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Breaking The Norms
9 June 2008
This film questions the social norms of our society. What is it that makes one thing tasteful and another grotesque? Why is it all right for certain things to be shown or talked about? What is considered possible? This film makes the viewer create his or her own answers to those questions. It is a surreal piece. Everything shown is realistically possible. Our society, however, has made these things seem almost unimaginable. A perfect example of this is that of toilets at the dinner table. This film even breaks normal expectations of filmmakers in terms of the story line is non linear and the excerpts becomes harder and harder to fallow as the movie progresses. Each section becomes increasingly bazaar.
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Images of Dialogue
9 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film questions the society of the time with powerful images. These animations portray ideas and beliefs without the use of dialogue. The first piece questions the society and the new level of the industrial age. His second piece is a portrayal of a man and a women couple. They start off with love and create a third entity. This leads to hatred and complete destruction. The last piece takes on the job of two heads. They start with complimentary jobs. As they stray from their natural rhythm they are no longer able to perform well. This lead to total destruction. This could be a take on communism and the controlling government of the time. There are many ways to analyze this work of art but even if one is not looking for meaning the skilled technique of Svankmajor is inspiring just in terms of his form.
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Come and See (1985)
Come and See you'll leave in shock.
9 June 2008
This film was truly unlike any film I have ever seen. This Great European "Auteur" was a heart- wrenching coming of age story of a boy Florya; from leaving his mother to joining the partisan soldiers to falling in love. Florya starts off as a boy playing in the sand looking for guns yet as the movie progresses he has to use the gun for more then just play. The aging of Florya can be seen on the boys face through out the movie and is made even more apparent with close up shots of Florya staring straight into the camera. The camera movements can be disconcerting but it only adds to the emotions running rampant within Florya. He seems to almost go crazy at points. This movie left me in a quite shock. Its images where haunting and powerful.
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