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A male testosterone blood and guts fest!, 22 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not a movie I would have normally paid to see, but my buddy was paying, so I said OK. The advertising campaign is misleading. Bruce Willis is NOT 'a co star', nor is 'the Governator' Arnie Black Plowman, they both have mere 2 to 5 minute cameos near the beginning of the film. It was fun to see old farts kick some serious booty. 64 year old Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed and stars here. The Expendables is typical male ego 'my d--k is bigger than yours' stuff. Not an Oscar worthy film, but a fluffy 'no-brainer' action flick that says 'let's blow sh-t up and kill the bad guys'. Typical macho stuff. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it, but I did. Seeing crap like this in a theater is so much more fun. I usually wait to see the DVD or I frequently ignore films like this.Bombs, bullets, bodies....! I am NOT a prude when it comes to movie violence, but wow, this film is seriously violent and freaking LOUD! I guess I am too damned old at age 45.

I cannot even begin to guess the 'body count' in this film. It reminds me of 'The Dirty Dozen' a lot, story-wise. I guess that there are only so many original story ideas left in movie land. The body count reminds me of Sam Peckinpah's film, 'The Wild Bunch'. Old Sam brought the bullet hits squirting/spraying blood and brains in slow motion to a fine art. We as a society have been bludgeoned over the heads with all the blood, gore and Gut splattering in movies for quite a while now. Video games bring that 'kill as many bad dudes as you can and f--k people up' attitude as well. We think all people who are shot will get up and walk again because gee, in the movies & games it's all pretend, right? How many soldiers have a rude awakening on the battlefield realizing it's NOT a video game or a movie?

The Expendables has some 'Ultra Violence', most of which was CG. I HATE what CG has done to film. It's ruined it for me in a lot of ways. Now I know why I don't go to see films in the theater much anymore. Now I know why I love classic films made 'pre-CG' so much! Most of the stuff being released today is forgettable garbage, in my opinion. Maybe about 30-40 % of films released these days are any damned good. I really love the indie films, documentaries & foreign films being released these days.

The Expendables is a 'guys night out' sort of flick, a male YEAAAHHHHHHHHH! A Giant Testosterone fest! 6 of 10 possible stars. NOT FOR KIDS under 13.

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So, he's not really gay in real life...., 29 July 2010

That's why it's called ACTING? HELLO? I loved this film! I thought it was well done. WTF is wrong with people? I thought it was a typical macho straight family response to act the way they did, and 'OF COURSE' a family member who is a priest is going to act the way he did. Yes, there were a lot of stereotypes in this film. Hell, stereotypes have got to come from somewhere, right? I know many queer people and gee, we're all one big diverse family just like the rest of the world!

Too many GLBT people are shunned by their family when they 'come out'. Many gay and lesbian bi and trans people lose all contact with family and may end up committing suicide. Especially people under 25. Everybody needs to know that they are LOVED.

Please don't shut GLBT family and friends out of your life.

I loved this movie!

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A Cheesy Train wreck of a film, but watchable for the 'camp' factor., 15 June 2010

It's difficult to say anything good about this film which is a total Frankie and Annette Beach Party knock off/rip off. This film does have an amazing amount of original music in it, which is where most of the budget must have gone. It has bad mid sixties pop tunes and a rather annoying comical soundtrack score. Oi Vey!

I wanted to own this movie for a few reasons: Jayne Mansfield, Phyllis Diller and Brian Donlevy. I was somewhat familiar with the work of comedian Jack E. Leonard, but he was a bit before my time as I was born in 1964. I don't remember seeing him on TV and he died when I was a kid in the 70's. Yes, it's sad that such talented people as Diller, Donlevy, Leonard and Mansfield are in this piece of Dreck, but sometimes actors have to do B,C,Z grade films just to keep working and earning a few measly bucks. The song Jayne does with Jack E. is pretty cute and is perhaps the best tune in he whole miserable show.

I LOVE CHEESY BAD MOVIES! If you watch these kinds of movies, you pretty much know what to expect. This stuff isn't Shakespeare, people!

I own all of the American International Pictures Frankie and Annette films and many more films from the AIP catalog. We fans of cheesy bad movies are SO LUCKY to even have ACCESS to many films like this that have been completely written off by somewhat snooty 'fans of real films' who wouldn't waste 10 minutes on cheese like The Fat Spy. If this film had been made by AIP, maybe it might have been a bit better.

If you paid more than about 2 dollars for this DVD, you paid too much! I found this film as part of a double feature on a DVD which I bought for a dollar at a library used book/CD/DVD sale.

Here's a warning to potential viewers of this film: IT'S SILLY, LAME AND BAD.

Run away now if you can't handle Cheesy Train wreck films. Stick around and watch them if you do enjoy a bit of CAMPY CHEESE.

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A great short film that I'm glad to see on DVD, 4 July 2009

It was pretty cool to see this one and a total of nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes of other short films in this series as bonus tracks on the 'DVD 'Film Noir-Bringing Darkness To Light' by Warner Bros. This is a great short about how crime doesn't pay. The police forensics in the 40's were pretty damned amazing considering that there were NO COMPUTERS.

WB is GREAT about including short subjects that would probably never see the light of day on DVD or TV. The TCM channel, owned by WB does show these MGM shorts, thank goodness!

Several of these shorts have familiar character actor faces in them including Anthony Caruso in this one who was one of the most prolific character actors and contract players in Hollywood in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. One of his most famous roles was in an episode of 'Star Trek' the original series in the episode 'A Piece Of The Action', where he played (surprise!) a gangster mob boss who meets Kirk and Spock and the Enterprise gang. Look up Anthony Caruso's impressive resume here on IMDb.

I collect celebrity autographs and I specialize in character actors and actresses, and I am fortunate to have Mr. Caruso's signature in my collection! No, I don't sell any of my autographs, either.

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I love this episode!, 14 June 2009

I love how they made fun of the whole British invasion style music in this episode. Another bonus is the girls singing 'You Need Us' as the female trio 'The Honeybees'. Tina Louise and Dawn Wells in tight pants and turtlenecks are so hot! This is a classic episode in this wonderfully silly classic TV series that's a favorite of me and many others worldwide. The whole improbability of their situations and their endless wardrobe changes (they had a TON of clothes for a three hour tour!) and how many times the castaways 'almost' got rescued by visitors like The Mosquitoes, Don Rickles, Phil Silvers, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Vito Scotti and more guest stars....oi vey! I still love this show a lot.

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Great episode, uneven but still great + RIP Roy Scheider, 5 June 2009

To the other reviewer who wondered how could Roy Scheider have done this episode when he's been dead for almost a year and a half,...well, gee, the voice tracks for cartoons are often done months & sometimes 1 year or more in advance and perhaps Seth and the gang at Family Guy decided to delay this episode until now. This episode is uneven and not the best they ever did at Family Guy, but I love seeing parodies of other peoples' work and man, did they skewer Stephen King in this one! I, too was surprised to see that this episode has the late Roy Scheider's voice in it, but it was pretty cool to hear him one last time as this is this final TV 'appearance'. He still has one film yet to be released, apparently.

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Wild Wild West Wink and Nod To Gilligan's Island, 6 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always liked this episode a lot and especially for the Backus and Hale appearances and Alan Hale's character telling Jim West at the end about having a dream about being stranded on a desert island and the Gilligan's Island theme plays briefly, wink wink, nudge, nudge...they were filmed at the same studio on the Desilu/CBS later Paramount lot along with Gunsmoke. Gilligan's Island had a dream sequence where Gunsmoke's sets were sued, I think. Star Trek was another series filmed on the same lot and they too used elements of Gunsmoke's sets, as did Wild Wild West, most likely.

CBS/Desilu/Paramount got a lot of use out of their sound stages and indoor and outdoor sets for all the many now classic series of the 50's 60's and 70's. Believe it or not, Gunsmoke was almost 100% indoors. the main street of Dodge was a sound stage! So was Gilligan's Island. The Lagoon was outdoors next to the freeway, though. Gunsmoke eventually did location shooting though, as did Wild Wild West. Malibu State Park and the Paramount studios ranch were often used as location settings.

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An Interesting idea for a movie, but lacking in a lot of ways, 26 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love most everything I have seen Paul Newman and Lee Marvin in, and I was intrigued at the thought of seeing them in the same movie. This story really did have potential. It's entertaining until about 2/3rd of the way through. It's kind of a dumb ending and Lee and Paul's characters really could have kicked Wayne Rogers & Strother Martin's character's butts for the money, but I guess the way it turns out is the way real life is. Sometimes you just have to let it go and leave and learn from your mistakes. Don't mess with shady characters to begin with, and you won't get burned in the end.

This is a rather mediocre film. How sad. It had such potential.

It's cool that Paul Newman worked with Director Stuart Rosenberg again.They did a total of 4 films together. They did so well with 'Cool Hand Luke' in 1967. Those of you who follow the careers of character actors will also note that Strother Martin and Wayne Rogers were both in 'Cool Hand Luke' with Newman.

Newman obviously liked Strother Martin's acting and they worked on 6 films together, including the classic 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid', 1969.

Chooch (2003)
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I know a woman from this film., 31 October 2008

The woman the main character is in bed with in the beginning and at the end is a great actress, Susan Ann Davis from right here in Denver, Colorado! She has lived in NYC since college and is a part-time actress like many actors in NYC. This is her only film to date, buy maybe someday she will get more parts! Go Susan! She has done a few plays, too and she started acting in High School in Westminster, Colorado. It is so very freaking cool to see somebody I know in a movie. I wish she'd get more film work.

This is a pretty damned silly movie, I have to say! I didn't think much of it. I guess for a mindless silly indie film, it rates 2 stars. Sorry, film makers!

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The debut of one of the more familiar character actors, and a look at a child star later to be a TV favorite, 14 September 2008

It's a short film, and he is the Master Of Ceremonies, actor/vaudevillian Jay C. Flippen. He became a familiar character actor after this, guest starring in a lot of films and TV series. This film also shows 'Baby Rose Marie', who was a big star in the late 1920's and 1930's. She would continue her career as an adult and be best known to TV viewers as 'Sally Rogers' on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' as Rose Marie.

She made many appearances in the movies and other TV series in her long career.

I loves seeing these short films on TCM, and a friend made me a compilation DVD of many of the Warner Bros. Vitaphone short films of the 1930's and 40's that includes this short.

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