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I don't believe the rating for this movie, 23 April 2014

I am giving 10/10 as i am angry with the viewers that why they gave this much low rating. I did not see this movie in cinema and so was waiting for its 3D BD to be released to watch on my Epson 3010 3D PJ. Me, my friends were so excited and thrilled to see this movie and at the end they just made two thumbs up. action is great and real. 300 action is all CG. Excellent 3D, like popping out effects, sound is great, direction acting is great, i found it quite exciting experience in all directions. Yeah, OK may be its not a great great great flick but come on guys, have some heart and sense. All characters did their jobs and I really enjoyed this movie from all aspects. Cheers.

Jism 2 (2012)
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Pooja's best Art, 18 November 2012

I do not understand that what is wrong with the people giving this movie such low rating. This is one of the best Pooja's movies, well written, well acted, excellent location and background and the best songs and music. I really enjoyed this movie (Blu-Ray) to its fullest in my 135 inches cinema screen with 7.1 audio setup. Well done Pooja. I can go into infinite details into this movie but briefly this is my first 10/10 movie. Even my wife enjoyed it. I tell you when you watch this movie see each and every corner of the screen and you shall really appreciate the work done and efforts. I think this is best of Randeep's movie and he will not be as visible anymore after acting in this movie. two thumbs up Mr. Randeep.

The Losers (2010/I)
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Comedy Parody of an Action Movie, 19 July 2010

I just started watching this movie and i was so much laughing (inside of me) to see the total idiotic theme as if these bunch of non-serious idiot soldiers can do whatever they want to do. If i start pin pointing the defects in the movie which i was observing every 15-30 seconds, i need whole day to write here. Don't waste your time. The movie is total non-sense from start until the end. You can clearly see that all the characters in this movie are acting, no reality on their faces or moves, all so dramatic and so much irritating. A total irrelevant story. I just saw the movie after i saw rating on IMDb which is above 6, so suppose to be a very good movie but now i believe not all that glitters is gold. I am surprised that how someone can give this movie more that 3 or 4.

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Moral of this movie, 19 June 2010

I read all the remarks and watched this movie in my home cinema with many people. There were many negative remarks thrown on this movie while watching and finally i made a conclusion at the end that what the movie maker wants to show it to USA and the world. I was surprised that none talked about this in their reviews.

First the demands of the terrorist asking US president to do certain things. Are his demands wrong? Secondly, what if one day USA finds exactly the same terrorist in their possession and he shall never surrender and then BOOM.

That is all the movie maker is trying to tell. The terrorist played the best part of the movie, rest of all characters were very poor and Samule Jackson, i don't like you anymore. You played rubbish in this movie.

Shutter (2008/I)
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Watch original SHUTTER, Thai production, 7 June 2008

This US version is actually almost copy of Thailand version name SHUTTER as well. I watched it 3-4 years ago and believe me that we all family agreed that this is the best horror movie ever with DTS-ES sound. We were shocked that Thialand can produce something with excellent acting, excellent video and camera angels, excellent idea and excellent sound. The US version is almost the same/copy so i give credit back to original Thai version. You all guys must see the original Thia version. I don't see any much difference between US and Thai version. But anyways i don's mind to see both versions and i just watched the US version because i have seen the original Thia version so i was curious to know that can US make better than the actual version and i must say that US failed to produce better one, but US version is worth to see as well.