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Faster (2003)
Great Intro to the World Of MotoGP with fantastic footage
27 May 2009
Having been a motorcyclist for a number of years I've avoided the world of MotoGP. Likely more because I didn't know anything about it and spurned it for the same reasons I don't watch NASCAR or Formula 1 racing. Let's face it, until Tom Cruise used Nicole Kidman's leg to explain drafting, well, 'Days of Thunder' did teach me about drafting.

There are lots of subtle and unknown things happening in MotoGP. Riding a motorcycle and understanding motorcycle racing is about as distant as eating and being a fine chef. So, here's a great way to learn about this fascinating sport, its superstars, and perhaps why they do it. Besides, its great fun to watch, lots of ooohs and ahhhhs!
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