't answer the phone!

Scream 2 (1997)
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not a worthy sequel but not a bad film, 18 April 2011

Scream 2 is an odd film to say the least, it in no way lives up to the first film but is not a completely terrible film. After watching this film recently (having not seen it in several years) I was left feeling confused about the movie.

Having Sid at college is a great settling for a slasher film, it has creepy corridors, college parties, loads of suspects and much more elements that could be used, but the film doesn't seem to utilises them well enough.

The film didn't have the same sort of scares that the first film included, the scare scenes in this film just don't feel as they did in the first. The movie also fails on doing what made the first film so brilliant which was the nod to previous slashers and horror movies, it became less of a parody and more of the many films the original Scream was poking fun at.

However saying all this the film still has its up sides, there are some great scenes within the film and some of them are quite remember able. I personally felt that in some of the cool scenes there is much room for improvement and that they could of done so much with them. It does have its moments and there is one scene that is sort of moving in its own way but not much more then that.

Scream 2 is good if your looking to put something on with a couple of mates thats fun and has its jumpy moments as well but thats all it is while the first one was fun to watch with friends but was really cleaver.

In conclusion Scream 2 isn't the best of Scream films but it includes some great moments and as always unpredictable Killer/Killers.

Dino Crisis (1999) (VG)
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this game scared me so much that i couldn't play through the rest of the game until 2 years later, 11 August 2008

i must have played this when i was about 7 or 8 I had saved up money to buy the playstation 1 and when i finally did have enough i brought it and received a number of games including resident evil 2.

however i wasn't allowed to play by my parents so in return they brought me a loveley little game called DINO CRISIS. Now when i saw the front cover i thought of this a s just a cool shoot em up dino game instead what i got was a horror survival game that would chill me to the bone.

got about 15 minutes into the game when i encountered one of the scary moments in the game, after that I couldn't play anymore it just scared me so much that i stopped playing it and left it till i was 12. by then i had a ps2 and was testing out ps1 games on it when i came across dino crisis and decided to dare play it.

i did and i realised that although scary at the time it was a great game and very enjoyable to play. the game has the kind of graphics you would expect from a playstation game they are better than resident evil 1 & 2 and are pretty much the same as resident evil 3. the lines in this game from the characters are cheesy at best and some parts of the game are predictable but overall this is a good game and should be played through at least once by yourself.

in short if you enjoyed the resident evil series then you'll love this.

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One of the greatest and scariest ghost stories of all time., 24 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

when I was about the age of 7 till about 11 horror films never ceased to scare the living day lights out of me. However over the years I've developed a love for horror films and because of this love I feel that horror films no longer make me jump out of my seat like they use to.

However when I first watched the trailer to the orphanage I knew that this film was going to be different from all the other ghostly horror films. The child alone with the sake over his face sent chills down my spine, so naturally I had to see this film of course I couldn't go see this film alone so I dragged my girl friend along to witness this new ghost thriller.

the last time I jumped in the cinema because of a film was the time I went to go see White Noise . the orphanage however managed to do this but also caused me to spill my own popcorn as well which in itself shows how well this film can scare.

The orphanage is set in a Spanish country next to a beautiful beach where a large house lays looking over the beach, this grand house use to be an orphanage. And now a women, who once lived there, and her husband have come to buy it and re-open it for another orphanage for young disabled children. However things aren't quite what they seem and the plot thickens as her young child Thomas, disappears.

the great thing about this film is the timing much like the timing on alien, we are giving the time to get to know and be brought closer to the characters so when things do start to go wrong we almost feel for them. nothing terrifying happens to about roughly 20 minutes into the film, which is great because you are constantly wondering when something is about to happen and the film lets no indication to when it does.

Overall this is a great spooky film that'll keep you on the edge of your seats liturgy and will keep you guessing to which direction the plot will turn next. However if you easily get annoyed by subtitles than sadly you will not be able to enjoy this film for the whole film is set and spoken in Spanish by real Spanish actors.

But if you don't subtitles or your even know Spanish and are looking for a horror film with a great story than this is the film for you.

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One of the most boring films I have ever had the displeasure of watching., 11 July 2008

First off I didn't even realize that this was based on the video game of the same name, because it felt nothing like the game at all far from it, in fact it felt nothing like film at all.

I watched it with my best friend, me and him sat down to watch this new film that he brought and thought looked good. we watched it and within the first 25 minutes of the film being all serious I fell asleep. I actually feel asleep then after waking up i managed to catch the next 30 minutes of the film but then fell asleep again....yes it was that boring.

I wont say anything about the plot of film because its probably not worth me wasting my time. My advice don't see this film its a terrible adaptation of the game (then again most movie video games are) and an extremely poor horror/thriller film.

However if your still not connivence by my words then go see the film for yourself and experience this film first hand.

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Wow..........You'll ever watch another film like this, 8 July 2008

So I've heard of this film for years now and the story most defiantly intrigued me tho I had never read the book nor did i read the manga version although I was and even mores so now eager to read them both.

The 2 main reasons why I watched this film is the story plot and the fact that Chiaki Kuriyama was staring in it being a big fan i had to give this a look. I was blown away i knew from what i heard that this film had a great story i never knew how powerful it could be.

not only did give us a shocking and nerve pounding story with very interesting circumstances, but it also gave us some brilliant characters that are actually pushed to their limits in this film. the score in this film i felt personally was OK nothing special but it still gave the film that constant unnerving edge and was appropriate in heart breaking moments.

I do feel the first part of the film could of been longer so we could get to know the characters better before they are transported onto the island. but overall i feel this was a brilliant film with tons of gruesome thrilling moments.

Jak 3 (2004) (VG)
Great Last episode, except for one problem., 25 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know weather if it was a case of the developers had lost all sense of creativity or if they thought they were being funny and cute, either way they have managed to turn a potential epic trilogy in the Jak universe, into a pile of cute rubbish.

I am of course referring to final revealing of the precursors, yes those great beings that we keep hearing of and seeing gigantic constructions of. yes I nearly cried my eyes out when they revealed the true being of a precursor, was expecting a fantastic and cool looking character to emerge what I got was a huge disappointment.

on the other hand though the rest of the game is genies, slightly better than the second and a much epic feel was given to the story plot, and of course it all ties in well with the rest of the story and it makes no mistake ending the great series.

expect everything in the second game then double it and add some cool new cheats and characters and thats Jak 3 in a nut shell.

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