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Paranoia (2013/I)
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A good date night light hearted Thriller, 19 June 2014

I too was surprised at the low reviews. If I were to have read reviews alone I probably wouldn't have taken the time to watch this movie. That said, the only reason I read reviews is to make sure I'm not going to be 1. depressed by a movie or 2. offended by a movie. I don't care for pointless comedy and movies that make me want to stay in bed for a week after I watch them. This movie is great if you just want an entertaining thriller to keep you occupied for a few hours. I saw a lot of reviews calling it "dull", although it was not a boring movie if it was lacking anywhere it was in depth and intrigue but it was engaging and interesting enough to hold your attention. No, you will not walk away and think it should be nominated for an Academy but sometimes you just need a movie that will keep you entertained and this movie is perfect for that!

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Great marriage between horror/romance, 13 July 2011

I don't usually care for movies that are classified as any kind of horror movie but this movie which is a cross between Van Helsing and Twilight. There is a bit of blood, a bit of intrigue and a bit more romance as Valerie (played by Amanda Seyfried) must chose between the love of her life, Peter, and an obligation to her betrothed, Henry, and her family.

Movies often times will try and get away with a surprise ending but this movie doesn't pull any punches. I wasn't expecting a lot from the movie but it surpassed my expectations. I am surprised by all the negative reviews because not often can a movie do what this one did. The secret is never given away and will keep you wondering but comes together beautifully in the end.

The Switch (2010/I)
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Cute and touching, 21 March 2011

I have seen many the Romantic Comedy that I would say are OK, a time filler but I wouldn't count this movie as one of them.

First of all there is a friendship, second there is competition for Kassie, the main character's affections and lastly and most importantly there is a very sweet relationship between Bateman's character and the little boy, Sebastian. This movie has all the right ingredients to be a sweet movie. It also has our beloved Jennifer Aniston starring in the lead role and a very cute kid. Honestly, I watch most of Aniston's movies and this was one of my favorites.

I realize that its not going to be nominated for an Academy but its certainly worth cozying up with your significant other and a glass of wine and enjoying the show.

Not predictable, 9 March 2011

Congratulations to this movie! You actually threw me. I normally pay such close attention to movies that I can generally guess a plot but I had no idea which direction this movie was going in. They set up a convincing plot of a loving husband & wife in the very beginning, I even turned to my husband and said "they are showing us they are very much in love and happy". The details are almost perfectly dead on, I can normally pick a part inconsistencies with the storyline but The last 3 days answered every single one of my questions by the end of the movie. They tied it up nicely. It does start out pretty slow as they are building the plot but just wait it out, its completely worth it!

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Critics will always be critics, look at the word itself, 6 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are always going to be those who criticize a movie for the sake of criticizing it - that is what they do. They are called movie critics. Then there are those who just simply loved or hated something because it didn't fit into what they were either expecting or the high standard they held it. Then lastly there are those who just go to a movie to enjoy it and they either do or they don't. Unfortunately, often times people take critics opinions as sound judgment - and I feel they forget one thing - they are doing their job and that is to dissect a movie. Personally I loved SITC. I felt that it picked up very close to where the characters left off in the series and it had many emotionally charged scenes that were very true to the ladies of the show. They kept everything intact, including all of the characters and stayed true to their personalities. It was over two hours of total chaos and fun and lots of treats for those fashion lovers (and lets face it - doesn't that kind of gratuity help a movie??!) and even gave a recap of the characters for those who hadn't seen the series (and there will be some). Although it was long I felt that was another little treat for the viewers because they shoved as much Sex in the City as possible into a movie so that those who miss the series could enjoy watching their favorite characters lament over men, enjoy fashion and friendships as long as possible! Were there things that could have been changed? Well sure, as in every movie but IMO it doesn't ruin the overall effect. Bravo to writers for staying true to the originals and Thank you to the critics - I went in with low expectations of a movie that was wonderful and enjoyed it very much!!