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An unrecognized gem, 22 February 2006

What a hilarious film! My brother-in-law bought me this for Christmas a year ago and I watch it again and again. The trouble is, I find myself doing the "Lumbeurgh" impersonation everywhere; my wife is about ready to harm her brother for ever getting this for me. If you've ever had a CEO that's totally condescending to everything you do, or if you've ever worked in a cubicle or fast food, then this movie is for you. Like another reviewer, I am not a fan of rap "music," either, though, so if you can get around that awful stuff, then this is a total score at the video store. So, that said, if you'd just go ahead this comment for me, that'd be terrific. Thanks a lot, IMDb...

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Not as bad as everybody claimed it to be., 22 September 2002

When this was first released in the '60s, it was critically panned and was called the Beatles' first flop. I really never listen to critics anyway, and thought that while the story was pretty goofy, the camera use was pretty innovative for the time, and, after all, it's another chance to see the Beatles playing their songs. Movies like this make me wonder why MTV thinks they invented the music video. "I Am The Walrus" piece has kind of an odd suspense in the way it is filmed.